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Features of driving a car in Ukraine

Trips in Ukraine can have different purposes - business, travel, personal. Regardless of the reason for which the driver goes on a trip, he has every opportunity to study the peculiarities of roads and driving in the country in practice. But the preliminary information will also be useful for foreigners, as well as for those who have little driving experience. It will allow you to avoid problems, unforeseen expenses, and save time. It should only be remembered that the most important thing for a driver is compliance with traffic rules and the excellent technical condition of the car.

Documentation requirements and rental features

Foreign citizens to move around Ukraine in their own or rented car must have an international driver's license at hand. They present them for verification on demand. It is also necessary to obtain a medical certificate confirming good health and physical ability to drive safely before leaving the country.

When registering a car for rent for a particular period of operation, these documents will be requested by the rental company.

Features of roads and trips

The quality of the road surface in Ukraine is not the same, in some regions and settlements it leaves much to be desired. But within the boundaries of most cities, on intercity and international routes, the coverage is good enough and meets high requirements.

Roads are being equipped according to modern standards, with appropriate parameters and markings. The markings are applied in white, are regularly updated, so they are visible on gray asphalt. For the safety of the driver, passengers, vehicle, movement on the road in compliance with the markings is of great importance.

The principle of right-hand traffic operates on Ukrainian roads. It is necessary to be careful during the journey, as repair work is being carried out on many sections now. The condition of the road surface in rural areas, in the suburban area may be worsened.

Throughout the entire road, you need to follow the road signs, they can indicate problematic, repaired sections, and other important points. To help drivers, several handy programs have been developed, applications that warn about pits and traffic jams.

Speed limits

To avoid fines when driving on Ukrainian roads, it is imperative to observe the maximum speed limits within settlements and on suburban roads.

  • Within the city, village, village, you can drive at a speed of no more than 50 km / h.
  • On country roads, a maximum speed of 90 km / h is allowed.
  • If the route belongs to highways, the car can pick up speed up to 130 km / h.
Attention. Ukrainian roads are equipped with video surveillance systems, thanks to which the police can easily detect violators at any site.

Therefore, you should not violate traffic rules, speed standards, so that your travel in Ukraine is not marred by fines and other types of punishment.

Police patrols also control the road and can stop the car in the most unpredictable place. Speed limits should be adhered to not so much out of fear of a fine, but because of your safety, the safety of other road users. Speed rates are current for a given year, they can change.

Attention. If the patrol does stop the driver, he must demand a protocol of violation.

Ethical code of conduct on the road for the driver

The drivers have developed an unspoken "language" of communication on the road, with which they warn each other about the police at the site, about other points. Like official traffic rules, conditional signals help make travel safer and more comfortable, and less likely to get into difficult situations. What do the signals say?

  • If a passing car is flashing with its headlights, it means that it is asking to give way and allow overtaking.
  • Oncoming traffic is flashing - this indicates a patrol. Also, such a signal can express a request to switch the headlights to low beam, since the high beam is sufficiently inconvenient for oncoming cars.
  • By flashing emergency headlights, drivers express gratitude to each other for a signal or concession on the road.

Overtaking signals are important. The vehicle in front can signal with the left headlight and brake lights that overtaking is impossible due to traffic approaching in the opposite lane. If the car can be bypassed safely, the driver will signal with brake lights and the right headlight.

Even though most drivers respect other road users, some do not even comply with traffic rules. They can break the rules, make dangerous overtaking. Be sure to always be on the lookout, watch the road. If the trip is tired, it is better to take a break for rest.

Attention to passers-by

In Ukrainian cities, large villages, and in many small villages there are markings for a pedestrian crossing. But some pedestrians do not follow the rules, cross the road in the wrong place, risking their lives and substituting drivers. It is necessary to be careful in the territory of settlements, to monitor the movement of pedestrians.

For his safety, the driver should also not take random passengers in the car. Buses and minibuses run between settlements, everyone can wait for the next flight to get to the desired place. A car, regardless of the brand, will always be an object of interest for criminals; any risky situation must be avoided.

Parking in Kyiv and other large cities

Many localities have strict parking regulations. The driver needs to carefully monitor the presence of a corresponding sign in the place where he wants to leave his vehicle. The cost of paid parking can be different in different cities, depending on the characteristics of the parking.

If an accident happened in a rented car - how to act

For foreign citizens arriving in Ukraine, car rental is becoming commonplace. And none of them is insured against the fact that an accident with damage to the car can happen on the road. First of all, do not panic, you should act as calmly as possible. What action should be taken in this case?

  • The driver should not change the position of the car involved in an accident. An exception is a situation when a damaged vehicle interferes with the passage of other vehicles.
  • You should get and install an emergency stop sign, turn on the corresponding signal.
  • The police must be called to the scene.
Attention. You should also call the rental transport company. Its employees will help you contact the insurer and provide the necessary support in case of an accident. Read more about an accident with a rented car.
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