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Airport tax when renting a car

Car rental companies can be located both within the city and outside it, near the airport. Many people travel by air, and for them, the offer to rent a car immediately upon arrival, without moving to the city, is convenient and relevant. But such a service will require a small additional cost, which is called "airport tax". It is charged by the airport, and the cost of this charge will depend on the region, on the tariff set by the aerodrome management. The lessee has the right to agree to an additional amount in the rental price or to refuse such a rental condition and look for a company in the city.

Why do you need airport tax?

Airport tax is collected not only when renting a car. It is also included in the air ticket price. The airport directs the funds collected from this collection for the development of its structure, for the improvement of the territory, and the improvement of services. Due to the collection, the equipment serving the airfield is modernized and repaired, other important tasks are solved. The airport cannot refuse to charge the fee, because it allows passengers to provide high-quality modern flight services.

What is an airport tax when renting a car? Companies that operate on the territory of the airport are also subject to the rule on the collection of fees. They pay rent to the aerodrome, but they also have fundraising responsibilities for the development of their lessor.

A client who needs to rent a car immediately at the airport must be familiar with the terms of the service. The company may include the amount of the fee in the rental price, but it raises it slightly.

Is the additional cost worth paying?

Car rental companies must immediately indicate the additional airport tax when providing the service in the terms of car rental. This will allow the client to consider different options for himself, to calculate whether it is profitable to take a car at the airport.

  • Car rental, which can be taken immediately after arrival from abroad, saves time on moving. You can safely plan and carry out important things, meet the right people without delay.
  • The small fee should be compared in an amount to the taxi costs that will have to be paid to the city.
  • If coming to a city from Europe is connected with the business, with solving business issues, renting a car at the airport will be the most practical and profitable solution.
  • With a rented car, you can also pick up your belongings, you do not need to wander around the territory with heavy suitcases and look for a free taxi or a public transport stop.

Airport tax, like mandatory taxes and insurance, is a small payment for convenience and comfort. Its payment is the decision of the airport, not the car rental company. But in return, everyone who just got off the plane has the opportunity to change to a car and immediately hit the road according to the plans.

Car rental at the airport

Companies that provide car rental services can give practical advice to those who often fly between countries or cities - to book a car rental in advance. In this case, you can be sure that a suitable car will be ready for rent, nothing will interfere with your plans.

The practice of collecting airport tax is in many countries, the amount in euros ranges from 10 to 50. You can find a company for rent through special sites, some of them may offer insurance with a zero deductible. If you rent in advance, you will need to pay for the booking.

If the website of the company chosen for car rental is at the airport, after landing, you only need to pick up your luggage and find the navigation office. Firms that operate outside the airport often send their employee to meet the client.

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