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Car rental in Cyprus

A trip to another country on vacation allows you to have a good time, get a lot of positive emotions and impressions, and learn more about the world. Cyprus is one of the most popular tourist centers in Europe due to the abundance of attractions, beautiful nature, high level of comfort, and affordable prices. Travelers who want freedom of movement can rent a car in Cyprus from the international company Discover Cars. To rent a car, fill out the form. BLS recommends Discover Cars as a trusted partner offering car rental services in Cyprus on the most favorable terms. In addition, the cost of renting a car online is much lower than the prices of local companies.

Online car rental in Cyprus is beneficial upon arrival on the island. Travelers are waiting for a car of their preferred make and model, fully prepared for the trip. You do not need to spend time and nerves choosing a rental company. Renting a car is an opportunity to save money on transport and afford more comfortable rest conditions.

Car rental in Cyprus

The most popular cities in Cyprus with car renters

The most famous cities in the Republic of Cyprus for car rental are the resorts of Limassol, Larnaca, Paphos, Protaras, and Ayia Napa :

  • The beach season in the most popular resort of Cyprus, Limassol, begins in April and ends in November, so the city is always full of tourists, and there is a high demand for rental cars. If you plan to visit Limassol, advance rental is the most profitable option.
  • Larnaca is popular with couples with children, so you should get a reliable roomy car by booking it in advance for a comfortable stay.
  • Romantics and history buffs prefer Ayia Napa.
  • Paphos is one of the most expensive resorts on the island, so taxi prices are impressive. Pre-booking is an opportunity to save on taxi fares and gain freedom of movement.
  • Protaras is a young resort that attracts white sand beaches and historical sights.

Delivery of the car is possible to the airport or hotel. The traveler can also approach the rental office on their own.

Regardless of which city is chosen for recreation, the registration procedure looks the same.

The car renter needs:

  1. Present to the employee of the rental company identity documents and other necessary papers.
  2. Provide a bank card to block the deposit.
  3. Familiarize yourself with the contract drawn up by the employee of the company.
  4. Inspect the car for scratches, chips, and other defects.
  5. Inspect tires, glass, and interior from the inside.
  6. Note the fuel level in the tank.
  7. Specify contact details for an emergency.

Experienced tourists recommend paying attention to the wipers and turn signals when inspecting a car (for left-hand drive cars, the wipers can be located on the left, and the turn signals on the right). It is better to start moving carefully.

How much does it cost to rent a car in Cyprus?

The cost of car rental in Cyprus depends on many factors:

  • car class (executive, business, standard, economy);
  • engine type (electric, gasoline, diesel, hybrid);
  • type of car (SUV, passenger car, pickup truck);
  • brand and model of the car;
  • car condition.

Additional services may also be included in the rental amount.

The rental price depends to a large extent on the season:

  • From November to April, with a low flow of tourists, the cost of renting a small car for 3-7 days can be from 8 euros per day;
  • From April to November, when the flow of tourists is steadily growing, the cost of renting for 3-7 days reaches 20 euros per day when booking online and starts from 35 euros when booking in local offices.

Tourists who prefer an educational vacation to a beach vacation often come in the winter, having previously booked a car for the required time.

By car class, the rental price per day is as follows:

  • compact cars - from 8 euros;
  • class car - from 15 euros;
  • representative – from 55 euros;
  • SUVs - from 40 euros.

A car with automatic transmission will cost more. The list of services includes the provision of additional equipment, one-way rental, after-hours service, etc.

Documents for car rental in Cyprus

Car rental in Cyprus is possible, subject to the following conditions:

  • The age of the tenant is 21 years. For customers under 25, the rental price may be higher.
  • Driving experience of at least two years.

Take a car You can rent is available:

  • A driver's license with the name and surname written in Latin letters. International law is most often not required.
  • Passports.
  • Credit card to block the deposit. Sometimes a rental is provided if the traveler leaves a receipt and a passport.
  • Cash or a certain amount on a bank card.
  • Travel voucher when booking online.

To rent a car, you must make a deposit (as with domestic car rental companies). The deposit is several hundred euros, so you should prefer reliable international companies when choosing a distributor.

Rent a car without a deposit from local rental companies at a very high price.

Types of car rental insurance

Rental car insurance is a mandatory procedure and benefits both the renter and the rental company.

