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One day car rental

One-day car rental- easy and convenient.

One-day car rental is a service that helps to save your time in case of a need to make a business trip, romantic drive or family picnic. Of course, you are entitled to use the public transport, but it is obvious that the time and comfort level would be low. Car rental service is a great alternative in that case. BLS fleet offers you a variety of vehicles from economy, middle and business-class to SUV’s, convertibles, VIP vehicles and even Electric Vehicles! One- day car rental counts as 24 hours from that moment when a contract signed. Therefore, it is better to understand your route in order to return the vehicle on time. One-day car rental is available with driver or for self-drive.

One-day chauffer drive car-rental is a service used for solemn events such as weddings, important guests meetings or even due to the need of a rapid drive through the city. Self-drive car rental used in that case if you are confident with driving or you do not want anyone to know about your route.

Terms of daily car rental contract execution.

Daily car rental is possible only after the standard contract execution. In order to avoid any controversial cases with the car rental company while the car drop-off, it is obligatory to read all points carefully. Daily car rental requires observance of the important points:

  • Personal ID;
  • Identity code ( for Ukrainian citizen);
  • driver’s license;
  • not less than five years of driving experience;
  • full prepayment for car rental.

Usually, requirements of careful use of the vehicle pointed in the contract. In addition, careful use of accessories such as child seat, spare tire, GPS and multimedia system is required and marked in contract. Client takes full responsibility for the safety of those accessories. Therefore, it is better if you take a look of all vehicle and ask to record even small damages: scratches and cuts. That makes proof that those damages where sustained before.

One more important nuance of a daily car rental is the filling of right petrol type that marked in contract. Mostly, the A-95 make is required. Vehicle is always given with a full tank and required to return the same. Always keep the receipt from a petrol station where the time and date of operation marked. In this case, you will have a proof that you have filled the tank.

While renting a car, pay your attention on the vehicle’s appearance and interior cleanliness. Car rental companies require washing the car before drop-off. If you forget to do that, company managers will do that by themselves but the fine might apply. Smoking is strictly prohibited.

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