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Arabatska strelka - Genichesk: how to get there and what to see?

Friends, we continue the tour with the routes of beach Ukraine. Last time we talked about Dzharylgach and the Kinburn Spit. For all fans of a quiet, relaxing holiday with the whole family, we strongly recommend visiting Arabatskaya Strelka and those close to it Genichesk, Kirillovka, Schastlivtsevo. The route can be designed in such a way that you will be able to visit all the locations you are interested in and not only have a great rest but also improve your health thanks to the clean sea air.

If you want to go on a family vacation with children, Genicheskaya Gorka or Genichesk is the best choice. There is a rather shallow sea and a wide beach. For lovers of wildlife and deep-sea diving, it is best to go to Strelkovo. And Schastlivtsevo will be an ideal place for large companies.

How to get from Kyiv to the Arabat Spit?

Own or rented car is the best choice for the road

Traveling by car is the most comfortable choice. If you do not have your transport, you can always rent it. And this is much easier to do than it might seem at first glance. And there are more advantages to such a trip than possible disadvantages. When renting a car, you get:

  1. Quality service.
  2. A large assortment of serviceable and good cars of different segments: economy, business, and premium.
  3. Cars undergo regular maintenance before delivery of the car and after its receipt from the previous tenant.
  4. Fast booking either on the rental website or by phone.
  5. Each car is insured and often the insurance is included in the rental price.
  6. If you are planning a long trip, you can count on discounts.

Of the advantages, first of all, there is complete independence and the ability to distribute the route most conveniently for you. This way you will stop wherever you want. On the way, you can drive through beautiful landscapes that will brighten the distance between your home and your destination. Traveling to the Arabat Spit you will see all the uniqueness of the Kherson region. An indisputable advantage is a possibility of traveling with pets.

We will tell you which route to get to the Arabat Spit so that your road is easy and calm:

  1. Western and Southern Ukraine - highways M-14, P-47. On the way through Nikolaev / Kherson, you will find yourself at a fork near Petropavlovka to Genichesk and Melitopol. You will need to continue your way along the P-47 road to road to Novoalekseevka and Genichesk.
  2. Eastern, Central, and Northern Ukraine - highways E-105, H-08, P-47. On the E-105 or H-08 highway, you move through the Dnieper and Zaporizhzhia, then along the same highway, you go to Novoalekseevka, through Melitopol. At the junction of highways E-105 and P-47, turn onto the second road and go straight to Genichesk.

When you get to Genichesk, then near the railway station you should turn to the right side, there will be bridges over the Genichesk and Arabat bays. When you come to the Arabat Spit, then drive along the highway to the village where you will rest:

  • Genicheskaya Gorka - the central Azovskaya street;
  • Schastlivtsevo is the central street of the World;
  • Strelkovo - Centralnaya street.

Road by bus

The easiest way to get to your destination is by bus. Car carriers operate both regular and seasonal flights. It is worth noting that you can get to Genichesk by direct flight from the following cities:

  • Dnipro;
  • Zaporizhzhia;
  • Kharkiv;
  • Kryvyi Rih;
  • Vinnytsia.

Traveling by bus has several significant advantages:

  1. Coaches are well equipped for long journeys and have a spacious luggage compartment where you can store your bags and suitcases.
  2. A transfer trip requires a clear plan, including in terms of transport timetables. Buses run on a clear schedule to help you get there on time.
  3. You don't need to go to the bus station to buy tickets. You can learn about new flights, book and buy tickets on the Internet, and then just print and present to the driver.

In addition to the advantages, traveling by bus also has its disadvantages:

  1. You will have to get to the bus station on your own, which is not very convenient, especially if you are traveling with children and you have a lot of luggage.
  2. The bus can arrive at its destination late in the evening and then the whole day of rest will be lost. Or the bus will arrive at night. You will not feel rested in the morning.
  3. For carriers, force majeure often happens, because of which you can go on a completely different bus, with a small capacity.

Travel by train

In summer, Genichesk can be reached by train, without changes. From large cities of Western and Central Ukraine, trains run that will take you to the desired place:

  • Lviv;
  • Khmelnytskyi;
  • Vinnytsia (intermediate stop);
  • Kyiv;
  • Alexandria;
  • Zaporizhzhia;
  • Dnipro.

