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Popular questions when renting a car

Car rental services are in great demand among individuals and legal entities. This is an opportunity for a small fee to get a car that can satisfy all the needs of both an ordinary person and a large company. By renting a car, you can remain as mobile as possible in an unfamiliar city, use replacement vehicles in the event of a breakdown of your personal car, and go to a business meeting with important partners in an elite car. The rental will also be able to satisfy the needs of the business, if the company has not yet managed to replenish its vehicle fleet with the required means of transportation.

Let's highlight the most popular questions that tenants have.

Frequently Asked Questions - FAQ

What are the requirements for tenants?

Citizens over the age of 21 can rent business, medium, economy and SUV cars. To rent convertible and VIP cars, the renter must be at least 23 years old.

What are the payment methods?

You can pay for the rental of a vehicle using bank transfer, Mastercard / VISA / American Express and cash.

What documents are required?

The lessee needs to provide only his driver's license, passport and TIN. Original documents are required.

In what area can the car be used?

You can use the rental car only on the territory of Ukraine. Traveling abroad requires written permission in the prescribed form from BLS.

Can I travel abroad?

It is prohibited to travel outside Ukraine without written permission from BLS. This can be done only after consulting with the car rental workers and obtaining permission.

Are the issued vehicles insured?

All cars are insured under the compulsory civil liability insurance program of the car owner "OSAGO" and on the terms of "AutoKASKO". Please note that the insurance is not able to cover the car renter's fines in case of accidents or theft. Additional service Superinsurance will help reduce these penalties to zero.

How and when will I receive my own deposit back?

The deposit, which was left in cash, will be returned to the renter immediately after the return of the car. If the deposit was left in a non-cash form, the funds will be returned to the client back to his account.

What tariffs are used?

Rates include full vehicle maintenance, seasonal tire change and VAT. The beginning of the lease takes place from the moment of signing the corresponding act of transfer and acceptance of the car The delay of the car for 2 hours or more is paid as the next day of rental.

Are there any mileage restrictions and additional rates?

The rental of vehicles without limited mileage is valid for 4 days or longer when ordering a car. When ordering up to 4 days, there is a limit set within 350 km per day. Possible surcharge for exceeding the mileage of the car when renting up to 4 days.

Is it possible to deliver / return a car within the settlement during off-hours and working hours?

For the return / delivery of the car during working hours within the city, an additional fee of $ 15 is charged. If this is done during a non-working period, then the fee will increase to $ 25.

Is it possible to return the car at a branch in another city?

Yes, there is such a possibility. The service is paid, it depends on the distance between the receiving branch and the place of return of the vehicle.

What are the options for booking a car?

You can book a car on the company's website, in a mobile application, or simply by contacting the rental staff by the contact phone number.

Is it possible to rent a car with a taxi?

BLS strictly prohibits the use of taxi rental cars.

Is it mandatory to wash a car before giving it back?

No, you can return the car dirty and shift the washing job onto the shoulders of our employees. As an exception, if the car is heavily soiled, the manager has the right to withhold the amount of the deposit until the car wash is carried out in order to visually inspect the car for new defects.

What should I do if I get into an accident with my rented car?

In case of causing certain damage to the car, the client will have to pay for the refurbishment (the amount of recovery cannot be more than the value of the security deposit). In the document of acceptance / transfer of transport, prices for various damage to transport are indicated.

What to do if the car breaks down on the road?

Our company undertakes to provide technical assistance to the client or a quick repair (if possible). If it is impossible to carry out prompt repairs, the client will be provided with a replacement car of the same class (or higher).

Does the company provide 24/7 technical support?

Yes, we can always help our clients and answer all their questions.

When transferring a car to third parties?

Transfer of the car to third parties without the knowledge of the company is prohibited. We will be able to enter several additional drivers into the rental agreement absolutely free of charge. To do this, at the time of signing the contract, we need to provide their driver's license.

What are the limitations when using a rental machine?

It is forbidden to smoke inside the car and use it for other purposes (for taxis, at sporting events). It is also forbidden to violate traffic rules, independently carry out repairs and transfer vehicles to third parties without the knowledge of the company.

What is the term for refunding the payment of the reservation?

Please note that if the booking is canceled, the prepayment of USD 15 is not refundable! The term for a refund of USD 15 advance payment when canceling a reservation due to the lack of a suitable car depends on several reasons, including those beyond the company's control (bank, payment system) and can take 14 to 30 working days.
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