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Car rental in Tbilisi

If you have a trip to Georgia, it will be beneficial to pre-book a car for the duration of your stay in this country. One of the most popular services in this area is car rental in Tbilisi. Private transport can be ordered with or without a driver. This will allow you to plan a vacation, a business visit properly. By concluding a car rental agreement in Tbilisi, you can organize a comfortable transfer from the airport, plan a business trip, etc. There are several features of car rental in Tbilisi. The best rental service offers can be found using the form below.

Car rental in Tbilisi

Car rental in Tbilisi

Car rental in Tbilisi is a popular service for all visitors to the city. It is necessary to use it if you plan to explore the surroundings, visit the sights, and plan your trip schedule correctly. Each rental service offers its terms and prices. Our company BLS recommends Discover Cars, which are our partners. This rental service will provide a car for rent on favorable terms.

By taking advantage of Discover offers Cars, you can find the right vehicle for your trips around the city and its surroundings. The fleet has inexpensive small cars, sports cars, minivans, crossovers, SUVs, and executive class models. Depending on the purpose of the visit to Tbilisi, you can choose the appropriate option.

How much does it cost to rent a car in Tbilisi?

The rental price depends on several factors. First, it's the season. When the influx of tourists begins in this city (from May to September), the cost increases slightly. Secondly, one of the main factors is the time the user takes the car. Thirdly, the cost depends on the class of the car. Executive car rental costs more.

Each rental service sets its rates. They may differ, as well as the conditions under which it is proposed to rent a car. The average rental price in this city is $ 38-45 per day. But inexpensive small cars can be rented for as little as $ 15-20 a day. Business class car rental costs more.

The daily cost is reduced if you rent a car for a long time. Additionally, you need to pay for the use of the following things:

  • baby car seat;
  • navigator;
  • wheel chains.

Gasoline will need to be paid separately. Also, insurance and a franchise are usually issued when concluding a contract.

What documents are required

To agree with a rental company, you need to provide several documents. These include the following:

  • On a driver's license. It is enough to present the rights of the sample accepted in your country. An international driver's license is not needed for Georgian rental services.
  • Driver's passport.
  • Car booking voucher. A good solution would be to book a car online. The voucher is sent to the client's email. It must be shown to the manager who draws up the contract.

In addition, you will need a credit card on which the appropriate amount for the deposit must be blocked in the account. In addition, the driver must be at least 21 years old and have at least 2-3 years of driving experience.

How to rent a car in Tbilisi cheaper

To rent a vehicle cheaper, it is advisable to come to Georgia in the low season. From October to April, car prices are lower. You can find SUVs and executive cars at a much lower price during this period. It also saves you the following:

  • Choosing a car via the Internet on our website. Pre-ordering (especially with early booking) allows you to get discounts.
  • Ordering a car from the same company has happened before. If the client has proven himself well, you can rent a car cheaper next time.
  • Long-term rental. The longer the term of the contract, the cheaper the day of rental.

Often rental services offer discounts and special offers. For example, a vehicle is delivered to a specified address for free.

Airport rental

For many visitors to Georgia, renting a car at the airport is beneficial. Primarily tourists from other countries arrive in Tbilisi, but then you can go to other cities. Popular destinations are Batumi, Kutaisi, and Kobuleti. Moreover, in addition to choosing the place of delivery of the car, you can specify the city where you plan to leave it.

If tourists rent a car at a rack, it may turn out that a suitable model is not available, and the price can be pretty high. However, Pre-order with car delivery to the airport costs less. In addition, you can choose a suitable model. An employee of the rental service will meet you with a sign and lead you to the car booked in advance.

Tbilisi car rental tips

There are some tips for renting a car in Tbilisi. Rental services recommend the following:

  • It is advisable to book a car in advance.
  • If it is preferable to pay for the service in cash, you must first exchange it. A credit (not debit) card will be required if cashless is preferred.
  • When you receive a car for rent, be sure to inspect it. If there are defects and damages, take a photo.

Check with the manager all the rules of operation, and carefully read the contract. Upon returning the car, the client receives a return certificate.

Features of cars in Georgia

Most rental cars are imported. Usually, these are well-known models of American, Japanese, and European brands. Usually, the car is 2-3 years old, and the mileage is at most 100 thousand km.

Vehicles are in good condition. Rental services are not interested in providing low-quality service. On the contrary, they strive to get positive feedback from customers. Well-known companies will not include hidden payments in the contract or offer a car with a marriage. In small rentals, there may be cars with an untidy interior or the presence of damage and malfunctions.

Recommendations for driving a car in Georgia

Some tips on how to behave on the road while driving a rented car in Georgia. The main recommendations are:

  • It would help if you carried your rights and a passport.
  • Never, under any circumstances, drive while you are drunk. This threatens not only with a fine ( 400-500 dollars) but also with deprivation of rights.
  • The driver and passenger in the front seat must wear a seat belts.
  • The use of a child car seat is optional but recommended. There is no penalty for not having it, but it is for your child's safety.
  • If the police stop you, you do not need to leave the car and unfasten your seat belt. Both hands must be kept on the steering wheel (otherwise, it may be regarded as a danger of attack). Speak calmly and kindly.

The police are loyal to tourists. The police have cameras on their chests and in the car, so you should not negotiate for money. This will cause problems.

car parking

Usually, parking is not a problem. It can be paid at the terminal or the bank. There are also free parking spaces, but usually, these are parking lots near the hotel, supermarket, etc. In addition, many services offer free parking.

What car to rent?

An ordinary sedan or small car will do if you visit Tbilisi during the warm season. This is a car designed to drive around the city and not far beyond. It is better to take a crossover SUV for trips to the mountains. High ground clearance, 4-wheel drive, and a durable frame are essential in these conditions. For business meetings or luxury holidays, premium models are suitable.

What you can visit with a rented car in Tbilisi

Tbilisi has many attractions. For example, you can go to Mtskheta, where the Samtavro Monastery (11th century) was built. In addition, you should visit the oldest temple in Georgia, Jvari (6th century). Also, tourists who have been here are advised to go to Gori.

In Tbilisi, you can drive along the ancient cobbled streets and appreciate the beauty of the views of the Old City. There are many houses here dating back to the 18th century. After all, renting a car will allow you to see as many exciting things as possible in Tbilisi.

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