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Ski resort Dragobrat

Where in Ukraine can you find snow if winter continues to please someone, and many to upset with warmth? Correct: at ski resorts. Fortunately, in Ukraine, there are several such resorts quite a European level. In December, we will talk about the main ones. Let's start with Dragobrat - after all, this is the highest mountain ski resort in Ukraine.

Dragobrat is located at an altitude of 1300-1700 m above sea level, 18 kilometers from the village of Yasinya (Transcarpathian region), 9 km from the highway Uzhgorod-Ivano-Frankivsk. We recommend traveling from Kyiv along the route "Kyiv - Zhytomyr - Ternopil - Ivano-Frankivsk - Yasinya", its length is 654 km, this distance can be covered in 9-10 hours.

Dragobrat is known primarily for its extreme tracks and incredible landscapes. But it’s best to go here on an SUV - after all, many sections of the road will be difficult for any other type of car. There is no SUV - it does not matter, we recommend renting at a discount of $ 50 on the most popular models.

Dragobrat is famous for its steep slopes, convenient descents, well-groomed and well-prepared tracks, the total length of which is nine kilometers.

The resort is surrounded by coniferous forests, the alpine zone begins a little higher, a mountain range, the top of which is Mount Stog, with a height of 1707 m. The mountains of Gendarme and Bliznitsa (1883 m) are nearby.

The peculiarity of the landscapes leads to the fact that a stable snow cover is held on Dragobrat from November to May. By the way, not far from Dragobrat is another large ski resort - Bukovel.

The elevation difference in Dragobrat is about 500 m. There are 3 types of tracks here: 1 blue, 3 black and 5 red. The resort has 2 chairlifts and 8 ski lifts. The main lifts of Dragobrat are located on the slopes of Mount Stog. There are ski jumps for freestyle fans.

The TripAdvisor resource recommends choosing restaurants not in the village of Yasinya, closest to Dragobrat, but in the vicinity. Fortunately, Bukovel is nearby, where you can find very decent places. High ratings are also given to restaurants in Yablunytsya (High Pass hut), Polyanitsa (Kurin, Montblanc, and Museum of Football). But there are decent hotels in the village: 5 Fireplaces and Good Days Shale Resort can boast of ratings.

Interested in not only skiing but also attractions? You will be delighted with the Dragobrat Falls, which reaches a height of 7 meters. True, he will have to take a ride, as well as to the picturesque lake Ivor, located on the northern slope of Mount Gemini.