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Car rental without collateral - Superinsurance

Car rent without deposit- an opportunity to protect yourself from unforseen circumstances
Choose one of the insurance packages
You might come across some unforseen expenses during the journey as far as some types of repair and expenses caused by traffic accidents are not covered by the basic insurance
Full coverage insurance packages- Superinsurance 50 and Superinsurance 100 include the expenses if something goes wrong
Penalty fee in case of traffic accident
Penalty fee in case of car theft or total damage
What's covered
Full deposit
Within the deposit amount
10% of vehicle's actual value
What's covered
50% deposit decrease
50% less off standard
50% less off standard
What's covered
Deposit USD 100/200 depending on the class
Without penalty fees
Without penalty fees

In order to use the Superinsurance service driver's age should be not less then 25 years old and not less than 3 years of driving experience

Terms of insurance- Mandatory observance of the car rental contract terms

Price- please, contact our manager or order it online

Superinsurance isuance will not take any additional time

All you need is only inform our managers about the offer you want to use or choose the rate while reservation