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How to properly transport children in a car in Ukraine: rules of 2022

Adults must wear seat belts when driving a vehicle. This also applies to the child. There are certain rules for transporting children in a car. They are quite complex and strict. This is not surprising, because children are the most valuable thing for any parent. Studying the rules for transporting children, you can not rely on chance, but do everything for the safety of the child.

Transportation of children in a car is specified in detail by law. In particular, the main thing is spelled out in paragraph 21.11 of the Rules of the Road. The main thing is that it is unacceptable to transport children under 12 years old and whose height is less than 145 cm in the front or rear seat without special restraints.

In accordance with the traffic rules, transportation of children is unacceptable:

  • at night, for example, when moving as part of an organized group;
  • on the seat of a moped or motorcycle;
  • in the back of a vehicle, such as a truck (if the child is under 16).

If a child is transported in violation of these rules, then in Ukraine the driver is fined. In addition, an administrative offense report is drawn up. The amount of the fine is not too high, but it is better not to break the law, because the safety of the child depends on it. The priority is always the use of child car seats.

Rules for transporting children of different ages

Transportation of children in a car must be carried out in accordance with the law. A car seat or other restraint is required. And also there are some features of transporting children depending on age.

Babies up to 12 months

In the first months of a baby's life, it is better to use a car cradle. This is a special device for the little ones. The product is presented in different categories depending on the weight. Usually it is up to 10, up to 15 and up to 20 kg. The advantage of the cradle is that the child is located horizontally, which means that the load on the spine is excluded and, in general, it is possible to achieve high safety.

The infant car seat can be placed in the back seat, but keep in mind that it takes up two seats at once. It can also be placed in front, but always with your back to the movement.

Important! In a child under 12 months, approximately 30% of body weight is the head. In general, the musculoskeletal tissue is not yet developed, and the skeleton is rather vulnerable and soft. In the prone position, it is possible to minimize the load on both the spine and the neck. Even with sudden braking, it is possible to exclude harm to the health of the baby.

How to transport children under 7 years old

Children aged 1 to 7 years can only be transported in the cabin of a car or in the cab of a cargo vehicle. And be sure to use a car child seat, special seat belts or an ISOFIX restraint system.

Moreover, the selection of the holding device should be carried out taking into account two factors. The first is the age of the child, the second is body weight.

Transportation of a child from 7 to 12 years old

Children from 7 to 12 years old can similarly ride only in the passenger compartment of a car or in the cab of a truck. Transportation in the cargo compartment of vehicles is not allowed.

To achieve safety, you will need either special seat belts or car seats. An ISOFIX child restraint system may be preferred. When using one of these devices, taking into account the age and weight of the child, it can also be transported in the front seat. Otherwise, there will be a fine.

How to transport children over 12 years old

At the age of 12 years and older, the child no longer needs a car seat or a special restraint system, provided that the height is 1.5 m and above. If the child is a little smaller, it is worth leaving ISOFIX in operation.

In the front seat of a car, a child over the age of 12 can also ride without any problems. It is enough to use ordinary seat belts.

How old do you have to be to ride in the front seat?

At the legislative level, it is determined that a child can ride in the front seat upon reaching the age of 12 years. A car seat and restraint system is not required if the small passenger is 1.5 m or taller. If the baby is smaller, then ISOFIX will be required. Children in the front seat can ride if they are over 1.5 meters tall, and it is sufficient to use the standard seat belt.

Until what age should a child ride in a car seat in Ukraine

By law, a child in a car seat must travel until the age of 12. For protection, use suitable seat belts or the ISOFIX system, which guarantees a secure fit. When using any device, it is possible to transport children in the seat next to the driver. If the child does not ride in the car seat when required, the driver may face a significant fine.

Choosing a child seat in the car

Statistics say that about half of the total number of childhood injuries occur due to ignoring the need to use a car seat. In the event of an accident, according to statistics, a car seat saves the life of a child under the age of 12 months in 71% of cases, up to 4 years - in 50%. Already this argument is enough for the child to always be in the car seat while in the car.

