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Ski resort "Slavske"

In our traditional section on Monday, which is dedicated to the best Ukrainian ski resorts in winter, we will tell you about Slavsky, one of the ski pearls of the Ukrainian Carpathians.

Slavske has a long and - sorry for the pun - glorious spa history. The fact is that the village is surrounded by forest spurs Gorgan and Beskid. Through this unique nature, Slavske became a well-known resort back in the 19th century, the first ski lifts here were created back in 1820 - local entrepreneurs Schmidty and Ґrodli built lifts and ski jumps on the Pogar and Ilsa mountains.

It’s worth going to Slavske with an SUV - this will be the best choice. Renting an SUV is now simple - the cost will be from $ 35 per day if you take a car for a long period. Keep track of stocks. Drive from Kyiv is in the direction of the village. Slavske (international highway Kyiv-Chop E50 - 30 km.). Between m. Skole and with. At the crossroads, the carrot should be turned off the road in the direction of the village. Slavske and drive 28 km.

It is important that everyone can choose the tracks here - both a pro and an amateur who doesn’t even ski well and seeks to train himself more experience. It is not surprising - after all, Slavsky has several quite different peaks at once, the highest of which is Dovbushanka, which rises 1236 m above sea level. The most famous local Mount Trostyan is almost the same - 1235 m

Professional ski runs are located on the slopes of Mount Trostyan - they are chosen not only by professionals, but also by amateurs who are well skiing. You can also ride on the slopes of Mount Pogar, which runs a double chair lift. There are slopes for giant slalom, freestyle, hang gliding. The mountain is equipped with night lighting. Beginners are better off choosing the gentle slopes of Mount Kremen for training. The tracks are serviced by two dozen ski lifts, two of which are chairlifts, the remaining 18 are towed.

If you want to take a break from skiing, there are other entertainments in Slavsky. On the territory of the hotel there are saunas, billiards, table tennis, bars. From extreme, you can choose to ride a snowmobile, or on a sleigh in which horses are harnessed. With accommodation and food here is also all right. The highest ratings on the triadvisor are Chalet Filvarok, Pension Slavsky and Pearl of the Carpathians hotels, Golden Horseshoe and Teddy Bear Tower restaurants.

Slavske is one of the oldest ski resorts in Ukraine, and the majority of others can envy the variety of local slopes here. We are sure that you will enjoy an active vacation here!