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Self-drive car rental

Self-drive car rental is an affordable service in case you have the driver’s license and you feel yourself confident behind another’s vehicle steering wheel. Situations when your car obtaining a maintenance or you are near to buy one but you need to travel a lot happen quite often. Hence, pay your attention to the self-drive car rental. This service is quite affordable and popular in big cities. By using this service, you will be able to plan your day perfectly and will not depend on taxi and other municipal transport. Self-drive car rent is the service provided by the big car rental companies in big cities.

Service advantages

The main “advantage” of self-drive car rental is the absolute freedom of movement. You can use the vehicle whenever you want, not depending on the time of the day and driver’s working hours. Self-drive car rental excludes any additional expenses for maintenance or seasonal tires change. All those expenses are included into the rates, therefore, it is the responsibility of the car rental company. Also, vehicle is always equipped with whole range of accessories as: GPS- navigation, child seat, player, etc. There are some additional advantages if one wants to rent a car:

  • range of vehicles to choose;
  • comfort in driving;
  • affordable price for service.

Car rental contract can be issued after Passport, ID and driver’s license provided by the customer. Points as pick-up and drop off time, terms of use, fuel type, etc. are clearly indicated in the agreement. The company may refuse the customer in car rental service if customer did not reach a certain age; mostly often, it is 23 years old.

Journey opportunity

Self-drive car rental gives you an opportunity to manage your time for travelling and visit exactly those sights that you dreamed about. Renting a car for the honeymoon is also a great decision. It will be a great way to spend your time with your beloved one. The cost will depend only on the period of your journey.

Self-drive car rental is also actual if you are planning to go for family picnic. In that case, it is better to choose the vehicle in accordance to the number of your family members. Pay your attention in the car rental company for the minivan class that are not expensive. The rate depends on the vehicle manufacture year, season and the period of rental. Normally, rental rates are higher in summer as far as it is a vacation period.

One more reason to rent a car without driver- it is an opportunity to test a desirable model. Self-drive car rental will help you to get additional driving skills in case you obtain the driver’s license but do not have your own car.

In case of a traffic accident while driving the rental vehicle, it is obligatory to wait until the police comes and to receive the respective paperwork from the accident place. It is obligatory to call the rental company immediately. Despite of all, by respecting the traffic rules the risk of accident is minimal.

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