Important! General safety standards apply only to people over 12 years old. For younger children, seat belts act differently - the force is distributed incorrectly, and there is a risk that the child will simply slip out of them in case of danger.

How to choose a car seat according to the age of the child

When choosing a car seat for a car, the main emphasis should be on the age of the child. There are several main types.

  1. Group 0. Models are designed for babies weighing no more than 10 kg and up to 12 months old. These are special cradles where the baby is in a reclining state.
  2. Group 0+. Models are designed for babies up to 18 months weighing no more than 13 kg. In fact, these are special portable chairs that can be used both in the car and outside it.
  3. Group 2. These are products for children from 3 to 7 years old. Permissible body weight - 15-25 kg. The chair is necessarily supplemented with restraint straps.
  4. Group 3. Designed for children aged 6 to 12 years. Body weight can vary from 22 to 36 years.
  5. Combined group. This includes transforming chairs, which combine the characteristics of all other categories. Such models can be intended for children from groups 0+/1, 1/2/3.

It is unacceptable to choose a chair that is too large or, conversely, small for a child. This, unfortunately, is a common mistake of parents, and sad events can result from it.

Where is the right place

Children under the age of 4 years should preferably be seated in a car seat so that it is placed with their backs in the direction of travel. This will guarantee maximum security. And it's safer just behind the middle.

If the rear cannot be placed, it can be installed in the front seat, but it is important to monitor the performance of the airbags. If they do not function, it is better to have them at the back.

Advice! You can study the results obtained as a result of crash tests. And also it is necessary to pay attention to the functioning of all mechanisms of the chair.

Recommendations for the selection of the fastening system

The priority is the choice of seats with the ISOFIX mounting system. Thanks to this, easy installation of the seat in the cabin, both front and rear, is guaranteed. It also provides a higher level of security. But the standard mounting system will do. Moreover, it is undesirable to use products with Velcro fasteners, since they are not very reliable. If a child over 12 years old or younger is transported in the front seat in a special car seat, it is necessary to turn off the airbag so that it does not injure the small passenger.

It is advisable to use only certified products according to European standards in accordance with ECE R44/04 and R129 (iSize) protocols. This is evidenced by the presence of special stickers.

Liability and penalties under the law

The first edition of the traffic rules regarding the transportation of children was published in 2008, but there were quite a few controversial points in it. In particular, the concept of "Special Vehicle" has been omitted. It got to the point that the driver simply sat the child on the pillow. When stopped by a traffic police inspector, he argued that this is a special tool, and the latter could not issue a fine due to the strange wording in the law. There were some other controversial points as well. All this led to the need for amendments.

The last amendments were made on February 24, 2021. The changes immediately became effective and must be observed. They clearly state that a child restraint system is a special device that can hold a child in either a sitting or reclining position in order to minimize the risk of injury to the child in a sharp safety.

Age restrictions on how much a child can ride in front, for example, are completely absent. The only criteria are weight and age. The regulations apply to the transportation of children, both in a car and in buses or other vehicles.

The fine for transporting children without a car seat and for improperly transporting a child under the age of 12 and shorter than 1.45 meters is UAH 519 for the primary violation. For the second it will be 850 hryvnia. And also for the absence of a car seat, administrative responsibility is also assumed.

There are other penalties in Ukrainian legislation. In particular, the penalty for drunk driving with a child is no different from driving without children. In administrative law, that is, when there was no harm to the health and life of other road users, it is 17,000 hryvnia and with the deprivation of the right to drive vehicles for 12 months. If the driver drives a vehicle under the influence of narcotic drugs or in a state of intoxication, and this led to injuries or death, then this is punishable by deprivation of will for up to 3 years and with deprivation of rights for 5 years. Otherwise, everything is regulated by the severity of what happened. Repeated violation of the law and driving while drunk during the year leads to a fine of 34,000 hryvnia, deprivation of a driver's license for 3 years, paid withdrawal of the vehicle.

Always follow the traffic rules and use a car seat for the safety of your child. This applies to both personal and rented vehicles. You can rent a car on the BLS website, which offers good prices and a large selection of cars. Always take care of your safety and that of your child.

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