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Long-term car rental

Long-term car rental gives an opportunity to be in motion and not to spend your funds for car purchase.

For those clients, who use the long-term car rental our company gives great discounts.

Have you ever thought about how much would you spend on purchase, maintenance and operation of your own vehicle? A car bought in a dealership center will never cost the same money and the routine maintenance and amortization will reduce the vehicle value more than 50% after 3 years.

Advantages of the rental vehicle towards the own one:

  • You do not spend a big amount on a vehicle purchase, but only pay the monthly rate. Thus, you could invest saved funds into your business development.
  • You will not spend any time for maintenance. Our managers will bring you another car for the time while yours is in service.
  • You get quality service during your rental period and we will help you in each case that can happen on the road.

Vehicle is a freedom. We are forced to change our habits and lifestyle in case the vehicle is out of order. Sometimes it is that critical, that we have to use a taxi very often or even purchase a temporary car. It is quite expensive option in case we have to drive a lot. Long-term car rental will be much cheaper. Despite of that, own car is a matter of comfort, and comfort costs much.

The main advantage of a car rental- you will not change your habits in case your own car is out of order.


Familiar case when your vehicle has been sold but the replacement not found yet. Sometimes, there is no needed vehicle in dealership centers. Long- term car rental is used for a test-drive of unfamiliar make and model. Hence, it is an opportunity to expand your driver’s biography- to test the favorite model in a real mode. By the way, long- term test-drive is a regular service in solid automotive editions. A month is exactly that term when an opinion about the vehicle formed and the opinion of family members and friends taken into account.

Long-term car rental service includes a big range of makes and models that may vary the color and even the body type. There are modern SUV’s and stylish city cars in BLS fleet. Also, there is a possibility to test an EV in a daily- routine mode. Hence, it is a way to understand how is your lifestyle compatible with the ownership of an electric vehicle. There are compact EV’s and Sport Coupes with electric engine in BLS fleet.

Comfort for businesspeople

Long- term car rental is popular among the expats and business trip people. For those people who come to Kyiv, Lviv, Dnipro or Odessa (where BLS located) would be an advantage of a wire transfer payment. However, transport outsourcing for business is a worldwide routine. Value of a new vehicle decreases almost in double during 3-4 years of operation not only in Ukraine. Long- term car rental gives an opportunity to avoid the book keeping process, maintenance procedure and block the funds in non-profile active.

Business representatives has a range of choice: despite of whole range of traditional business- class models we can offer prestigious sedans and SUVs.

Majority of our fleet are the newest vehicles with the whole range of options. Those clients that use a long-term car rental service will not be involved into the process of maintenance or repair works. That are the duties of our specialists. You will get the replacement vehicle during the maintenance period. Vehicle delivery made to every single place of a city where BLS located. If something happens on the road, the BLS assistance will organize technical assistance and demanded service shortly. Long- term car rental provides a full package of insurance. BLS assistance is at your service 24/7

Best vehicles for travels

Not only business makes person work productive. Good rest is important as well. Travelling around the country or Europe by car is a trend among experienced travelers. Benefits are obvious: you choose the route and manage your day. Rent a car for a month is a great choice to spend your vacation with family by visiting cultural and landmark places if Ukraine. If you travel with children, there is an opportunity to equip vehicle with the child seats and toys.

GPS Navigation and Wi-Fi modem would be necessary to have inside your vehicle.

Minivans and crossovers (SUV’s) are mostly suitable for journeys. Long- term car rental and fuel expenses covered by unforgettable impressions of such journey. Only in Ukraine there are number of touristic routes, despite that fact that domestic tourism is in development stage. You can get more knowledge about the country while preparing for a journey. There are much more routes in Europe, that is why the long-term rentals are popular there.

If you are willing to travel around European countries, the BLS will be your partner in that case as well. First, you need to determine which country you will visit in defined section of our site. There you will find a necessary information about rates, terms and conditions. List of countries is not limited by the EU countries. For example, travelling around the US or China is also very exciting. We will help you to rent a car in any of 160 countries in the world. Nevertheless, there are own rules and terms of car rental in each country. Our specialists will help you in any question.

Solutions for city drive

There is no better car then compact vehicle for city traffic. Versatile vehicle does not mean the lack of charisma. That is why BLS can offer you not only the economic vehicles, but also stylish models, with electric engine as well. In addition, there is a possibility to rent a motorcycle for a long term- great choice for summer time. It is not convenient and not cost-effective to be an owner of motorcycle in order to drive it for few month in a year. Thus, it is more useful to rent a motorbike.

Car rental business is actively developing in Ukraine. It is great to realize that BLS also makes it’s contribution in this process. Despite of long- term rentals, we offer short- terms self-drive and chauffer drive rentals. We will find any solution for any kind of task. Ask our specialists and they will offer you most advantageous terms of cooperation.

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