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Ukrainian Venice - the city of Vilkovo: how to get there and what to see

Today we invite you, friends, to think about another cool travel option to the south of Ukraine. This time we will go to the heart of Bessarabia, "Ukrainian Venice", as this city is called somewhat stereotypically, but indicatively. Guess what we mean? Yes, of course, this is Vilkovo, which stands on the Danube!

Some streets of the city do have "Venetian" water channels, along which the locals move by boat. It is interesting that 300 years ago when Vilkovo (formerly Lipovanskoe) was founded by the Cossacks and Lipovans - the Old Believers, the city stood right next to the sea. But over the past centuries, the sea has moved 18 kilometers. Therefore, if you also want to get to the sea, we advise you to go to the city of Primorsk, here you will find a real sea vacation.

How to get there

In Vilkovo it is best to go from Odesa to the south - you won't be mistaken, because this is one of the extreme southern points of Ukraine, Romania is already on the other bank of the Danube. It is definitely worth going here by SUV - alas, roads are the weak point of this whole area. And you can rent a car at the best price on our website.

What to see and do

The Danube is the main local attraction because it is the largest river in Europe. Despite the fact that the number of fish in the Danube is decreasing, it is also an important source of income for local residents. There are a sturgeon and beluga. Therefore, there is definitely an excellent activity for anglers singing. And for others?

Submitting several good ideas at once.

  • Firstly, it is worth taking a boat ride through the city's canals and visiting the "zero kilometers", the place where the Danube flows into the sea - also by boat, of course.
  • Secondly, visit two churches of the Old Believers or Old Believers at once - a religious community that broke away from the Orthodox in the 17th-18th centuries.
  • Thirdly, to pay attention to the tasting of local wines, among which there are special authentic varieties. And finally - visit the unique island of Ermakov, look here at the birds and animals living in almost a reserved untouched nature.

Do you want more, or miss the sea? It doesn't matter - just 15 kilometers from Vilkovo is the town of Primorsko. This is the westernmost resort on the Black Sea coast. It's cheap here, there is a wide beach, few people, nature with a reserve and a park nearby. Here you can have plenty of figs, homemade cheese, and other goodies: there are few tourists here, so the locals are not spoiled by too high prices.

There are many recreation centers and hotels here, but the highest recommendations are Aquamarine, Mercury, Veterok, Portovik, and Cuba-far. While in Vilkovo it is advisable to stay at the Vilkovo Holiday & fishing club and at the Delta Hotel.

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