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Car tourist routes in the Karpatam, Zakarpatyu and Zakarpatyu

A trip by car in Ukraine is the most fascinating and at the same time extreme form of recreation. Tourists who have traveled around our country will say that the best time to discover the motherland and enjoy nature on our own is spring and summer. Going on a trip, consider a logical route and choose a reliable car with good tires. Ahead you will find a dirt road interspersed with asphalt, a mountain serpentine and a frequent change of weather.

It is better to rent a car for trips in the Carpathians, Transcarpathian and Carpathian regions in large cities of Ukraine with BLS. The advantages of traveling by car are undeniable. You can stay anywhere without time limits. Get freedom by choosing car routes in the Carpathians, parking lots and duration of stops.

BLS offers your favorite car rental on the most favorable terms:

  1. Proximity to the beginning of a fun trip (TS can be taken from the city of Lviv, Ivano-Frankivsk, if you want, right from the city of Kyiv).
  2. Quickly receive car keys with minimal bureaucratic delays.
  3. Favorable prices for services.
  4. Fully serviceable machines for any wallet, taste and needs.

The Transcarpathian region and Ukrainian Carpathians are a great place for caravanning. A well-planned route will help you to have a fun vacation. Below we will talk about the TOP 5 most popular routes, which tourists call the most exciting.

Old castles of Transcarpathia

The tourist route for the traveler develops as follows: Uzhgorod - Nevitskoe (11km) - Mukachevo (50km) - Chinadievo (10km) - Karpaty (8km).

Consider the trip in more detail:

Uzhhorod. Visit the castle, which was converted into a museum. The building dates from the XI century belonged to the Italian Count Drugett at that time. The Neapolitans left for Ukraine not only an architectural memo but also a terrible legend. According to the stories of residents, the count’s only daughter was walled up alive in the walls of the fortress because she fell in love with a man who wanted to seize these possessions. The girl led the invader into the walls of the house, bypassing the guard.

As a result, an unassured soul wanders around the castle periodically, frightening the guards in the evening and at night. By the way, in the building there are installations of the chambers of the former owners, you can watch and even have lunch in the walls of the fortress.

Nevitsky. On the outskirts of the village is another old castle of Transcarpathia - the house of Pogan-virgin. So the locals call the relative of the Druget family Aristocrat Anna. The woman was a tough character, distinguished by cruelty. In particular, beautiful and young girls got it. Rumor had it that she sacrificed them to extend her youth. The castle now stands in ruins, but its mystical fame does not go out. Thrill-seekers, researchers, connoisseurs of history and paranormal phenomena often visit this place.

Mukachevo. The name of the city comes from the word "tortured." The fact is that even after an incident of 600 years, residents remember at what price they recaptured the three-story Palanok castle. You are waiting for torture chambers, prison cellars, your square and many stories about love, dignity, and honor. And the cherry on the cake is an excellent lookout from the former chambers of the owners.

Замки Ужгород Невицкое Мукачево

Chinadievo. Find yourself in this place, you can look at the only castle of Saint-Miklos, which can be called "tenacious". In this place, Ukraine makes historical films, wedding videos are shot here, you can temporarily feel like a prosperous nobleman. The inhabitants of the castle adhere to the old traditions in food, fashion, and communication.

Fort with winding passages and secret rooms, medieval entertainment, is open at any time. If you plan to spend the night in this place, then visit an unusual torch excursion.

Karpaty. Earlier, whole tuples with nobles visited the hunting castle of the Earls of Schönborn to spend the weekend in this Carpathian valley. Nobles valued European architecture, but especially mystical signs, symbols, and predictions. They embodied the ideas of their hopes, beliefs, myths, arithmetic and astrological forecasts in this place.

Interestingly, there are as many windows in a fort as there are 365 days a year. There is time on the machine, and you can double-check it. The ennobled territory will surprise you with a beautiful park, the presence of a deer nursery, a source of youth. In the evening, you can relax by renting a room right in the Count's chambers - there is a sanatorium on the territory of Schönborn grounds.

замок Сент-Миклош и замок графов Шенборнов

Nature and beauty of the Carpathians

Patriotic moods in Ukrainians arouse interest in their native lands. In the first place is a travel route in the Carpathians by car, where there is everything for tourism: an original culture, beautiful mountains, clear lakes, delicious local cuisine and an extensive network of roads. All memorable places can be reached by car. So here is the next trip plan. Departure from Lviv.

Waterfall on the Kamenka River and Mertve Lake. We stop in the area of the Skole Beskydy reserve, and this is a 1.5-hour drive from Lviv. (about 110km). Most importantly, do not miss the turn with a pointer to the reserve. Waterfall is one of the most picturesque places in the Carpathians. To see the Dead Sea, you have to walk. Interestingly, the water in this pond is jet black. There is a large concentration of hydrogen sulfide, so fishing does not work.

