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Rating of the best crossovers for Ukrainian roads

Cars have become part of the life of a modern person. In 2020, it is already impossible to imagine humanity without these vehicles. Small SUVs called crossovers are in particular demand today. The crossover is a relatively young body type, which is in many ways similar to the design of a real SUV. At the same time, the platform of a standard passenger car is used as a basis for production. This type of vehicle can be described as a station wagon, increased in size, and looks like an SUV.

Note that a budget SUV may not differ in any way from an ordinary passenger car in terms of its driving characteristics. However, some models may have four-wheel drive and perform well on bad roads. If you are faced with the question of which crossover to choose? Then here you should be guided by your own needs and financial capabilities.

The crossover resembles a powerful SUV but feels excellent on city roads. Its main features are a platform from a passenger car, a high seating position, a spacious interior, and a four-wheel drive.

A crossover is the same passenger car with more extraordinary cross-country ability and capacity. It is easy to control. The steering wheel is easy to listen to. It copes well with sharp turns and instant braking. Some experts compare this type of car with station wagons, which does not prevent them from being used on different tracks.

The main advantages of crossovers

The modern car market is full of vehicles of this type. Absolutely all manufacturers strive to provide their customers with a high-quality jeep that will perform well both in urban conditions and in case of driving outside normal roads. Today, expensive and budget crossovers in Ukraine are at their peak of popularity. This is due to the advantages of this class of vehicles. Crossovers boast:

  • good cross-country ability, provided with high ground clearance (in some cases, all-wheel drive),
  • good security. In addition to the presence of a large number of innovative protective systems, improved security of car data is provided due to more impressive dimensions and weight (in comparison with passenger models),
  • roomy and comfortable interior. In the internal space of such vehicles, 4-7 passengers and the driver will be able to comfortably accommodate. There are variations with three rows of seats. Many models are equipped with a folding second (and third) row of seats. This allows you to transport bulky items,
  • respectable, prestigious appearance. The best crossovers are in no way inferior in attractiveness to elite off-road counterparts,
  • ease of management. The driver's seat in crossovers is located higher than in passenger cars. This gives the driver a good overview.

Crossover classes

Before choosing an SUV of this type, it is worth deciding on its class. Buyers' interest in this type of car encourages automakers to produce models with different characteristics. At the moment, the following crossover subclasses can be distinguished:

  • full-size,
  • medium-sized,
  • compact,
  • mini or subcompact

If we talk about the full-size class, then some models are impressive in size. This is a kind of transitional link between passenger cars and full-fledged SUVs. The main emphasis in these models is made on the maximum similarity with utilitarian counterparts. This subclass presents four-wheel drive vehicles that can handle light off-road conditions.

Mid-size crossovers are significantly smaller than the above models. It is a reliable and versatile type of transport that can be used for various purposes. If you want to buy or rent a car for city traffic and infrequent trips to nature, then this is an ideal choice.

Among the most famous and popular representatives of this class, the following car models can be distinguished:

  • Kia Sorento,
  • Chery Tiggo,
  • Citroen C5 Aircross,
  • Hyundai Tucson.

Mid-size crossovers

Compact crossovers are a subcategory featuring relatively cheap models. Such inexpensive crossovers are created on the platform of B + or C class cars. The overall dimensions of such cars can fit within the "golf class" standard. In the rating of the best compact crossovers, you can put:

  • Skoda Karoq,
  • Toyota RAV4,
  • Ford Kuga.

Compact crossovers

Models from the subcompact class are more similar to conventional passenger cars with increased cross-country ability. These inexpensive SUVs can easily be confused with other body styles. The most striking examples of the mini class include:

  • Nissan Juke,
  • Kia Soul,
  • Ford EcoSport.

subcompact class crossovers

Features of the choice of the crossover

It does not matter whether you choose a crossover in a car dealership or just want to rent this type of transport for a short time, you must follow the general rules. So, when choosing a compact SUV, you need to pay attention to:

