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Rest in the famous Carpathian villages - Krivorivne, Kosmachi and Dzembroni

September and early October are perhaps the ideal time to admire the Carpathians. At this time, it hardly rains here, which could scare you in June-July. It's not too hot here, but not cold yet. And a variety of deciduous trees are already dressing up little by little in bright clothes. In this post, we suggest you pay attention to the rest in the famous Carpathian villages - Kryvorivne, Kosmachi, and Dzembroni. There is something to see here, where to stay in comfort and to eat deliciously. And the main reason to come here is the magic mountains stretching for tens of kilometers around.

It is best to go to the Carpathians by off-road vehicle - to be sure to be insured against any traffic accidents. Such a car is optimal to rent, a wonderful choice - here.

Hutsul village of Kryvorivnya

And we will start with Kryvorivnya. This village is famous thanks to the outstanding Ukrainian writer Ivan Franko. It was this village that he chose for his constant summer vacation and came here almost every summer - he liked the local landscapes so much. Lesya Ukrainka, Mikhail Kotsyubinsky, Ignat Khotkevich, Vasily Stefanyk, and many others also often visited here. It was here that Mikhail Kotsyubinsky created the brilliant story "Shadows of Forgotten Ancestors", and after half a century, Sergei Paradzhanov shot his film masterpiece based on this story. In Kryvorivna, it is worth visiting the Church of the Nativity of the Blessed Virgin Mary 1719 buildings and museums: the Literary Memorial Museum of I. Franko, the Museum-Estate of Mikhail Hrushevsky, and the Museum of Paraska Tiles-Gorizvet, whose large exhibition was recently held in the Kyiv Art Arsenal.

Village Kosmach

It is known, first of all, as the largest settlement of this type in Ukraine in terms of area, and also the population is impressive - more than 7000 inhabitants! And many of them are engaged in traditional Hutsul crafts, so here you are guaranteed to purchase bedspreads, carpets, wooden souvenirs - all original and for good money.

Even though this village has deep roots, which is the 15th century, everything is in order with the tourist infrastructure. For lovers of active recreation in Kosmach, walking and cycling routes are laid in the vicinity of the village. Here you can find rare animals and birds, see with your own eyes the plant diversity of the Carpathian forests. Near the village there is a Pezheretul reserve, which will help you to better know the nature of the Carpathians. There are also several museums here: the house-museum with a private collection of Lyubov Vartsabyuk, the Oleksa Dovbush Museum and others.

Dzembronya village

Dzembronya is not only a high-mountainous picturesque village, where you can stay for a day or two, breathe clean air and observe the beautiful local landscapes. This is also a good starting point for the route along the highest Montenegrin ridge in Ukraine. The village of Dzembronya is located on the border with Romania, therefore, from one of the peaks, you can look abroad with one eye. And here flows the Black Cheremosh - an ideal place for rafting, which in autumn has not yet lost its relevance. Therefore, this particular village is one of the best options for escape from the bustle of the city. And especially if you choose it as one of the points of a kind of tour to the Carpathian villages!

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