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Where to go on a winter weekend in Ukraine?

You can travel at any time of the year. Each of the seasons makes the nature and look of cities special. Below we show where to go in the winter for the weekend in Ukraine on a personal or rented car. Mysterious forests, medieval estates, beautiful squares, and stunning architecture - all this will be complemented by snow and will look great.

Why cars are better

Without delving into 5 interesting winter routes in Ukraine, we will show you why you need to travel by car in the cold season. Of course, you can use local transport, but then you will not be able to see many beautiful places, and any excursion always goes on the thumb. With transport, you make your holiday, not focusing on the rest.

If you take into account the number of attractions in our list and cities, then by car you will have time to see a lot over the weekend, and you do not need to take a vacation. Instead of two days by train, you will spend time on interesting places and memos. Spend more time in the lap of nature.

At the same time, rent a car better, because there are several good reasons for this:

  1. Freedom of movement, but we talked about this before.
  2. Your car will be safe and sound. Do not kill the suspension while driving on mountain roads, do not scratch your wings on branches, etc. BLS updates its fleet annually, so you can be sure of the reliability of the rented transport.
  3. Comfort on the road - from annoying neighbors to air conditioning in the cabin.
  4. You control the amount of luggage. You will save money if you take a tent with you. If desired, just more things. It will be an unforgettable weekend with your family.
  5. Renting is always true. You do not have to plan a trip months by buying train tickets in season. In Ukraine, even going on sale, there are no railway tickets for popular routes.

One thing you can be sure of is that, deciding to get a car rental, you will be satisfied. And such an experience will give you confidence in the future. You might want to drive to Europe by car.

TOP 5 interesting winter routes in Ukraine

Just say that in the list you will not find Lviv, Kiev and other major cities. It is commonplace, you can see everything on your own, and you know about it. The list will contain narrower, “kosher” routes. Imagine everything as detailed as possible.

Trip number 1. Direction to Kherson

Start the tour with the Chateau Trubetskoy. The wine grounds of the prince are located in the Kherson region. Today it is the only historical chateau in our country. Tourists come here to taste delicious wines, make purchases in the company store, and learn the history of this drink.

The first vineyards in this place appeared in 1898. Then grew 2 grape varieties - Riesling Rhine and Cabernet Sauvignon. The first gatherings immediately brought recognition in the society. Wine took 1st place at an exhibition in France. Now wines are produced for the Ukrainian consumer and export.

In 2009 a complete reconstruction of the old building was carried out, the tower with the observation deck was restored. In the repair process, builders found 2 bottles of the 1914 spill. One was left in the walls of the winery, and the second was given to the descendants of the prince. An interesting trip around Ukraine by car in winter in the Chateau Trubetskoy is suitable for those who want something new at the weekend. Taste delicious drinks and plunge into history a little.

If you get tired of drinking wine, you can visit a geyser in the Kherson region. This is truly a winter vacation with a wellness slope. Pay attention to the hot springs with thermal water in the village of Bekhtera, near the Iron Port. Near the source carved baths. Day and night there is warm water at a comfortable temperature. That is why such a holiday in the cold season is popular. There is a separate area with healing mud.

It is not yet possible to call a place a resort, the territory is only developing. But already there are changing rooms. The lack of comfortable rooms does not scare away tourists. In winter, it’s so nice to soak in the hot tub.

Visits to the bathhouse give a positive effect from the treatment of the following diseases:

  • Face and body skin.
  • Nervous system.
  • Respiratory tract.
  • Vascular system.

Do not forget to consult your doctor, as well as before visiting a new resort in the Kherson region - read the instructions on the amount and time spent in the water. In addition to minerals, there is boron, bromine, and iodine in the water, allowing you to restore iodine balance in the body, improve metabolism.

Trip number 2. Carpathians - it’s always a good idea to go by car for the weekend

For many, winter is associated with trips to the ski resort of Bukovel. There are fairs from the end of December, you can go skiing, ice skating, even dog sledding. Family holidays guaranteed.

There are a number of places where not all vacationers from Ukraine could get:

  1. Plavie is the village where the ski resort Play is located. They come to this mountain at any time of the year. In winter, you can go down from 5 runs where there are areas for beginners and professionals.
  2. Observatory "White Elephant". A one-day hike is a trip to Mount Pop Ivan Chernogorsky. On it will be located a weather station dated 1936 of construction. Since 1944 it has been empty, although the walls have survived to this day.
  3. You can take a car to Palanov Fortress on the shore of Latoritsa in Mukachevo. Previously, the land was part of the Principality of Transylvania, and there it was close at hand to the most interesting stories about sinister vampires. Buy souvenirs here, there is a cafeteria.
  4. For an appetizer - the palace of the Counts of Schönborn, which is also called Berehwar Castle. Earlier it was the possession of the count, now it is a toast with a mathematical and astrological bias.

