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Leasing - financial service, form of credit service by purchasing the fixed capital by the companies or very expensive goods by public sector.

Lessor is obliged to purchase agreed with lessee a certain property, and to provide the lessee with that property for temporary use and ownership.

BLS leasing is universal company that provides a full range of leasing services for public and corporate sector.

Advantages of leasing for individuals

  • Fast period of decision- making (5 days)
  • Insurance divided equally for the whole period of leasing
  • Registration fees divided equally for the whole period of leasing
  • Leasing object cannot be an object of penalty of the third party
  • No need of Deposit agreement and no governmental fees.
  • No link to specific region
  • All vehicles are involved within BLS Assistance program

Advantages of leasing service for corporate sector

  • No need of Deposit agreement and no governmental fees.
  • No need to establish the fleet enterprise
  • VAT is included into the price
  • Leasing payment applied to gross expenditures that reduces the tax base.
  • Object of leasing could not be the item of detention, neither from governmental structures, nor fro the third parties.
  • No link to specific region
  • All vehicles are involved within BLS Assistance program

Leasing terms and conditions

Advance payment

from 20%

Term of leasing

from 1-36 months

One- time comission

2% of the cost of cars

For more information, please contact:

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Do you want to buy a used car on lease on the most favorable terms? BLS offers this opportunity to all citizens of Ukraine. A universal leasing organization provides a full range of leasing services to individuals and legal entities. We will help you get a good car without having to pay the entire amount for it. This is a great option for those who wish to buy a car now, but do not have enough money on hand.

Car leasing - concept

Many people do not know what car leasing is, so they underestimate this procedure. In simple terms, the concept of leasing is understood as the process of registering a vehicle for a long-term lease with its subsequent acquisition of ownership by individuals and legal entities.

We can say that leasing is a kind of hybrid form of purchasing a car and obtaining a loan for it. This way you can buy both new vehicles and used cars. Used car leasing is an excellent option for many transport organizations.

The key difference between leasing and standard lending is ownership. When a person buys a car on credit, the vehicle becomes the property of that person. In the case of leasing, the transport is owned by the lessor. Only when the client pays the money for the car in full, it will become his property.

The procedure for buying a car on a lease

Almost every adult citizen of Ukraine can get a car on lease. The process of acquiring a car on lease is as follows:

  • the client chooses a suitable car. There is an opportunity to buy used cars of any brand and model. When choosing the type of car, you need to focus on the goals that are set for you. It can be an SUV, station wagon, sedan, convertible, minivan, etc .; 
  • familiarization with the subject of the agreement and leasing terms; 
  • a leasing agreement is signed; 
  • the client pays an initial payment, the amount of which is indicated in a previously signed document (from 20%); 
  • a person gets a vehicle at his disposal. After completing all the above steps, you can get a car that will be completely ready for use. The leasing company itself registers the car, draws up insurance, pays the necessary fees and taxes.

Car leasing risks

If we talk about the risks of this financial procedure, then everything here depends on the lessee. The main risk is the loss of the vehicle due to the inability to make monthly payments. You just need to strictly adhere to the conditions prescribed in the contract. In this case, there will be no problems.

Features of buying a car on a lease

It should be noted right away that the car is registered with our organization since these are the leasing conditions. However, we do not use it, but immediately transfer the vehicle to the client for use. Our company independently registers the car and draws up insurance for it. These are mandatory conditions that are passed from the shoulders of the client to the employees of our company. If we talk about CASCO, then this insurance is optional. The company's managers can help you choose the most suitable car model that will solve all the client's problems. You have the opportunity to get a car of domestic and foreign production with minimum mileage. All troubles for car registration will be transferred to BLS employees.

List of documents required for registration of car leasing

If you decide to buy a car on lease in Kyiv or other cities of Ukraine, then you should collect a certain package of documents. To complete the contract, the client must provide:

  • own passport of a citizen of Ukraine and passport of a spouse; 
  • TIN; 
  • copies of loan agreements (if any are present at present); 
  • a certificate from the place of permanent work on the payment of wages for the last six months.

Also, in some cases, a divorce/marriage certificate, a copy of a work record book, and other documents may be required.

Buy a car leasing in Kyiv and Ukraine

BLS offers to lease a car to legal entities and individuals on the most favorable terms. Rent with subsequent purchase can be an excellent option for both large transport companies and ordinary citizens who want to get a vehicle to get around the city today.

The advance payment is 20% of the car value. The lease term can be 1-36 months. The client can choose the most suitable contract term for him. Here you can choose a car that will solve all your problems. If you have any questions about the leasing procedure, BLS specialists will be able to answer them. Contact us by phone or leave a request on the site. We will call you back quickly.

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