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TOP 17 most popular gadgets for cars

The modern automotive market is oversaturated with a variety of gadgets, automotive chemicals, and additional devices. All of these products are manufactured all over the world to help drivers, make the passengers' experience in the cabin more comfortable, and also make the driving process as safe as possible. Some drivers buy those devices that they practically do not use, and there are also those motorists who save money, not knowing that some kind of gadget can greatly simplify their daily manipulations.

Let's try to figure out what devices are really needed in a car and are very popular among car owners.


It is not without reason that this device is in the first place in today's rating - it is on the torpedo of the vast majority of modern vehicles. The antiradar detects the speed detector in a timely manner, with which the traffic police officers "catch" violators. Due to the fact that the radar detector significantly reduces the number of fines received for speeding, this gadget quickly pays off. The radar detector will be especially useful for those drivers who often travel to unfamiliar places, go on long business trips, and so on.

Video recorder

Today the DVR is mounted on many vehicles already at the manufacturing plant, but if the gadget is not provided as standard, experts strongly recommend purchasing it additionally. The DVR is good in many ways. Firstly, the device will help to prove your innocence in controversial moments in the event of an accident or "setup", when pedestrians "throw themselves" under the wheels of a car and then extort money from the driver. Secondly, the video recorder will help defend the innocence if the traffic police are trying to write out an illegal fine. And thirdly, the DVR will allow you to capture all the non-standard moments on the track, amazing road situations, and demonstrate them to those who you want!

Today there are almost no car owners left who would not know what a navigator is. There are a lot of devices on sale today that pave the best route to your destination. Experts recommend choosing quality options from European or Japanese manufacturers, which guarantee high signal quality, have a good built-in database, memory, and advanced functions. The navigator will always help you find the right direction and will be indispensable for those drivers who often go to unfamiliar places, for example, for work, as well as just for those who like to travel.

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The modern metropolis is literally oversaturated with a wide variety of vehicles, and it can be quite problematic to accurately park. The parking process is especially difficult for fair sex drivers. It is to facilitate this process that parking sensors were created. The device is a set of sensors that are mounted on the bumpers, hood, and trunk and transmit the received data to the central device. Parktronic systems today differ in quality, number of sensors, notification methods, and general design style.

Rearview or all-round camera

Modern cars are often equipped with a rearview camera already at the factory. The camera acts as a great addition to parking sensors, but it can also be a worthy alternative to parking radar. Today the market offers a lot of camera options with screens of different sizes, there are options for installation on side mirrors, wired, and wireless models. Parktronic cannot warn the driver about the presence of a hole or a protruding iron pin, and the camera gives an excellent view, giving the driver the opportunity to park the vehicle safely and easily!


A Wi-Fi router is one of the most important gadgets in a car. It helps to speed up the time on a long trip or to carry out important work assignments while standing in a traffic jam. The router has become indispensable if there are several people in the car at the same time.

The size of the device is compact, runs on its battery for 6 hours. Then you need to recharge it and you can use it again. The coverage area is small, but it is enough for a car. An outdoor antenna can be used if necessary. Modern car routers support memory cards. Thanks to this, you can download music and other files to the device that can be opened by all users in the car.

Smartphone holder

Multifunctional holders for mobile devices remain one of the most demanded gadgets. Some models have a wireless charging function that allows you to quickly get your phone back on track.

The fixation of the product is reliable, so in case of sudden braking, the smartphone will not fall out. The convenient shape of the product allows you to connect a USB cable if necessary.


In winter, there are often cases in which the battery does not have enough energy to start the engine. If such a problem catches up far from the settlement and busy highways, the consequences can become very unpleasant.

Such auto gadgets can come to the rescue. It allows you to start the car if the charge suddenly runs out or its power is not enough.

FM transmitter

A transmitter is a device that connects to the cigarette lighter socket and allows you to play audio files from memory cards and flash drives through a radio tape recorder. Such a gadget is useful when using 2-DIN head units, the replacement of which with a modern stereo is not so easy.

Budget car gadgets have a small black and white display, but they perform their function perfectly. You shouldn't expect additional options from them. More expensive models have a remote control and station memory, the most expensive ones read tracks from the built-in memory.

Driver fatigue monitor

The fatigue control system monitors the physical condition of the motorist and, if abnormalities are detected, warns of the need for rest. The control unit takes into account the driving speed, trip duration, time of day, and some other parameters.

As a result of the calculations obtained, deviations in the driver's actions are determined. A warning is displayed on the dashboard and an audible alert is triggered.

Blindspot mirrors

Even drivers with little driving experience know that conventional rearview mirrors do not provide a complete view. There is always a blind spot that is not reflected in them.

Additional mirrors, which are fixed on top of the usual ones, help to make the angle wider.

Emergency exit tool

Every driver needs to be prepared for everything, including an emergency exit from the car. A special tool has been created for this. It can be in the form of a keychain, consisting of a knife for cutting a seat belt and a hammer for glass. Such a device takes up a minimum of space and will be useful in every car.

GPS beacon

In the event of car theft, the owner can only draw up a statement to the police and hope that the car will be found. But installing a GPS beacon significantly increases the chances of a positive outcome.

The tracker is small, so it can remain invisible to those who do not know about it. Periodically, the accessory transmits location data, which speeds up the process of finding a stolen car.

HUD projector

HUD stands for Head-up-display. In simple words, this is a windshield projector. This is the best option, allowing you to enjoy some of the features available only in premium cars.

There are different variations of this product. Some are connected to the onboard system of the car and transmit indicators from standard instruments. Others connect through the cigarette lighter and show the data due to the sensors that come with the device. If your vehicle is under warranty, the second option is worth choosing.


Talking on the phone while driving is unsafe and inconvenient. But a little device called a speakerphone makes a difference. The auto gadget can be fixed in any place convenient for the driver and synchronized with a smartphone via the Bluetooth system. Thanks to this, a person can answer calls without leaving the steering wheel. Many systems pre-speak the contact's name or phone number.

Bluetooth adapter

If the car radio does not support a wireless connection to a mobile device, an adapter can help fix the problem. Thanks to it, you can listen to music downloaded to your smartphone through the speakers in the car. The adapter is connected to the connector via a regular cable, and to the phone via the Bluetooth channel.

Pressure gauge

A pressure gauge is a small device designed to measure the pressure in the tires of a car. Most of these products have shockproof housing and a rubber coating.

It is a useful device that transmits readings with high accuracy and has a liquid crystal display. The font on it is large, which makes it easy to read the data. The tool operates over a wide temperature range and does not fail even in extreme situations.

These gadgets are the best sellers in the automotive market today and will really come in handy for the vast majority of car owners. When choosing a navigator, video recorder, radar detector, or Parktronic, experts do not advise chasing cheap products from the Middle Kingdom. It is better to pay once for a quality device from a trusted brand than to use a gadget of dubious quality and change it after a few months ... Buy exactly the devices that you will actually use - do not turn your car into a warehouse of unnecessary gadgets. Remember - the gadget should help, not impede actions or distract the driver!

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