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Kinburn Spit is a unique place to visit this summer

Friends, today we continue to talk about unique places on the sea coast of Ukraine, where you should definitely visit this summer! Next in line is the Kinburnskaya Spit, located near Ochakovo and will definitely amaze you not only with beautiful views but also with a special natural world.

A car can be reached to the Kinburn Spit through Nikolaev - with. Pokrovka (Kovalevka farm) through Tsyurupinsk, Golaya Pristan, Zburyevka, and Heroic. Further, about 25 km along sandy and off-road roads, so you can only get here with an all-wheel-drive SUV. Therefore, we advise you to rent a new car is an excellent technical condition.

The main part of the Kinburn Spit is uninhabited spaces and pristine nature: relict forests, salt marshes, Red Book animals and plants, and, of course, the sea. Unlike Dzharylgach, which we wrote about last week, on the Kinburn Spit there is a choice of recreation options: in a tent, in a hotel, or in houses.

The Kinburn Spit is washed by three bodies of water at once: the Black Sea, the fresh Dnieper-Bug estuary, and the salty waters of the Yagorlitsky Bay.

The local cascade of lakes with rose water looks unusually beautiful and super-Instagram, this is already a reinforced concrete reason to go here) The lakes are located a few kilometers from the village of Geroiskoe.

On the spit itself, there are many reservoirs (about 150) with healing mineralized mud. There are also historical interesting places here - for example, the remains of the relict forest "Gilea", which Herodotus mentioned. Not far from the coast, next to one of these relict centers, there is a wooden observation tower. Even the windmills near Ochakov can be seen from it. It is also worth visiting the remains of a Turkish fortress, which was destroyed during the Russian-Turkish war - they survived near the village of Pokrovskoye. Another building in memory of those times is the Church of the Holy Protection in the village itself.

It is home to about 240 species of wild birds, of which 60 species are listed in the Red Book. In addition to the white-tailed eagle, the swan, and the gray crane, the pink pelican also lives here. You can also see bottlenose dolphins from the Black Sea. While hunting for fish, they swim close to the shore.

About accommodation, there are several options for where to stay on the Kinburn Spit: hotels or recreation centers, the private sector, or camping. If you are planning to travel with a tent, then note that it is prohibited to set up tents outside the camping area - this is a protected area. But cottages or bungalows cost you from 2000-2500 per day. There are several shops on the Kinburn Spit, but food prices are twice as expensive as on the mainland. Better to shop in advance.