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We are interested in further cooperation. And we would like to offer you the opportunity to get an exlusive right to use the BLS® trade mark in your region

Why us?

BLS Car Rental comapny operates since 2007 and we have taken a lead among national car rental operators

More than 140 vehicles in our Fleet
All vehicles of world famous brands not older than 3 years

Presented in 4 major cities - Kyiv, Lviv, Odesa, Dnipro

Work with international brokers: RentalСars,
Economy Bookings, CarTrawler and others

BLS is the founder of International Car Rental companies Association

«BLS» Car Rental is №1 in Ukraine among local car rental companies

More than 15000 person visits our web- page monthly

24 hours Assistance Program

What do we give?

Ready buisness- model approved by 10 years of working experience

International brokers reservaations

Strong and reliable partner support

Managed business processes

License+ learning process of Car Rental CRM. New CRM -system will be avaliable for our franchisees up to February 2018

Adjustment of sales vortex and learning process on "amoCRM" CRM system

Access to ICRA CRS (clients check/ orders exchange)

Contracts and other documents templates

Developed anti-theft monitoring and security system

Professional HR specialist support in staff search

Support to security department in frauds opposition

Support in office search and fleet selection

BLS Assistance program connection

Management report system

Franchise price - USD 5 000

Turnover royalty is absent

Minimal % from the bookings through web-page and international borkers

Included into the initial payment

Rights to use the BLS trademark in a specified territory
Working technologies
- Business process know- how
- workflow
- working process instructions, workflow packages and documents with appendicies
- business process standards
- access to the Car Rental companies assiciation database
- Initial trainings: "Business process entry" 15 days in your city
- assistance in office search and processing
- fleet purchase consultancies
- assistance in pricing
- staff recruiting consultancies
- assistance in insurance company
- Connection to the company's web site and reservation systems
Additional services provided by BLS:
- Business- plan formation and plans for services relization;
- Marketing research;
- Profitability of vehicles operations assesment;

What would you need despite of our franchise:

To invest into vehicles fleet- not less than 10 items; per one location (4 economy, 3 middle, 3 business class)