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Auto by subscription
Do you want a car?
Get it right now and enjoy!
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12 000 000 km
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20 000+
Customer satisfaction
Without paperwork and loans
No big fees or hidden fees
Full service
Car subscription
Subscription is an opportunity to get your dream car today
I want a new car, but I'll have to wait months for it .
Subscription solutions:
All cars are in stock. Choose, test and subscribe today.
I want a car, but I need to save money for a down payment.
Subscription solutions:
No 20-30% fees. You pay the subscription for the first and last months and you are already with a car.
A car from a showroom means so much paperwork, first registration, other payments, insurance.
Subscription solutions:
Registration lasts 30 minutes. You read and sign the contract, pay and the car is yours.
Cars are always nuances: service stations, tire fitting, insurance cases.
Subscription solutions:
BLS takes care of all the worries about the car, and you have fun on the roads.
I'm afraid I'll make a mistake in choosing a car, but what if I need a larger, more spacious or more dynamic car?
Subscription solutions:
BLS subscribers can choose a different vehicle class for up to 10 days if necessary. Do you want a convertible? Please. Need a minivan? Come get the keys.
I have savings, but I don’t want to spend it all on a car.
Subscription solutions:
And there is no need, because by choosing a subscription, you do not freeze a large amount of money, but can invest in your business and receive additional income. Think about it!
How it works?
4 easy steps to your car
for a test drive
Signing the contract
takes 30 minutes
a car
Available models
Car catalog
New car
Used car
Audi A4 Allroad
New car
More details
Audi Q8 E-Tron
New car
More details
Toyota Rav4 Active+ AWD
New car
More details
Maxus Euniq 6
New car
More details
Maxus Mifa 9
New car
More details
Tesla Model Y Dual Motor
Used car
More details
Volkswagen ID.4 Crozz
Used car
More details
VW Passat B8 1.4 TSI
Used car
More details
Toyota Rav4 Hybrid
Used car
More details
Come for a test drive and choose your dream, it's now available
Our services
Things we care about:
Seasonal tire storage and tire fitting
Full insurance
Registration and taxes
Car protection with anti-gravel film
Certificate for renting exclusive cars
(10 days a year)
Test Drive
Come for a test drive and choose your dream
By the way, a test drive is possible not for one hour, but for a whole weekend, just tell us when it’s convenient for you and we’ll bring your dream right to your front door.
Video instruction
Video instruction
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Instruction 2
Instruction 3
Of course, you can continue to live without a car
But... why?
Car subscription
No need for a bunch of documents and certificates
All you need is your passport and TIN
Simplicity and speed of registration
You don’t need a bunch of documents, certificates of income, guarantors, extracts, evidence
There is no need for an advance or a large down payment
You pay only the first and last two months immediately and then a monthly fee
Possibility to change the car to another brand at any time
You don't have to make one decision for life .
Taking care of everything, from service to design
Forget about car services and car maintenance
Who is a car subscription suitable for:
For those looking for freedom on the road
For car enthusiasts who want to feel free sailing along the path of life and enjoy every kilometer in a new car
For those who don't want to spend half their life on a car service
For those who want to live here and now, and not put it under the mattress for decades
For financially literate people who do not want to freeze large sums of money
Good to know
What is a car subscription?
A subscription is an alternative way to get a car, when you use a new car without any restrictions for a monthly fee. We take care of all the worries: we register the car, pay taxes, provide CASCO insurance, perform maintenance and provide tire service + all kinds of bonuses.
Is it possible to subscribe to a company (legal entity)?
A subscription can be issued to a legal entity. To do this, leave a request and our specialist will contact you to clarify the details and request the necessary documents for approval of the transaction.
What is the difference between subscription and leasing and loan?
Subscription is more profitable than a loan or leasing; we do not offer additional equipment or expensive insurance products. What's more, with your subscription you get a brand - new car without the time and money spent on maintenance, tire changes, insurance and taxes .
What documents are required to subscribe?
Copy of passport with registration
Identification code
Copy of passport for traveling abroad
Copy of driver's license
Full name, telephone number of wife/spouse (authorized representative)
What car classes are available for subscription?
BLS company has one of the largest vehicle fleets in Ukraine. Both commercial and passenger vehicles, both new and used cars, are available for subscription. To choose yours, contact our managers.
Do you want a used car with a subscription?
We have cars up to 3 years old
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