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Rest in Bukovel in the summer: how to get there, what to see and where to go?

Tourist and recreational complex "Bukovel" is a well-known place for skiing holidays, familiar to every Ukrainian. But what to do in Bukovel if you don't ski? In the summer this question is especially relevant, and BLS Car Rental will answer it in our regular travel section in Ukraine.

How to get there?

It is not difficult to get to Bukovel from Kyiv, although we advise you to go by SUV, because mountains are always an element of risk on the road. You can choose an SUV for your trip here. The trip will take about 10:00, the road is not bad in comparison along the entire length: it is worth going through Zhytomyr, Rivne, Ternopil, and Buchach, bypassing Ivano-Frankivsk to the town of Yaremche and, in fact, the final destination near the village of Polyanytsya. And there - check into a hotel, and ... to the lake!

What to see and where to go?

There are even two of them here: a small one with heating (the heating system is ecological!) And a large one, extremely. This artificial lake is the largest in Ukraine; in the end, the project for its arrangement became the most expensive in the whole complex. Thanks to the lake, even in summer Bukovel has skiing ... but water skiing! Also, wakeboarding, kayaking, catamarans, jet skis, aquanaut, there is a water slide and even a diving school on the lake ...

Cyclists will also have a place to accelerate here! The length of the Bukovel cycling trails is almost 47 km, and the high-speed trails stretch for more than four kilometers. Bike Park Bukovel has ten different routes, from sightseeing routes to DownHill and SuperD.

For hikers, there are also attractions here. The hike to Hoverla, for example, will last from 10:00 to 19:00, and this is a medium difficulty route. The conquest of Hoverla is perhaps the most popular route in the Carpathians. The first reason is obvious - this is the highest point in the country. The second one is a very good and relatively easy mountain to climb. It is clear that you need to make a little effort, but it is realistic to climb it and without any special physical abilities.

It is even easier to travel to Dlinnaya Mountain and to the pasture, where the sheep shepherds will treat you with feta cheese, burda and budz. And on the way, you can pick berries and mushrooms. The hike continues at 6:00.

Also in Bukovel, you can order a tour on an ATV or test yourself in a rope park, run and shoot paintball or horse riding, or fishing. Spa treatments are also popular here. With a child, you should go to the entertainment center "Buka", to the centers "Kinder Club" or "Leopark".

There are a lot of hotels here, for every taste and price category. For especially demanding tourists - Radisson Blu Resort and AmstelSki, the options are simpler, but no less rated on the TripAdvisor - the villas "Milena", "Leku" and the hotel "Bookville". Of the restaurants, ratings are high in Krasnaya Usadba, Medvezhya Gora, and Carparosa. Although Bukovel and the surrounding region are generally a paradise for tourists and gourmets!