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Parking rules in Ukraine

For residents of large Ukrainian cities, car parking is a real problem. This is the lack of parking spaces, fines, and the evacuation of vehicles in case of violations. Residents of medium and small towns also face problems. This threatens drivers with violations and, accordingly, the payment of fines. Therefore, we propose to study how to park correctly in the cities of Ukraine so as not to face unpleasant situations.

Important! Parking in this context is the parking of a vehicle. According to traffic rules, this is a car stop for 5 minutes or longer.

Where is parking prohibited?

In case of incorrect parking in urban areas, a fine may be issued. Therefore, it is worth figuring out where you cannot park. It is unacceptable to leave the car:

  • on the tram tracks;
  • in narrow places - for the movement of other vehicles, they are left from 3 meters;
  • on the left side of the road where there is a dividing strip in the middle, for example, on a boulevard;
  • the second row near the cars that were previously parked;
  • at railway crossings;
  • at bus stops, minibusses;
  • on flower beds, lawns, green areas;
  • in tunnels and at entrances/exits;
  • on overpasses, bridges, various overpasses and under them;
  • on roads outside the city, where visibility is limited, and at night, including roadsides.

It is also unacceptable to park in any other places where the movement of other road users will be impeded, to which pedestrians also belong according to the rules of traffic rules.

How many meters before and after the pedestrian crossing can you park a car?

If we are talking about how many meters should be before the stop of buses and minibusses following public routes, when parking, then the answer is 30. Moreover, it is necessary to determine from the designation of the stop itself. It can be a pillar, a sign, a building.

If you need to leave a car near a pedestrian crossing, every meter counts. The traffic rules indicate a value of 10 meters.

It means that it is forbidden to park at:

  • pedestrian crossings;
  • areas where road works are carried out;
  • crossroads;
  • exits from the yards.

It is not necessary to ride with a tape measure. 10 meters are two D-class cars parked one after the other.

Steaming closer than 50 meters near a railway crossing is unacceptable. It is allowed to park the vehicle for a long time near garbage cans in the yards, but on the condition that the car is located further than 5 meters from them.

How many meters from the pedestrian crossing can you park

Distance must be taken into account to avoid fines. It is important to focus on the number 10 m. You cannot park closer near crossings and intersections, where roadworks are being carried out. 10 meters are two bodies of an ordinary car. You do not need to take a tape measure with you: it is easy to navigate so that parking in front of the pedestrian crossing is done correctly.

How many meters from the pedestrian crossing can I park

You should remember the distance of 10 meters. This parking rule is aimed at guaranteed safety for motorists. It is important to take it into account in order to eliminate risks for people, and also in order not to pay fines. This is important for compliance with current regulations, because parking in front of a pedestrian crossing must be carried out in accordance with current regulations.

How many meters from the intersection can you park

Motorists should remember: parking from the intersection must be carried out at least 5 meters away. You can't park closer, but you can park further. In any case, parking before the intersection is allowed 5-10 m. This requirement is determined by the traffic rules, so it must be observed by every driver.

How many meters from the bus stop can you park

The car can be parked at a distance of 30 m to the bus, trolleybus stop. This is due to the safety of the movement of cars and public transport, and also eliminates undesirable risks for passers-by and pedestrians, regardless of the traffic signal.

How many meters before the turn can I park

The vehicle can be parked at a distance of 5 meters to the turns. Parking is allowed in front of curves, given that visibility must be 100 meters or more, and there must be no obstruction to other traffic participants.

How many meters from the house can you park a car

It is allowed to park cars in the yards of residential buildings, but certain nuances must be taken into account. Permanent parking is not possible on the territory of a multi-storey residential building. The car is allowed to be left at a distance of 10 meters from the high-rise building, but only for a short time, and not on a permanent basis. The car cannot be parked on the territory of lawns or flower beds, and the distance to garbage cans in the yards must be at least 5 meters. The car should not block the passage of special equipment and transport of public services.

Can I park my car on the sidewalk?

Parking is allowed on the sidewalks according to the rules. But there is an essential condition. A free space of at least 2 meters is left for pedestrians. Sometimes there are signs near the sidewalks, showing how exactly a vehicle can be parked. If they are available, these recommendations must be followed.

How to park so that the car is not evacuated

On September 27, 2018, a specific list of conditions was introduced in case of violation, of which the car will be evacuated to the penalty area. This includes the incorrect vehicle positions described above, except when the machine is positioned near garbage cans or on the sidewalk. Most often, in the last two situations, it will be possible to get by with a fine. If the car obstructs the movement of other vehicles or interferes with the safe passage of pedestrians, it can also be evacuated.

What to do in case of car evacuation

If the car was evacuated, you must pay a fine and pick up your car from the penalty area. The latter usually costs from 2 thousand hryvnia and above. It all depends on the city in which it happened. To find out the car was evacuated or stolen, you need to call the traffic police on duty. Next, you need to clarify who is to draw up the detention and which of the penalty areas the vehicle was taken away.

The procedure depends on whether you have documents for the car - a vehicle registration certificate, an insurance policy. If they are in a car, then you need to go to the penalty area, write an application for opening the vehicle, and admission to the salon. When the documents are in hand, you can go to the traffic police department, the inspector of which issued the detention. An infringement order will be written there. With him in hand, you can pick up a car from the impoundment after paying for the evacuation and storage of the vehicle.

If the car has not yet been evacuated, but only loaded onto a tow truck, then you can do without a car parking lot. It is enough to go to the inspector, show the documents for the car and clarify that you are now rearranging the car correctly.

What are the fines for incorrect parking?

In case of incorrect parking, the driver will be fined. Its size is:

  • for the first violation - 255 hryvnia;
  • for all subsequent violations during the same year - 680 hryvnia;
  • If the car is parked incorrectly and additionally hinders the movement of other vehicles, the amount of the fine is increased to 510 hryvnias.

If the driver chose a paid parking zone as parking for his car but did not pay, then he also faces a fine. It is 20 times the price of 60 minutes of paid parking. If the car is parked in a place intended for disabled people, then the amount of the fine increases to 30 times the size.

Features of parking in Kiev

In Kyiv, in 2021, parking conditions have changed, some new features have appeared. These include the following:

  • from May 1, 2021, those parking lots that were free during the lockdown became paid;
  • paid parking is necessarily equipped with either a barrier or a parking meter, and there is also a sign informing about services, prices, and payment methods;
  • payment for paid parking is made according to parking tickets (can be in electronic or paper form), as well as online using the Kyiv digital application;
  • the purchase of parking tickets is offered at Soyuzpechat kiosks (only 32 in Kyiv, the card is in the Digital Kyiv application) and only for 30-31 days, and the price depends on the parking zone: the third is the most affordable, the central one is more expensive than others, but you can buy a universal one for all available zones at once;
  • In Kyiv, cameras for fixing traffic violations with the help of photos and videos started working again, but their locations were not made public.

Paid parking is marked on the map, which is available in the Kyiv digital application, on the Kyivtransparkservice website, or in its group on the Facebook social network. There is no information about free parking.

It is important to follow the parking rules, do not block the traffic of other cars and pedestrians so that you do not have to pay fines or pick up your car from the penalty area. And you can find a suitable car for trips to Ukrainian cities or beyond them online at BLS on favorable terms.