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Rent Chevrolet Spark in city Lviv


Brand: Chevrolet

Places 5

front-wheel drive

Air conditioner

Petrol 1.25

8 l/100 km


Fuel cost per 1 km: USD 0.11
  • Air conditioner

  • USB + MP3 + CD

Rental price with a deposit
Full insurance 50
Full insurance 100
Days quantity USD Price,
1-2 42
3-5 39
6=7 230
8-14 35
15-28 30
29+ 26
Deposit 400
Rent terms

How to rent a Chevrolet Spark?

Check out the features and cost of car rentals
Book a car
Provide the required documents
Contract signing
Payment for rental services
Car issuance

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Your opinion about the vehicle

Car rental Chevrolet Spark is a great opportunity to always quickly get to your desired destination. By renting this compact hatchback in the Lviv branch of BLS, you can get a good car with excellent performance characteristics.

Features of the car

This model is the "smallest" representative in the model range of the automaker Chevrolet. The car combines a cozy interior, equipped with everything you need, and a sporty stylish design. Its agility and compactness make this car ideal for city driving. Modern Chevrolet vehicles are characterized not only by attractiveness but also by reliability. This transport will not let you down at the most inopportune moment, since the cars regularly undergo maintenance.

The key benefits of the Chevrolet Spark include:

  • maneuverability. It will be possible to drive and park in almost any place
  • stylish exterior design,
  • beautiful interior,
  • good equipment, including air conditioner, audio system, and electrical package,
  • automatic transmission. Chevrolet Spark rental in Lviv is suitable for those who want to feel as comfortable as possible in the city traffic.

The rental price is determined individually. This is influenced by the rental period. Chevrolet Spark rental for a long period is more profitable.

Required documents

To provide a car, you must provide:

  • passport (the renter must be over 21 years old),
  • driving license (experience must be more than 2 years),
  • INN.

Official car rental in Lviv will be able to satisfy any client's needs.

Frequently Asked Questions about Renting Chevrolet Spark in Lviv

What are the rental conditions for Chevrolet Spark in Lviv by BLS?

The renter must be over 21 years old and have a driving experience of more than 2 years. For renting convertibles and VIP-class cars, the renter must be at least 23 years old. Individual conditions can be discussed when increasing the deposit amount.

What is the deposit amount for renting Chevrolet Spark in Lviv, and is it possible to rent without a deposit?

The minimum deposit amount is USD 400. Renting without a deposit is possible when using the Full insurance service.

What documents are required for renting a car?

To draw up a rental agreement, a passport and a driver's license are required. Foreign citizens need a passport and an international driver's license.

Are there any mileage restrictions for the car?

There is a limit of 350 km per day. Renting Chevrolet Spark without mileage restrictions is available for orders of 4 days or more.

How much does it cost to rent Chevrolet Spark in Lviv?

The rental price for the Chevrolet Spark model starts from USD 26 per day. Contact the company's managers at +38 050 711 17 71 for current rates and rental conditions.

What should I do if I damage the car?

In case of damage to the Chevrolet Spark car, contact our manager immediately and follow their instructions. All our cars are fully insured, so don't worry.

Can multiple people drive the car?

Yes, when drawing up the rental agreement, provide details of the second driver - this service is provided free of charge.

Can Chevrolet Spark be rented for a legal entity?

Yes, we cooperate with legal entities and provide the option of non-cash payment with VAT.

What are the payment methods for renting Chevrolet Spark in Lviv?

Payment is possible in cash at our offices, non-cash with VAT, and also payment by bank card.

Can you order the delivery of Chevrolet Spark to the airport or within the city?

Yes, we have a paid service for delivering the car to any point in Ukraine. The cost is calculated individually depending on the delivery location.

Can you travel abroad with the rented Chevrolet Spark?

Yes, you can travel abroad with Chevrolet Spark. For this, we provide the necessary documents, such as a power of attorney for traveling by car and insurance.

What booking options are available for renting a car in Lviv from BLS?

You can order a car by phone, through the online form on our website, or by visiting our offices.

Is it necessary to wash the car before returning it?

There is no need to wash the car before returning it. However, we appreciate the preservation of cleanliness.

What should I do if the car breaks down on the road?

Our company pays great attention to the technical condition of the cars. In case of technical problems or the need for repair, you can rely on our prompt technical assistance or quick repair if possible. If the vehicle cannot be restored on-site, you will be offered another car of the same or higher class so that your plans are not affected. We do our best to ensure that your trip is comfortable and trouble-free.

Can the car be handed over to third parties during the rental?

Yes, it is possible. When drawing up the rental agreement, ask the manager about the possibility of adding another driver - this service is provided free of charge.
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