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There are many tips on the net that will tell you what should be in the car from things in the winter season. But on a city trip, when the car driver does not go on the highway, only 1/100 of this list is needed. The fact is, local authorities are trying to clean the city roads so that they are passable even for small women's cars with low clearance. Therefore, we consider what drivers need to keep in the trunk of a passenger car and an SUV during a city trip or along the highway in winter.

Basic set for a trip around the city in the winter season

The list includes things for the complete safety of the motorist in the car and for helping other drivers in trouble:

  • Tow rope.
  • A set of tools - a key for candles, wheels, electrical tape, a screwdriver, band clamps, pliers, etc., at the discretion of the owner of the machine.
  • Warning triangle warning other road users about your presence on the road.
  • Drive for lighting a car from the battery of another vehicle. Usually they are needed only in winter, but always carry the equipment with you, just in case.
  • Reserve stock of glass washer fluid. A bottle of 1l will do.
  • A brush for cleaning snow from windows and a soft pile machine.
  • Scraper for removing ice from a car.

The presence of these items and devices will provide you with a safe trip when operating the vehicle during the winter season in the city. During cold weather, the machine experiences severe stress, so it does not hurt to glance at the oil level in the engine and coolant from time to time. These are the basics that drivers should not forget about even in the summer.

Things to ride on the highway

The most serious situations with the car can arise in the winter on the routes of Ukraine. Drivers can expect surprises that reduce the safety of the trip. It should be understood that you need to carry almost everything with you, since there may not be any drivers nearby who will come to the rescue.

When planning a trip out of town in winter, do not forget to put the following into the trunk:

  • A shovel for digging out vehicles. She will be able to help other drivers in unforeseen situations on the road.
  • Warm rugs for each passenger + driver. Add hot tea in a thermos to the list, heating pads that work on USB charging or autonomously.
  • Paper, firewood, ax for chopping wood, matches. Sometimes you have to light a fire to keep warm on a snowy track.
  • Food and a supply of water to wait at least 24 hours for a blizzard in transit.
  • GPS navigator, maps. It is convenient to use when the track is completely hidden under the snow. Drivers can go into the field, go astray.
  • Extra battery for the car. A battery that has fallen outside the city will be an unpleasant surprise for the driver.

Prepare for the trip in advance. Of course, it all depends on the road itself and the route. If you drive from Kyiv to Chernihiv, then they try to clean the roads there, the track is lit with lanterns, we can assume that you are moving around urban areas. On the route Odessa - Reni, it is better to grab an additional flashlight and a pair of spare wheels.

Riding an SUV - A List of Essentials in Winter

Owners of SUVs stand apart, in which the list of things is slightly different from the drivers of passenger cars. We are talking about a trip in a cross-country vehicle, but off-road and in the winter season. In this case, the popular truth is triggered - the more expensive the transport, the further you will have to go after the tractor.

Get ready for winter off-road, having collected a complete package of things that can be useful in the conditions of the Ukrainian winter:

  • A set of tools for repairing a car, changing wheels and everything else that can be done independently in off-road conditions.
  • Additional devices to help other drivers, such as a shovel, cable, winch. According to experience, drivers are asked to take not one but two shovels to work in 2 hands. The list can be supplemented with other things for safety and road insurance.
  • Phone tow truck, tractor driver or driver on an even more powerful SUV. This will allow you to safely travel through the fields, highlands.
  • Snow chains and other things for independent exit from a snow trap.
  • A partner who will help to cope together with all the above problems.

Such devices make your trip in the winter on the road confident and safe. Most importantly, remember about the capabilities of your car so that you do not repair the road because you did not go through the technical inspection of the machine in time and did not have time to replace the used part. Always have the telephone number of someone you can call for help on hand. Take care of the full charge of the battery of your phone, take a powerful power bank with you.

Conclusion. A winter trip can be unusual, exciting, carry a lot of positive emotions, but also dangerous. This time of year is not the driver’s best friend. Fill your trunk with really important and necessary things that will quickly help you get out of any difficult situation, save time and money.

Do not forget to write in the notebook phone numbers of different services. In different regions of Ukraine, special emergency services operate that can come to help in unforeseen situations. You should put in the phone contacts of private companies and services that come for the money on the first call.

If you rent a car with BLS for traveling in wintertime on the highway or off-road, then you do not need to collect an alarming “suitcase” or specify the telephones of the Ministry of Emergencies and the region’s tow truck services. The rental service takes care of all the important points. All SUVs and cars in the fleet undergo maintenance and technical inspection after the client on time.

For a fee, managers will add GPS and Internet with Wi-Fi inside the cabin for the convenience of the driver and passengers. To rent a car in Kyiv and other cities of Ukraine or Europe, fill out a simple application on the company's website. The company will take care of the rest.