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Zatoka: how to get there and what to see, where to go

Friends, this time in our traditional heading about fascinating travels in Ukraine, we will tell you about interesting places south of Odesa, focusing mainly on one of the best Ukrainian resorts on the Black Sea coast - the village of Zatoka.

After months of work, a cold winter, what could be better than a seaside vacation? The village of Zatoka, located on the Black Sea coast of the Odesa region, offers to enjoy the warm sea breeze, the sun, and gain positive emotions. A large number of sanatoriums, hotels, entertainment programs, opportunities to take walks in historical places have long made the resort a popular summer destination.

In recent years, this resort has significantly expanded its infrastructure and every season attracts more and more holidaymakers to its clean sandy beaches. The advantage of Zatoka is its mild climate: a pleasant cool breeze from the Black Sea guarantees a comfortable stay. The choice of housing is also varied here: in addition to hotels and recreation centers in Zatoka, you can rent a dacha, an apartment, and even a whole house. You won't be bored in Zatoka

How to get to Zatoka from Kiev

Zatoka, as an excellent place for recreation, attracts not only residents of Ukraine, but neighboring countries: citizens of the Baltic States, Poland, Moldova. Our compatriots can get to the resort in several ways:

  • by train;
  • by bus;
  • minibus;
  • own car.

The village of Zatoka is located on the Budak spit, therefore, transport tickets must be purchased to the Bugaz station. Often you have to get to your vacation spot with transfers, but since the route is in demand in the summer, there will be no problem buying tickets. Which transport to choose? Consider your capabilities and desires, how you can get to the station, etc.

If you decide to travel by train, buy railway tickets for the Kyiv-Bugaz route. This train from Kyiv departs on even numbers, from Zatoka - on odd numbers. In addition to this route, you can get by train Kyiv-Izmail, following on the same dates. You can apply for the purchase of tickets on the website in advance in both directions.

Of course, you can get to Zatoka by travel train to Odessa, and from there come to the place of rest. From the central railway station in Odessa, the Belgorod-Dnestrovsky - Zatoka electric train leaves every 2 hours to Zatoka, which can also reach the village.

The Kyiv-Zatoka bus leaves from the central bus station of the capital every day. From Zatoka to Kyiv departs from the bus station (Primorskaya St., 18a) according to the established schedule. Departure and arrival times can be found on the station website or from the dispatcher. Buses leave the capital late in the evening. Comfortable buses do not tire you with a night trip, on the contrary, you can sleep and in the morning you will already enjoy your vacation at sea.

During the vacation season, a minibus travels from the capital to Zatoka. This transport will take you directly to your place of stay, to the hotel. Find out the prices and schedule of the route on the station's website. If you go to Odessa, and there you make a change, then minibusses run to Zatoka from the Odessa railway station every half an hour.

A navigator, an atlas with maps, electronic maps will help you get to the village in your car. In this case, you will be independent of public transport schedules. If you do not have your car or do not want to go on vacation, you can rent a car on the website of our company, which will greatly facilitate your trip.

Route Kyiv - Zatoka

The distance from the capital to the resort is 590 kilometers: if you drive the E95 highway by car 530 km along the Odessa road and 65 km from Odessa itself to the village along the P70 highway. The car trip will last approximately 8-9 hours. Traveling by rail will take a little longer since the distance is longer - 727 kilometers. As you can see, driving by car is more profitable and faster.

But in the end, the choice is always yours. When deciding on transport, consider the factors:

  • the cost of travel;
  • travel time;
  • time of transport departure and arrival.

Attractions Zatoka and surroundings

Zatoka is a resort whose popularity is growing every year. In addition to the fact that there is a large beach (20 km long), a lot of entertainment, vacationers can enjoy the contemplation of the sights around the village, for which regular excursions are organized. You can also go to places that attract you by your car, taxi, minibus. Traveling to historical and architectural monuments is perfect for those who like active rest. Consider the most popular attractions in the vicinity of Zatoka.


The city of Belgorod-Dnestrovsky was founded from buildings, the main material of which was white shell rock. This color is present in the name of the city. Throughout its history, it has changed its names several times (Tira, Belgorod, Alba-Yulia, etc.), but there was only one translation of the name - White City. Here you can see the excavations of the ancient Greek city of Tire, which is more than 2.5 thousand years old; the legacy of the Scythians, which was found in the mounds.

Akkerman fortress

The Akkerman Fortress, an architectural monument of the 13-15th centuries, has been perfectly preserved. It served as the defense of the city of Ackerman, and its integrity is still preserved. Here you can walk around the territory of the fortress, inspect the fortifications; on weekends or holidays, watch the historical reincarnations.

Source of John of Sochavsky

In the chamber church, most of which is located underground, on the outskirts of Belgorod-Dnestrovsky, there is a healing spring. The underground source of John of Sochavsky, according to the beliefs of believers, heals from various diseases, both physical and mental.

Bessarabia, Shabo winery

The southern lands of Ukraine have always been famous for their fertility. Many crops were grown here, but the main industry was the cultivation of grapes. Naturally, this contributed to the development of winemaking in these places, the center of which was Shabo, located just 5 km from Zatoka, and excursions are organized here very often. In Shabo, vacationers have the opportunity not only to learn about the intricacies of wine production but also to taste them. The brand shop, existing on the territory of the plant, offers to purchase different types of wine as a gift.