You can rent a car in Cyprus with the following types of insurance:

  • standard, covering expenses in case of theft or accident (does not cover damage to tires, windows, roof, or bottom);
  • additional - voluntary paid insurance, wholly or partially covering the franchise.

The most popular type of insurance is a deductible in the form of a fixed amount, within which the tenant pays for damage to the car through his fault. The deductible is most often equal to the amount deposited. For example, if a tenant with a deductible of 500 euros breaks the car, his expenses will not exceed 500 euros.

Features of car rental in Cyprus

Car rental in Cyprus has its characteristics, which you should be aware of to avoid unpleasant situations. For example, renting a car from small local companies often ends up with a lawyer if the tenant does not read the contract carefully. The contract's text must be duplicated in English or another language understandable to the tourist. There are no difficulties for landlords in this since there are templates.

Fines for traffic violations in Cyprus

The amount of the fine for traffic violations in Cyprus is impressive, so it is firmly not recommended:

  • ride without a seat belt or with unfastened passengers (85 euros);
  • talk while driving on a mobile phone (85 euros);
  • throwing cigarette butts and garbage out of windows (850 euros);
  • eat or drink while driving;
  • be driving under the influence of alcohol (from 200 euros).

If the driver refused to test for alcohol, he admitted his guilt.

Car parking rules

One of the features of moving around Cyprus is the way of parking. You can only park your car in the direction of travel. In case of violation of the parking scheme, the fine is 85 euros. Furthermore, parking is prohibited near intersections, bus stops, crossings, and places for the disabled (a fine of 1200 euros).

You can choose paid parking with payment through parking meters (cost of one hour 1 euro) or free parking. The fine is impressive for parking in a place with yellow lines (official cars).

Features of driving a car on the island of Cyprus

On the roads of Cyprus, left-hand traffic. Tourists are advised to rent a car with automatic transmission since it takes getting used to the right-hand drive.

The speed limits while driving are as follows:

  • in the city at 50 km/h;
  • outside the city up to 80 km/h;
  • on motorways up to 100 km/h.

On the expressway, up to 120 km/h is allowed.

High-quality roads have excellent markings, many signs, and reflectors illuminating the edge of the roadway. There are no toll bridges, tunnels, or roads in Cyprus. While driving on dirt roads, it is necessary to monitor the condition of the bottom of the car since insurance does not cover it.

How much does fuel cost?

Fuel in Cyprus is not cheap (from 1.32 euros to 1.45 euros), but you can find gas stations with affordable prices or promotions. Gas stations mainly operate autonomously, with payment by credit card or cash through a machine.

The situation on the roads

The situation on the roads of the island is relatively calm. One of the features is the presence of many roundabouts with clockwise traffic. Pedestrians are allowed to pass.

The cops don't pick on rental cars, but the rules are strictly enforced.

What to expect from the police

Police officers usually fine you if you exceed the speed limit by 10 km/h. Over the past year, the number of stationary and mobile surveillance cameras on the roads has increased significantly as warning signs for speed control. The police pay special attention to observing traffic rules and security measures. For example, children under 12 can only ride in the back seats. If the height of a small passenger is less than 150 cm, a unique fixation system or a car seat must be installed for him, and in case of a rule violation, a fine of 85 euros or more.

By rental car to Northern Cyprus

After booking a car rental, the traveler can go to almost anywhere on the island, including Northern Cyprus. To visit Northern Cyprus, you must buy a particular OSAGO policy (about 20 euros for three days ). It is more profitable to buy a monthly policy for 35 euros. However, when visiting Northern Cyprus, the entire responsibility for the car lies with the renter.

In addition to Northern Cyprus, car renters can visit:

  • Neighborhoods of Protaras and Ayia Napa: Lovers' Bridge, Lovers' Tree, Blue Lagoon and Cape Greco, Sinners' Bridge, and stone grotto.
  • The city of Nicosia (the capital of Cyprus ) with many attractions.
  • The city of Larnaca, not far from which is located the most beautiful monastery of Stavrovouni.
  • Limassol with the ancient Limassol Castle, beautiful modern ports and waterfront, Kolossi Castle, and the ruins of the ancient city of Kourion.

Renting a car is an opportunity to see the beauty and uniqueness of Cyprus, enjoy a fantastic beach holiday, and have a great time.

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