The late Schoenborn was fond of astronomy. It is noteworthy that the estate was built interestingly. In total there are 12 entrance doors, how many signs of the zodiac, 365 windows - how many days a year, not counting the leap. Inside the building, there is an artificial pond + arboretum. Very beautiful, all-around a mysterious atmosphere.

Trip number 3. Kamyanets-Podilsky & Chernivtsi

An ideal route for a romantic trip. The city of Kamyanets-Podilsky is considered the historical center of Podillia. The first houses appeared here in the 11th century, and in the 12th century. the territory fell into the Galicia-Volyn principality. Later, the Lithuanian nobles built a castle of stone, which stands to this day. The building is rightfully considered the hallmark of the place. On all postcards and stamps of Ukrposhta, it is this view of the fortress. But this is not the only thing to see here.

Here are a number of reasons why it is worth driving a Kamenetz-Podolsk car:

  1. National Park "Podolsk Tovtry", where a unique landscape. Here you have caves, mountains, mineral springs. It seems that I went to travel to a separate region. There are many trips on the network in this direction, but tourists most often choose the path through the village of Verbka.
  2. The construction of "Russian Gate" with turrets and fortifications on the Smotrych River.
  3. Cathedral of the Holy Apostles Peter and Paul. There you will see the structure itself, the triumphal gate, the bell tower, the minaret.
  4. A 38m-high bridge called Novoplanovsky. This is an observation deck with a breathtaking view of the city.
  5. Part of the Old Fortress "Turkish Bastion" with 4 rooms of ancient casemates.

After that you can head to another castle in Khotyn or to the cave of Mlynky. But better - in Chernivtsi.

Trip number 4. Special Khortytsya in Zaporozhye

Khortitsa in the warm season pleases the eye. Picnics in nature, birdsong, wild animals, clean air - you can relax here beautifully. But in winter it’s not bad. It’s all because of the Zaporizhzhya Sich ICK. ” Buildings, an old tall church, and other buildings in this area are made of wood. Because there is almost pristine nature + snow around, you can relax in the winter in Ukraine at 100%.

The complex is surrounded by a deep moat, fortified with a sharp wooden picket fence. The entrance is from a large stone gate, passing through which you will find yourself in the inner kosh. There is a school, smokers, a skarbnitsa and a clerical house. All buildings convey the life of the Cossacks. The complex has an excellent view of Zaporizhzhia and DneproGES.

Trip number 5. What is there in Poltava region - Oposhna

Do you live near Kyiv? Then it’s convenient to rent a car and drive away from the capital by only 300 km to visit the original Cossack corner - Oposhnia. At the same time, it is the capital of Ukrainian pottery. Most tourists did not hear about this settlement. And newcomers visiting him are pleasantly surprised. Fact. 100 years ago there lived more than 1000 hardworking craftsmen making pottery for export. If you wish, you can try to make your first pottery. They will help you.

On the territory of Oposhni, you will find the National Museum of Ukrainian Pottery, opened in 1986. A beautiful art gallery is located in the open. You can see vases, figures of Cossacks, dishes and other products of the authors. Additionally, estates are open to view popular local masters of the Poshivailo clan and Alexandra Selyuchenko. Now, these houses have become museums.

In the house of the Poshivailo family, you will find not only beautiful clay products but also a collection of towels that the owner’s wife has been collecting for many years. Towel embroidery is typical for the Poltava region. Also, the wife painted all the products that her husband sculpted by hand. An interesting fact is that only women were allowed to paint clay products. If a man took up the matter, then the clan was considered interrupted.

The family of Alexander Selyuchenko was more involved in modeling. And then all the works of art painted with bright colors. The master was unlucky in his personal life, so all human love was embodied in pottery. In addition to museums, look and wander through picturesque places - the banks of the Vorskla River, a forest.

On the way back, take a look at the picturesque Dikanka, previously glorified by Nikolai Gogol in his work. Inside the settlement, you will find the Arc de Triomphe, the church, ancient oaks, and the Ukrainian wedding museum. All this is 20km from Oposhni.

As you can see, the tourist routes, kindly laid by us, are interesting and varied. Be sure to rent a car and tell our BLS operators where you are going. They will help you choose the height of the vehicle’s ground clearance so that you can’t get bogged down anywhere when traveling around Ukraine.

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