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Why in the summer car owners are forced to overpay for gasoline?

In fact, summer really is considered the hot season for car fuel sellers. After all, because of the hot weather, they receive a decent additional income from the sale of their goods. Doubt it? Then see for yourself.

It is well known that the same amount of, for example, AI-95 gasoline fuel at a temperature of +30 ° C is approximately 10% lighter than the same amount of similar fuel at −30 ° C. In other words, the hotter it is on the street, the smaller the number of gasoline molecules we actually pour into our car’s gas tank, buying the required liters of fuel at a gas station.

Still, any trade in fuel is usually conducted in liters, and not in kilograms. Whenever we purchased fuel "by weight", then there would be no such discrepancy. And since it exists, drivers are forced to face the following circumstance. In thirty-degree weather, gas stations, in fact, sell us fuel with an additional 10% mark-up.

Or 10% underfilling, depending on the angle from which to look at the problem. In fact, the fuel system of vehicles at any temperature conditions does not take into account the weight, but certain volumes: the automobile fuel pump strictly observes the specified pressure in the system, and the electronics of the power unit clearly limits the supply of gasoline, changing the opening time of the nozzle valves. Everything is elementary.

Nothing extraordinary here is not observed: when fewer gasoline molecules penetrate into the cylinders when injected, then the power of the car, depending on the activity of their combustion, goes lower. As a result, the motorist notices a decrease in engine performance.

In order to get an insufficient indicator of power, the driver presses the accelerator pedal even more, forcing the electronic filling to increase the amount of fuel supplied. At the same time, of course, fuel consumption also increases significantly. However, not all motorists notice this. Many simply do not attach importance to the fact that you need to come to the gas station more often.

However, the owners of gas stations are well aware of this factor. Have you ever thought, as a result of which the oil magnates and those in power annually inform us about the spring-summer increase in fuel consumption? After all, they imply not only diesel fuel, on which agrarian and other heavy equipment, but also petrol fuel for passenger cars (which take absolutely no part in the annual “battle for the harvest”).

Demand is actually rising. However, no additional volume of oil is actually required for its saturation. It should simply be refilling cars "not by the displacement," but "by weight" of fuel. In this case, the summer increase in the demand for fuel (for passenger cars) will decrease to statistically standard values. However, oil magnates do not even think about such an innovation. On the contrary, they use all methods to slow down this topic, applying it as an additional reason for the subsequent increase in the cost of automotive fuel.

Of course, all our arguments are valid for those who are very attentively looking at the appetites of their own cars, and the thickness of their wallet. But we have good news for those who prefer to drive a rented car, because they have no daily need for their own, or they like new impressions of different cars.

On the website bls.ua, you can choose to rent a car in Lviv to your taste not only based on the type and brand of car, but also based on its economy. We carefully check each car for real volumes of fuel consumption, and you will be able to estimate exactly how much gas you will need for the right distances.