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What if you poured gasoline into a diesel car or vice versa?

Often there are unpleasant cases when a driver, changing his diesel vehicle to a gasoline (or vice versa), confuses pistols at a gas station and fills his own brand new car with the wrong fuel. Chances are higher if you own several machines that run on different types of fuel. However, is this really a big problem?

Bad job is a habit

The most often wrong with the choice of fuel are those motorists who changed the gasoline car to diesel. Unfortunately, it is rather difficult to quickly get used to the new car after 3-5 years of owning a motor vehicle with a gasoline engine. And if someone else distracts with an urgent mobile call? As a result, the tanker says: “as usual” and follow to the cashier. Or, on your own, you take a pistol with gasoline fuel and shove it into the throat of a tank for diesel fuel.

Gasoline to diesel power unit

Having filled the diesel engine with gasoline, then it will not be very difficult to start the engine - there will be enough diesel in the fuel system to start and operate it for some time. Next, the system will be fed gasoline. When such a situation arises, it is not necessary to worry very much. When you recently launched the power unit, then you should immediately stop it and call the evacuation service, which will bring your car to the car service station, where they will pump out gasoline from the tank and then pour back the diesel. And this will be the best option.

However, what to do when you refueled a car and drove off, not remembering that you confused the fuel? When you poured an empty diesel car tank with gasoline, then before you finally stop, your car will still be able to proceed for several kilometers. As soon as you stop - do not start the engine. Here again will need the help of the evacuation service and car service. Only need to flush the tank, fuel lines and change the fuel filter. And this is also not the saddest result for you and your car.

The worst option is when there was a lot of diesel fuel in the tank of your car, and you simply added more gasoline fuel, transforming all the contents into a killer cocktail for the engine. Auto start and even be able to go. However, very soon the first symptoms of the fact that something is wrong with the power unit will appear. The engine will significantly lose in performance, will emit unusual sounds, and its temperature indicators will rapidly crawl in the upward direction. Further, it will begin to overheat, as a result of which the cylinder head can deform.

At the same time, the motor had previously functioned with an increased output, which could also lead to its breakdown. Then - auto repair, cleaning the fuel system and repair work.

Diesel gasoline engine

Cases where diesel is poured into a car with a gasoline engine do not occur very often. However, when this happens, then the symptoms of a perfect mistake appear immediately: the power unit emits unusual noises, loses its performance, and “clouds” of dark smoke emanate from the exhaust.

Due to its enormous density, diesel fuel soon sits on the bottom of the tank (expelling gasoline fuel to the top) and then passes into the fuel system of the car. However, the presence of diesel in a gasoline engine is not too critical. In this situation, it is required to stop the engine, and then empty the tank and pour new gasoline into it.

When the diesel fuel was poured into a completely empty tank, then the power unit will immediately stall, without any serious consequences.