A significant advantage of such a trip is considered:

  1. The road is much cheaper than the bus;
  2. There is an opportunity to get there from almost every major city, sometimes it can be done without transfers.

There are a few more cons:

  1. A lot of time is spent on the road. You can spend a day or more on the road.
  2. Most of the trains arrive late at night or early in the morning.
  3. The genius resort is not located near the station, which means you have to take a taxi or crowd in a minibus.

What to see in Genichesk?

Genichesk has a relatively small number of iconic locations, but tourists have chosen several attractions:

  • Stairs to the city beach, which locals call "Potemkin". And although it is not as majestic as the Odessa one, the views are stunning. Near the Greek semi-rotunda, travelers take beautiful photographs with a view of the sea.
  • Arch of Kalimbet, located along Mira Avenue. House of Kalimbet is famous for its catacombs and an arch with wrought-iron gates. The object looks very interesting, and the guides will gladly tell the story of the house and its owner - a local landowner.
  • The coastal lighthouse, which is still in operation, attracts the attention of tourists with its uniqueness. It is located on the bank of the Utlyuk estuary and you can even look at it from the city embankment. The building has a rich history because it was thanks to him that Genichesk developed his trade and sea relations.
  • The Alley of Fairy Tales is worth visiting for tourists with children. After all, there are collected heroes of many cartoons. And it is also here that you can please your child with attractions and playgrounds. If you come on vacation with a soul mate, then you will have something to do on the Alley. It is there that you can take beautiful photos against the background of photo zones and have dinner in one of the restaurants.
  • The local history museum is worth visiting for ardent fans of history. There are as many as 8 rooms in it, each of which reveals a specific theme. If you want to plunge into history and get acquainted with unique exhibits, then visit this amazing place.
  • You can feel like an explorer and tickle your nerves in the catacombs, whose mysterious passages stretch 40 kilometers underground. However, archaeologists are confident that there is much more unexplored territory.
  • In the dolphinarium, you can relax while watching a program with seals and dolphins. The hour-long performance will especially appeal to children, but will not leave adults indifferent either. There you can also participate in the auction, which sells paintings that the dolphins themselves painted during the performance.

Arabat arrow: where to go?

Arabat arrow beach

It is the Arabat Spit braid that can please you with a multitude of wellness locations that have a positive effect on health and where those who want to rest and put their bodies in order always come. There are three healing thermal springs on Arabatskaya Strelka: in Gengorka, Schastlivtsevo, Strelkovoye. The water temperature here is + 40-70 degrees. And the local salt lake Sivash is famous for its curative mud, which contains natural antibiotics. Consider other attractions:

  • The Hot Spring hydrotherapy center is exactly the place where you can relax and improve your health under the close supervision of medical personnel.
  • The hot spring "Well No. 25" makes it possible to swim in the water, which contains only useful trace elements and minerals.
  • The salt lake not only looks beautiful but is also good for your health. You can get to it by minibus.
  • Radon Lake eventually became a place where people come to smear themselves with healing mud from the muddy bottom of the lake, which is filled with water only in spring.
  • Pink Lake is the most popular place on the Arabat Spit. It is often used for photoshoots, and this is not surprising, because the beauty of the five-kilometer lake fascinates with its unusual color.
  • Extremals are advised to ride ATVs. Thus, you can not only have fun, get an adrenaline charge, but see the beauty of the Kherson region not through a window in a stuffy minibus, but under the open sky and with a breeze.

Pink Lake

There are a lot of housing options on the Arabat Spit for every taste and every budget. From boarding houses, villas, private houses, and comfortable rooms in hotels by the sea - everyone will find the ideal option for themselves.

You can stay nearby - in Genichesk. The wild nature here is so unique as on the Arabat Spit, and there is even a local park named after Taras Shevchenko (they say that there are not many other "chips" in the town). However, for a quiet wellness holiday, especially with children, this is what you need!

Kyrylivka is an urban-type settlement to the east of Genichesk, which is located on a peninsula formed by two estuaries of the Azov Sea. The bottom here is flat, without stones and sharp drops, and there are practically no algae. Here you will have a wonderful vacation with your children. The main entertainment in Kyrylivka is the Treasure Island water park. One of the largest in Ukraine has 34 water attractions for children and adults. There is also a dolphinarium and an amusement park.

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