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Car sharing or car rental

In developed countries, there is a clear tendency to gradually abandon personal vehicles. Not every driver finds this solution comfortable; most motorists are still adherents of their cars. The relatively recent car sharing in Ukraine has aroused keen interest among residents of large cities. Users are offered a per-minute rate to rent a car. To start using the service, it is enough to download a specialized mobile application. In certain places, there are cars offered to potential customers. Interaction with company representatives is usually carried out online.

Classic car rental

Here the situation is radically different. Car rental works in direct cooperation with customers, providing them with a choice of a large number of different equipment, regardless of the season. The contract concluded in paper format is legally binding. The difference lies in indirect, “live” interaction with motorists. The business works in constant contact with the client, supporting him in all aspects 24 hours a day. It is not for nothing that car rental in Kyiv is more popular than similar offers. There are no serious restrictions in almost all areas of activity.

The main differences between car sharing and car rental

We will try to unbiasedly identify the differences in the work of such similar and at the same time so different business models! Let's dwell on the main factors that deserve attention from the consumer:

  • If we talk about car sharing, then there is no such level of service as at the box office. It is very rarely possible to find a suitable model, there have been cases of providing dirty equipment in a deplorable technical condition. A reputable car rental company that has long been presented on the market at any time of the day will allow you to take a car suitable for the circumstances at a favorable rate.
  • Failures occur quite often because car sharing is completely tied to a specialized program. In this case, the user simply loses the opportunity to use rented transport. If the battery of the smartphone is dead or the software fails, the car enthusiast will not even be able to open the car to pick up his things. Rental vehicles are provided with standard access, without any unpleasant surprises.
  • Now let's touch directly on the zone of action and timing. Car-sharing firms set rather strict limits on movement and limit the coverage area. An advantageous difference between a rental in this regard is the ability to rent a car for a long journey by days and distance. Even minor restrictions, if they were in the starting agreement, can be circumvented by agreement of the parties.
  • A significant inconvenience lies in all sorts of little things when traveling on car-sharing programs. The company takes full responsibility for refueling. The driver has to request special permission to travel to the gas station, spend time and nerves in coordination with the parts manager.
  • The most automated service in car sharing has a good effect on reducing the company's costs but has a negative impact on customers. Motorists are deprived of the right to choose additional options, there is no flexibility in the system. The rental representative can quickly replace the car already in the office if the client wishes, he is ready to provide a child seat or even a roof rack for a family, a group of friends to travel to the sea, to the mountains or on another long journey.
  • Now let's move on to quite serious urgent problems. Multiple transfers of car-sharing transport from hand to hand throughout the week negatively affects compliance with sanitary and epidemiological requirements. The rental car is carefully prepared when handing over to each new driver, this rule is in effect constantly, which is very important when renting a car during the quarantine period. Regular customers note that the results of interior cleaning are visible even with a glance at the car.

Summing up

So, what should be preferred by a motorist who wants to travel without hassle and significant financial costs? Let's say right away that renting a car by the minute is far from the best option. Some novice drivers may argue that such tariffication allows solving current problems within the city and they will be right, but only partially. You really will benefit from the opportunity to travel to solve one-time tasks. Unreasonable tariff policy leads to the fact that for the time spent driving a car, a car enthusiast will have to pay the same as for a taxi. Then what is the point in such a service?

As for the rental equipment, it is more profitable in all areas. Even in a paper contract, every word is intended not only to describe the obligations of the consumer but also to protect his rights. The person behind the wheel receives real information support to resolve problems. Such cooperation is more convenient financially and in terms of time. In a word, it's not for nothing that customers today vote in hryvnia for rental. Who knows, competition in carsharing may force firms to make changes in tariff policy due to the small daily volume of incoming client requests.

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