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BLS Corporate Voucher

What is the most profitable way to use a car in the corporate sector? The best solution is BLS Corporate Voucher, because it will save you up to 40% of expenses on each car, compared to leasing. See more details on the page: Corporate Vouchers.

This will allow you to spend significantly less on a corporate fleet.

32% of the time in a year a car is used inefficiently. This is due to the number of days off in a year when corporate cars are idle and not used for their intended purpose. And this is fraught with unnecessary parking costs, inefficient rental costs, and employees at this time may not use the car in a targeted way.

That is, the leasing price for the year includes a significant percentage of costs that do not generate income.

On the other hand, BLS Corporate Voucher allows you to use the car during the year on business days. You save money and time by getting a favorable tariff, while avoiding red tape with contracts and payments. If your plans have changed - the car is available to you during the whole time of subscription.

And this is not a complete list of the benefits of BLS Corporate Voucher! It is important that the car is given to you for use without collateral, while we provide you with the opportunity to break down the annual payment into two stages.

In addition, BLS guarantees 50 free deliveries \ car returns, that is, almost a full year of weekend returns. In addition to all this, we provide your car with round-the-clock service and support!

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