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Where to go to sea in Ukraine (2020) under quarantine

Coronavirus affected almost all areas of our lives, tourism was no exception. Moreover, due to restrictions on movement between cities and countries, most tourists are forced to refuse to travel or postpone from a later date. A particularly deplorable situation has developed with traveling abroad - many countries popular among Ukrainians have restricted the entry of foreigners into their territory. For example, Turkey plans to let tourists from Ukraine only from July 1, and even then after a coronavirus test at the airport. Spain and Italy have not yet voiced the exact timing of opening borders for Ukrainians.

In such a situation in Ukraine, domestic tourism becomes especially popular - the beaches of Mykolaiv, Odesa, Kherson, and Zaporizhzhya regions are preparing to receive vacationers. Rest at sea during the quarantine period is a good opportunity to relax because, for many weeks of self-isolation, many missed trips and outdoor recreation. According to forecasts, a large number of vacationers should not be expected, the economic recession in the country was the fault. Besides, many do not dare to go to rest somewhere because of fear of contracting a virus, as well as problems with transport.

We have where to go and where to relax, and options are available for every taste and budget. Let us consider in more detail the most famous Ukrainian resorts for beach holidays.

  • Koblevo

Located about 50 km from Odesa and 85 km from Nikolaev. Suitable for young couples and groups of people who like to relax noisy, fun and in a big way. Here music plays until late at night, you can go to a nightclub, enjoy oriental cuisine, and the Black Sea seafood. Room rates cannot be called a budget. For example, ala Soviet room at the Victoria Hotel in the season in 2019 cost 800-1000 hryvnias per day. For the money, they offer accommodation for two with in-room amenities and Internet at the reception. More comfortable options with air conditioning, a TV, and plastic windows will cost 1700-2500 hryvnia per day. This amount includes renting a deck chair on the beach.

Koblevo has a Brazil club with its own hotel and fast food restaurant. In past years, Olga Polyakova, Maruv, Dzidzio, and other Ukrainian pop stars regularly came here to perform. What will be the situation with concerts in the summer of 2020 is still unknown.

  • Rybakivka and Ochakiv

Two more resorts on the Black Sea located in the Mykolaiv area. There are practically no recreation centers here, most of the vacationers rent apartments on the coast, apartments, and rooms with the local population. Prices are quite affordable, in 2019 a bed could be found for 150 hryvnias. Conditions - a toilet on the street, a kitchen for several rooms, but fresh air and silence. It is recommended that couples with children go to Ochakov and Rybakovka - it is quiet and calm, with a minimum of noisy nightlife.

  • Kyryllivka, Berdyansk, Prymorsk

Resorts on the Sea of Azov, pleasing with a variety of options for recreation. In Kirillovka there are many recreation centers of the "Soviet era", with large green areas. Most of them are on Fedotova Spit; there is also a water park and a dolphinarium. At the end of the spit there is a tent camp, where it is convenient to come by your own or rented car.

Berdyansk is a recreation center, a developed tourist infrastructure is ready to offer relaxation for every taste and budget, but expensive housing predominates in the city itself. More budget options can be found in Novopetrovka.

In Primorsk there are a lot of different boarding houses and health resorts, there is the possibility of living in separate houses with the whole family in compliance with the conditions of self-isolation. The rental price of such a house is high, in the season it reaches 2,000 hryvnias, but there are cheaper options too - the price is from 400 hryvnias, but without comfortable conditions.

What you need to take with you

Vacation at sea in quarantine provides a special set of things that are better to take with you. Among them:

  • Detergents and antiseptics are needed for personal hygiene, as well as for self-disinfection of even the cleanest rooms.
  • A full range of medicines, especially for colds. It will not be amiss to take a tonometer and a thermometer with you.
  • Take care of entertainment - concerts and discos in the summer of 2020 may not be allowed, so you should take your favorite book with you, download an interesting game, TV shows and movies on your tablet.

Holidays at sea in Ukraine in 2020 will be special, but do not lose heart and think too much about coronavirus. It is proved that the sun's rays and salty sea air adversely affect the virus, and also strengthen the immune system.

One desire to relax and the availability of funds may not be enough - transport in Ukraine does not yet work fully. Adaptive quarantine provides for the gradual restoration of the transport system; in areas with a high incidence rate, there are no plans to open long-distance traffic or it will work with great restrictions.

Therefore, a guaranteed option to leave for a summer vacation in 2020 will be a personal car. It doesn’t matter if you don’t have your car, you can always rent a car at a reasonable price. A reliable choice is the company BLS, the cost of renting a car is from $ 18 per day.