Kulevchanskoe miracle

Kulevchi is a small Bulgarian village near the Moldavian border located 70 km from Zatoka. Excursions to the village are remembered, first of all, by visiting the Orthodox Church of St. Nicholas the Wonderworker. Pilgrims rush here to see miracles:

  • The Worship Cross is one of the four crosses that protect Ukraine. The oak from which the cross was built dates back to a thousand and a half-century.
  • Icon of the Kazan Mother of God. Cut lilies, placed on the icon after Easter, continue to bloom for a certain time.
  • The image of the cross from Calvary. This crucifixion flows myrrh during the service. Other icons of Kulevchi are streaming myrrh - George the Victorious, the Kasperovskaya Mother of God, the Healer Panteleimon, the Iverskaya Mother of God.


The village of Vilkovo is located on the islands in the Danube Delta. The village is often called the Ukrainian Venice. Despite the poor quality of the road to the village, the unsurpassed location reduces all this "roughness". Boating is available in the old part of the village, which pleasantly surprises with the uniqueness of nature, reminiscent of a trip by a tropical river. In addition, here you can see ancient temples, the Fisherman's House Museum, and, most importantly, taste dishes of Old Believer cuisine.

Ethnopark "New Vasyuki"

The family recreation park (35 km from the resort) invites both adults and children. The petting zoo, located here, will be very popular with children, as the animals can be petted and fed. There is also an ostrich courtyard, a craft yard, and a bath farm.

Danube Biosphere Reserve

The Danube Biosphere Reserve is located 35 kilometers from Zatoka near Vilkovo. It is included in the world network of biosphere reserves according to the decision of UNESCO. The flora and fauna of the reserve are the richest in Europe. Many species of birds, insects, fish, mammals that “live” on the territory of the reserve are included in the Red Book of Ukraine and Europe.

Tuzlovsky reserve

The Tuzla Nature Reserve is famous for its lakes (their territory covers an area of over 20 thousand hectares). Located 23 km from Zatoka. Many marsh-water birds nest and winter here. Among the birds living in the reserve, there are 28 species listed in the Red Book of our country. During the spawning period, the Black Sea mullet and gobies enter the water part. Steppe vegetation also surprises with its diversity.

Market "7 kilometers"

The famous retail outlet attracts with low prices and a variety of goods, a huge area. The market is located 7 km from Odessa (as you can see from the name) in the Ovidopol district. Vacationers can visit the "7 kilometers" by car (as an option - rent in our company), by bus Zatoka-Odessa, or make an organized trip.


The highlight of the excursions offered to vacationers is a trip to Odessa. Here you can admire the sights of Deribasovskaya Street, Potemkin Stairs, Primorsky Boulevard, etc. Those who wish can visit the dolphinarium, the zoo, the water park, the Igroland entertainment complex, and the circus. Numerous bars and cafes will welcome you where you can taste seafood. And nightclubs will add enthusiasm and mood with modern dance music.

Things to do in Zatoka

Rest in the resort Zatoka surprises with its variety. Not only beach holidays are enjoyed here. First of all, you can get acquainted with the beauty of the village by simply walking along the central embankment. Along the embankment, along a path lined with paving slabs, various cafes are located, benches are arranged where you can take a break and cool off with ice cream or ride an electric car. In the evening, nightclubs are invited to have fun, where parties and discos will captivate anyone into their incendiary atmosphere.

Fishing enthusiasts can test themselves in the open sea. You can go fishing from the shore at the coast of Morskaya and Druzhba stations. The second option is on the surface of the sea from a boat or boat. You can rent not only a vehicle but also fishing rods. Or fishing is available on a paid reservoir. You can almost always catch a bull with a fishing rod, but horse mackerel, mullet, mackerel, and katran are also caught.

Tennis, billiards, computer rooms - this is not a complete list of opportunities to relax with pleasure after visiting Zatoka.

Beach attractions

First of all, the vacationer gets to the beach. And here the organizers entertain every taste. All along the beach you can ride catamarans, bananas, water scooters, go down the water slides. Sea beach volleyball competitions are also available. Anyone can also jump from the bungee. There is entertainment for children: trampolines, whole animation programs, cotton candy, etc.

Luna Park

Children like the local amusement park for the presence of various attractions and carousels, cinema theater. Disneyland in a reduced form will appeal to even the most capricious child.


Aquapark "Zatoka" near the Karolino-Bugaz station will help diversify beach activities. There are 25 types of amusement rides alone in the park. You can recharge your emotions on the water slides. For children, there is a “town” with a heated pool and slides installed here. Adults can relax in the large pool with jacuzzi areas and have spa treatments. Entrance to the territory of the water park for children under 3 years old is free.

Water sports

Fans of active recreation on the water will find something to do in Zatoka. On the Dniester estuary, amateurs and professionals of windsurfing and kitesurfing gather without any problems on a board with a sail. Instructors at a specialized school will help you acquire skills in water sports. In addition, water skiing is possible on the water surface of the bay.

The resort of Zatoka in the Odesa region is a popular holiday destination for Ukrainians, attracting large beaches of the Black Sea coast, excellent infrastructure.