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Uzhhorod - interesting places in Ukraine

Today in our traditional Monday travel column in Ukraine - one of the most multicultural cities of our country - Uzhgorod. And let him go to him for quite some time, but it's worth it! European architecture, a thousand-year-old city fortress, mild climate, and unique atmosphere - all this, like a magnet, attracts tourists from Ukraine and Europe to Uzhgorod.

The city is located almost on the border with Slovakia - so if you wish, you can even look into this country - but it will be difficult to invest in the weekend. From Kyiv to Uzhgorod, you need to go through Rivne, Lviv and Stryi, the whole road - and this is a little over 800 km - will take more than 10 hours. There is another way - through Ternopil - it is shorter, but the roads are worse. When asked “What to look in Uzhgorod?” the first thing that comes to mind is Uzhgorod Castle. He is more than a thousand years old, but he survived - given the reconstruction in the sixteenth century - quite well. The castle has a courtyard with a garden and the foundation of the church of St. George, it offers an excellent panorama of the city. Having visited the castle, be sure to go to the Skansen, or open-air museum - it is located immediately near the fortress. Here materials from all corners of Transcarpathia are collected, huts of ethnic groups and national minorities are represented, the wooden church of 1777, assembled without a single nail, is especially interesting.

On the same street as the castle, the church of the 18th century is located, which is an architectural monument, made in the Rococo style - Holy Cross Cathedral.

Another place in Uzhgorod, which in no case can be ignored is the central promenade Korzo. Its architecture was formed in the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries. The street is littered with courtyards, lovely cafes, interesting shops.

We also recommend walking to the longest linden alley in Europe. Its length is 2 km 200 m, and it is located on the promenade of Independence. Coming to Transcarpathia and not tasting wine is not comme il faut. You can order a tasting, for example, in the Chardonnay tasting room (18b Voloshina St.). Another wine place is a tasting room at the Ungvarsky Hotel (2 Elektrozavodskaya St.), and if you are delicious, it’s the best option for you - the Stefanyo Confectionery on Dukhnovich 16. The Old Continent restaurants have excellent marks on TripAdvisor. ”And“ Charda ”.

This is just a part of the interesting things that Uzhgorod will delight you with. So plan your weekend and do not forget about this wonderful city!