  • the number of passengers. Compact crossover rarely accommodates more than 5 people. Therefore, if you need transport for 6-7 passengers, then you should give preference to cars from the full-size class. Such cars are often equipped with a third row of seats,
  • the amount of luggage. It is necessary to familiarize yourself with the size of the cargo compartment of the car and try to imagine bags, tents, backpacks, kitchen equipment, and food that people will take on a trip,
  • itinerary. City or off-road - one of the main criteria for choosing a car. If you plan to travel frequently to nature, then the four-wheel drive will be very useful. You also need to pay attention to the vehicle's clearance. Some crossover models cannot boast of high ground clearance and do not have special “electronic assistants” for overcoming off-road conditions. Such cars are suitable only for urban use,
  • the ability to operate in extreme conditions. If you live in an area where snow is as common as the sun's rays, it will be difficult to do without four-wheel drive,
  • engine power and fuel consumption. Diesel internal combustion engines are characterized by high power indicators and low fuel consumption. However, its maintenance is more expensive.

Rating of the best crossovers

When choosing a crossover for personal use, of course, you need to pay attention to the vehicle manufacturer. Leading companies have good practices and can offer their customers the highest quality car models.

TOP crossovers from the budget category

  1. Hyundai Tucson. Considered one of the finest creations of the Korean auto industry.
  2. Renault Duster. This car SUV from France is especially popular among our motorists. This fact is due to the affordable price, a large set of options already in the basic configuration, and improved travel capabilities over rough terrain,
  3. Kia Soul. It features a combination of technical innovations, futuristic design, and sporty character. Young people are very fond of this model,
  4. Ford Eco-Sport. A relatively inexpensive American built for urban environments,
  5. Nissan Qashqai. Reliable Japanese car, which is distinguished by stylish unique design performance and a lot of electronic assistants.

If the definitions are inexpensive and reliable for you are not compatible, then pay attention to luxury crossovers. The main target audience of "luxury" cars are self-sufficient people with a good income. Choosing the best crossover for Ukrainian roads, you should look at the following list.

TOP luxury crossovers

  1. Volkswagen Touareg. The SUV from the German auto giant has always been famous for its reliability, elegant style, and prestige,
  2. BMW X3. Modern technologies, vivid and memorable design, high-quality finishing materials - all this characterizes a car born in Germany,
  3. Porsche Cayenne. The premium representative in the crossover family. Many people call Porsche the best modern luxury crossover,
  4. Toyota Highlander. It is characterized by true Japanese reliability and the ability to accommodate a large number of passengers (up to 8 people). It is the best choice for families with several children at once,
  5. Audi Q7. A luxury crossover featuring a luxurious exterior, the highest level of safety, and a rich interior.

The best crossovers were

A new SUV of a well-known brand with a lot of technical features will cost a lot. And a good crossover can be purchased at an affordable price, within $15,000. You should pay attention to the best crossovers :

  • Subaru Forester. The model has an attractive appearance, good driving qualities, capacity, and comfort. Drivers appreciated the SUV and willingly bought models even in 2012.
  • Mitsubishi Outlander 2014 is popular due to its large dimensions, roomy interior, and powerful engine. The car can easily compete with the passability of the legendary RAV4. The laconic design is appropriate both on city streets and in the countryside. Simple maintenance and availability of components make the model famous.
  • Nissan X - Trail shows excellent off-road driving qualities. It is distinguished by its reliable grip, obedient steering wheel, and all-wheel drive equipment.

The best-used crossovers meet all safety and reliability requirements.

Compact SUVs

For lovers of off-road driving, a small company of automobile concerns has released a mini version of a powerful vehicle. Compact SUVs immediately stand out on the road, are maneuverable, and are affordable. Popular brands include:

  • Nissan Juke. It is the most stylish and popular. In addition, models with different engine types and built-in options for additional acceleration are presented.
  • Suzuki Jimny. It is characterized by high permeability and precise forms. Updated suspension ensures smooth movement on any road. The clearance is 210 mm.
  • Citroen C3 Aircross . Produced since 2017. The sound volume of the cabin can be changed by folding the rear sofa. A practical, ergonomic, and comfortable car.

The crossover will become a reliable travel assistant and deliver to any point on the planet through sands, potholes, and heights, regardless of the weather.

BLS offers to rent a crossover of any type. The company's car fleet includes both compact inexpensive cars and luxury models that can make an excellent impression on others. Crossovers are suitable for family trips, special events, meetings of business partners from the airports, and ordinary movement around the city with maximum comfort. Crossover is the choice for those who want the best out of life.