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How to save on car rental

Car rental is a widespread and popular service all over the world that is used by thousands of people every day. You can rent a car at any convenient time, for example, when you want to travel around the country or abroad, order a transfer to the airport or train station, make a vivid photoshoot or just go for fun.

Of course, in some cases, the cost of renting a car can be quite high. In this material, we will tell you about how to rent a car and at the same time save your money.

Saving when renting a car: what you need to remember?

If you plan to rent a car and do not overpay for such a service, we offer you some useful recommendations.

Tip 1. Choose a car based on your goals.

Modern companies, the main activity of which is the rental of vehicles, offer their customers a wide selection of cars, motorcycles and other types of equipment of various types. Accordingly, the price of each model may differ up or down depending on its characteristics. Key factors are the size of the car, its class, the number of passengers and engine size.

For example, if you plan to rent a car for traveling together in Europe together (and you have a limited budget), then there is no point in renting a large crossover designed for five passengers. Firstly, such a car will cost significantly more than, for example, a small and compact sedan. Secondly, the consumption of the same combustible fuel in such an "iron horse" will be significantly greater than that of its analogs with a small engine displacement.

The vehicle class is also of great importance. Cars of the VIP level should be rented only in this case if that makes sense. For example, the beautiful and stylish convertible BMW 320 is ideal for a vivid photo session or use at a wedding ceremony. But if you need a simple but reliable car for travel, then, in this case, you can pay attention to the representative of the middle class - Volkswagen Golf car.

But if the appearance and presentability of the car is of particular importance to you (for example, when you order a transfer for business partners and want to make a good impression on them), then you can take a closer look at cars of the corresponding class, including the Ford Mondeo model.

Tip 2. Book your car in advance

Do not leave everything at the last moment and reserve the car you like the day before the trip or important event. Firstly, it may turn out that this model is already booked or for one reason or another is not available for rent. In this case, you will urgently need to choose another option that may become less profitable for you in terms of price.

Secondly, many companies operating in the field of car rental offer a lower cost of their services if the client decides to book a car in advance. With this in mind, you can always save on car rental for various purposes.

Tip 3. Do not use the service to deliver the car to the station or airport

Very often, a company whose main business is rental can offer you car delivery to the airport or train station by the time you arrive in the city. But you need to remember that this option is a way to significantly increase the cost of renting a car. Check with your manager, because it may be more profitable for you to simply order a transfer from the airport or train station to the hotel. Moreover, after a flight or a train ride, you will feel tired and unlikely to want to drive immediately.

But after you have a good rest in the hotel after arrival, you can independently go to the office of the landlord company and choose the car you like at the best price.

Tip 4. Remember the rules for returning the car

What is still important to know is that the conditions for returning a car or motorcycle may differ from one enterprise to another. Therefore, you should carefully study all the nuances associated with this, so as not to allow the company employees to charge you an additional fee. For example, most of these firms adhere to the principle - in what condition the car was received, in such it should be returned.

Therefore, before receiving the machine you need to familiarize yourself with its condition. If you notice any defects in the body, paintwork, interior or other elements of the vehicle, then all this should be indicated when drawing up the contract. Also, you can separately take photos and videos of possible defects of the machine before you even rent it. Before signing the contract, you should read it one more time, especially in those places that are written in small print.

Also, you need to remember about filling the tank. If you received a car with a full tank, which is a standard option, then do not forget to fill it before returning. Indeed, otherwise you may be charged not only for gasoline itself, but also for services for refueling a fuel tank.

Tip 5. Choose only those additional services that you really need

A widespread practice is when, along with a car or motorcycle, you get many other services, some of which you may simply not need. For example, if you rent a car for traveling or trips to other countries, then without a GPS navigator you may have difficulty finding the places you need.

But remember that renting such a device is expensive. Therefore, in some cases, you can use just a smartphone with an Internet connection and any of the interactive online maps that work almost anywhere in the world.


If you wish, you can always rent a car at a favorable and affordable cost for you. In Kiev and other Ukrainian cities, you can do this by contacting BLS specialists. In this case, you will find the most favorable and attractive vehicle rental conditions and additional discounts.