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Car rental in Europe

Rent a car abroad: advantages and features

While planning a trip, many people think about how they will travel through an unfamiliar city. It is rather easy to rent a car abroad, and together with BLS it can be done without leaving your country. The cooperation and booking with the leading companies of the world - all this is about renting a car abroad. Today it is very easy to implement. We offer models of all classes, comfortable and maneuverable, while the car rental abroad can be arranged on the partners' website.

Recommendations for renting a car in Europe

To choose the right cheap option for yourself, you need to fill out a simple form on the Rentalcars website: indicate the country, address, or airport where you need a car and select the place of return. It is necessary to indicate the time: the date of the beginning and end of the car's operation, the age, and some other data, and then click the interactive button "Search". Remember that online, the most favorable conditions with the use of bonuses and discounts. And the price already includes taxes, fees, etc.

You can learn more about the features of car rental in specific European countries on the following pages:

  1. Spain
  2. Poland
  3. Greece
    1. Crete
  4. Cyprus
  5. Georgia
    1. Tbilisi
    2. Batumi
  6. Montenegro
  7. Turkey
  8. Dubai

Just do not forget that you can rent a car in Ukraine in our company: in Kyiv, Lviv, Dnipro, and other cities.

Car rental in Europe

When to book - in advance or search upon arrival

In advance. Of course, you can start bypassing rental companies' offices upon arrival, but you definitely don't bargain for cheaper, and most likely, you rent even more expensive. Moreover, you cannot compare and choose offers from all distributors - local and network.

Do you need international rights in the EU?

Following the Vienna Convention of 1968, most EU members do not require an international driver's license from a foreign driver to drive a car. However, if you are going on vacation to Ireland, Iceland, Holland, Turkey, or Malta, you may be required to have an IDP there. So be careful and study this issue in advance, otherwise, you will not be allowed to drive.

What countries can you travel to?

Almost all international and national European rental cars allow their customers to cross the borders of states within the EU and visit the countries of the Schengen Agreement. Solving this problem, carefully read all the nuances before signing the documents.

Return of the car at another point of issue

When searching for a suitable car for yourself using the service, you should immediately mark the option and indicate precisely where you plan to do it. Then, if you do everything right, which is quite simple, the service cost will already include delivery to the original point of issue, and you will not have to pay anything else.

Features of car rental in Europe

Living in Europe is simple: follow the laws, read all the documents carefully, and everything will be in order. The life of a European motorist is regulated in detail:

  • Speed limit signs hang everywhere.
  • Parking spaces are marked with markings.
  • If something is unclear, any policeman is ready to help you.

Just keep in mind that if in Germany or the Netherlands the chances of finding an English-speaking police officer are pretty high, then in France, Spain, Italy, and most other EU countries, it is not easy.

If the general rules practically do not change from country to country, then the composition of the car fleet in rental offices will be different:

  • In Germany, you will be offered Volkswagen and Opel first of all.
  • In France - Renault, and Citroen.
  • In Spain - Seat.
  • In Italy, Fiat and Alfa Romeo.
  • There will be an international "cocktail" in countries with no national auto industry.

And it is also important to remember that all Europeans love diesel and manual transmissions regardless of nationality. If you try, you can find a gasoline car with automatic transmission, but much more expensive.

Important points of overseas car rental

Those who wish to rent a car must fill in a special form on our website indicating the place and date of the trip, and then go to the partner's website. Many websites have a Russian-language interface, which makes the process of choosing a car quite easy. Before you will rent a car abroad, please check:

  • Availability of international driving license. If it is not available, a car rental abroad is carried out for a period of 3 months;
  • Availability of an internationally accepted bank card - it is the most convenient way to pay;
  • Capacity and class of transport, which depends on the purpose of the trip - business visit or travel with the whole family;
  • Availability of insurance and car service. International insurance sets the size of the franchise for foreign customers. Together with the BLS Assistance program, the price of compensation to a partner company in an accident is significantly reduced.

The booking confirmation is carried out by notifying the client with SMS or email. The rental cost is blocked on the account. You can pick up the car at the office of organization working in the selected city.

Additional functions of car rental abroad

BLS customers should know that car rental abroad is no different from the domestic one. The difference is only in the rules of local traffic, the price of fuel and the amount of fines. Our partners offer the following conditions:

  1. Limited or unlimited mileage. The price of the second service will be somewhat more expensive, but you won’t have to pay extra for the additional mileage;
  2. “Full tank” service. Having arranged a rental agreement for the car, the customer receives it with a full tank. It is necessary to return the car in a similar condition, since you will have to pay for a full tank in any case;
  3. Installing a baby seat in the car. This option is important for those traveling on a family trip;
  4. Providing the car with a GPS-navigator. Its use allows you to save money and nerves on road maps and choose the best trip route.

The return of the car is carried out according to the agreement, the content of which is the same as an Agreement with BLS. Typically, this is the city where the rental took place or a branch of the company in another city. The car must be clean and have a given amount of fuel. Upon completion of cooperation, our partners must issue a certificate of no complaints to customers.

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