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Dzharylgach island: how to get there, what to see and where to go

Today, in our regular column of Ukrainian amazing places - the amazing island of Dzharylgach. It will amaze you, if you only get here once - wild, untouched nature, crystal clear beaches, absolute relaxation - what else does such a stressful summer need now? So let's go!

And it’s best to go here with an SUV - it’s certainly more reliable and without incident. You can rent a new SUV at the best price on the page https://bls.ua/arenda-avtomobilej-v-kieve/prokat-vnedorozhnika. However, a super-reliable car will not help you get to the island, so you will have to first get to Kherson, and then to Skadovsk. Here you can leave a car with things in a protected parking lot, and swim to the island by boat or boat, which deliver everyone to Dzharylgach in 20-30 minutes.

Looks complicated? So maybe it’s worth just stopping at Skadovsk and well, his - that Dzharylgach? And no! After all, this island is unique. And that's why.

Dzharylgach is the largest island in Ukraine, with an area of more than 60 square kilometers and a length of more than 40 km. They say that it is considered the only uninhabited island, not only in Ukraine, but throughout Central Europe.

And he is reserved. Here in their natural environment live hares, foxes, deer, mouflon and herds of wild horses, as well as pheasants, ducks, geese, partridges, swans and even pelicans. Our friends told us that wild boars came close to their tent, looking for food for themselves! And dolphins often swim to Dzharylgach, so you can enrich your Instagram with cool photos! Although here you will do it even without dolphins!

Not without man-made “highlights” here: on Cape Dzharylgach there is a lighthouse made in Paris by a student of Gustave Eiffel (and someone says that he was also a famous engineer), that is, in a sense - a real relative of the Eiffel Tower!

And also Dzharylgach known for its healing mud and numerous salt lakes, where you can improve your health. These lakes are full of bromide-iodide, sulfur compounds and trace elements that strengthen the immune system and improve health. And now, unfortunately, this is especially true ... The bay near Fr. Dzharylgach was flooded with algae - there are whole plantations here, so the air is enriched with iodine, which also contributes to healing.

Although Dzharylgach is a deserted island, however, there are also cafes and seasonal houses where you can spend the night and relax. Although there is something to hide - tourists here often stop in their tents. However, we advise you to enjoy only caught fish!