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What is interesting Korostyshiv and where to spend time

Friends, in connection with the weakening of quarantine, we are restoring our traditional column on travel in Ukraine. Today we will tell you why you should visit Korostyshev - a town in the Zhytomyr region, known for its picturesque granite quarry. What else is interesting Korostyshev and where to spend time - read on? And now - about to get there.

It is best to go here from Kyiv in your own car, and even better - in an SUV. If you do not have your own - we recommend renting a car in Kyiv for the weekend with significant discounts and on the best conditions in Ukraine. From Kyiv to Korostyshev is quite easy to go - the E40 highway. Follow the road signs if you want to get to the picturesque quarry right away - after entering the city, turn left at the second turn, GPS coordinates 50 ° 18'54 "N 29 ° 05'35" E . We recommend going here on Friday evening, as this way you can choose the best place for camping.

Despite the fact that the first mention of Korostyshev dates back to 1495, archaeologists call the time of the city's founding VI-VII centuries. Now Korostyshev is known throughout Ukraine, primarily as a center of the granite industry.

A living monument to this - two wonderful careers, which we advise you to explore during a trip to this region.

The first career is smaller but popular. It is most often called "Korostyshevsky canyon".

Why is he so remarkable? Rocky shores up to 10 meters high surround the water, around it grows coniferous and sometimes deciduous forest. Clean air, breathtaking nature, unusual landscapes - a worthy alternative to traditional recreation.

The depth of the "canyon" reaches 20 meters, the water here has an unusual, turquoise hue. In this place, you can swim, sunbathe, climb, and find many more opportunities for active recreation.

Not far from the "canyon" is another quarry - several times larger. The landscapes here may be less "Instagram", but they will definitely not leave you indifferent.

What else is worth seeing in Korostyshev? At least 2 outstanding local attractions. The first is the Church of the Nativity, built-in 1608 at the expense of Count Olizar and rebuilt in stone in 1779 in the Baroque style, close to the architecture of Louis XIV. The second is the service wing, which was once part of the estate of Counts Olizarov.

Of the local restaurants here are most often advised establishments with eloquent names "Granite", "Dense Forest" and "Farm City". Of the hotels, you should pay attention to the "Magic Lake" (right next to the canyon), but a good option - to go 20 kilometers to Zhytomyr, because there is more choice.

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