Водопад на реке Каменка и Мертвое озеро

Rocks of Dovbush. The road leads to the Ivano-Frankivsk region, Bolekhovsky district. Look at the large stones of the most bizarre shape, the height of which is 50 m. In the rocks, there were caves, which were one with the fortress. But now tourists can be content only with interesting legends. Enjoy nature, enjoy local dishes in roadside huts.

Volcano Starunya. This is the only active volcano in our country. Near the village of Nadvirnoe will have to move off the road at the sign "Starunya". There is already a primer. The bonus of such a trip is a mud volcano. It is also called the creation of human hands and at the same time a natural monument. At the end of the 19th century, oil was extracted in the west of the country. Today, groundwater flows into abandoned wells, causing oil oxidation. All this leads to the release of thermal energy that feeds the volcano.

Synevyr Lake. In this report, the traveler takes pride in place. About 2 hours on a serpentine - and you will rise to a reservoir. Its parameters are 989 m above sea level, the area is 4-5 hectares, in some places the depth reaches 24 m. The history of the lake is impressive. As often happens, this is the tragic love of the Count's daughter Sin for the poor and proud shepherd Vira. In different interpretations and with different emotions, locals will be happy to tell about it. In the meantime, enjoy the scenery and breathe in the crystal clear air. Stay here for the weekend.

Скалы Довбуша Вулкан Старуня Озеро Синевир

Unexplored places along the route "Kamenetz-Podolsky - Khotin"

It is best to start the train from the city of Kamenetz-Podolsky, which is located on the white rocks of the Smotrytsky Canyon. This part of Ukraine entered the TOP-3 by the number of historical monuments. Many places have no analogs. Not only in our country but also in Europe. So let's go.

Malievtsi. Moving on average 45 minutes on the highway, you find yourself in the village of Malievtsi. It can hardly be found on the map, so the settlement often remains behind the visibility of tourists. But it is in this campaign that one can see the only chapel waterfall in the country, which was erected in the 11th century.

Krivche is located about 105 km from Malievtsy. Here you can travel through the cave "Crystal". True, much is not available, from 23km, you can get around only 3km, but they will impress you for a long time.

The road will lead you to the Khotyn Fortress if you move on somewhere 50km from Krivche. On these lands, princely nobles were having fun. That is why the name Khotin went. Locals still believe that this place fulfills cherished desires.

водопад-часовня, пещера «Хрустальная», Хотинская крепость

Independent travel in western Ukraine in the summer by car along the route "Lviv - Urych - Rozgirche"

We start on a car from Lviv. 90 km from the city there is a village Urych. Look at this place the old fort "Tustan", which locals call the "sleeping dragon." The sharp cliffs of this building served at one time as a customs point on the salt route.

Rozgirce. After 55m in a picturesque area, you find yourself in Rosgirce. Noteworthy in this place is a Christian Orthodox monastery. It was built in caves, which were formed before BC. The rocks still remember the pagan rites and sacrifices that were performed by ancient people.

Bubnyshche is only 45km from the monastery. Have to leave the car in the parking lot and walk. If you wish, take a tent to spend the night surrounded by the local cliffs of Dovbush. On an equestrian walk, you can go around the area and find a site for an overnight stay. By the way, according to the stories of residents, the rocks that appeared at the site of the tectonic fault are singing, treating ailments and even hearing thoughts and prayers. And they even help people with pure thoughts and desires.

 форт «Тустань», монастырь в пещерах, скалы Довбуша

By car in Hutsulschyna

This auto travel in Transcarpathia will take you 2-3 days, and on the road, you will spend 6-8 hours on transport. In the Hutsul region, like nowhere else in Ukraine, one can easily hear the noise of centuries, draw faith and strength in the future. You will discover the beauty of the nature of the mountainous region, the charisma of the inhabitants, colorful outfits and identity. It is about this region and its people that is mostly written in Ukrainian books.

The trip will advance along the route Ivano-Frankivsk - Bogorodchany - Manyava - Nadvirna - Delyatin - Yaremche - Tatarov - Vorokhta - Verkhovyna - Krivorovnya - Kosov - Sheshory - Kosmach - Kolomyia. If there is not a full 3 days, then just throw out the Sheshory - Kosmach trip. You can also finish your journey differently if you go from Kosovo to Vizhnitsa, and from there - to Chernivtsi. It is better to spend the night in the cities of Kosiv and Yaremche.

Paving the route in western Ukraine by car, you get not only room for your movements, but also a roomy trunk for things. Take your tents with you to spend the night under Synevyr Lake, equipment for mountaineering, to climb the Dobvush rocks or a camping bowler so that you can not go without food in any part of the forest.

Independent voyage in the Carpathians, Transcarpathia and Carpathian regions can be supplemented by skiing in winter, tasting of local wines and the unique beauty of snow-capped mountains. That is why car trips from year to year are gaining more and more popular among other leisure options in our country

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