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Travel in Ukraine with coronavirus

The coronavirus epidemic has changed the plans of lovers of long-distance travel, spa holidays abroad, or serious tourist trips. Many countries have imposed restrictions on crossing their borders. But that is not the point. The most important issue is safety during an epidemic, which cannot be expected in crowded places. Therefore, travel to popular tourist destinations must be abandoned. But a summer vacation will not be spoiled if you plan a fascinating journey through Ukraine by car. It can be either own or rented. You can rent a car taking into account the number of travelers and the travel distance, which is profitable and practical. And there are a lot of interesting places in the country. A comfortable and safe car will make a vacation even with a coronavirus fun and memorable.

Benefits of Car Travel

Ограничения для поездок по миру во время эпидемии стали поводом для того, чтобы обратить внимание на достопримечательности своей страны. В Украине можно посетить красивые места возле моря и в горах, дендропарки и старинные города, есть интересные маршруты для любителей экстремального отдыха. При правильном планировании путешествия во время карантина также могут быть интересными и разнообразными. Особенно, если отправляться в путешествие на авто.

  • With a car, you can independently choose the direction for the trip, its duration. You can make unplanned stops or change the route.
  • Transport provides freedom of movement and comfort.
  • The number of people in a car is limited, unlike a bus or train. Also, at this time, problems may arise with a trip by rail between regions due to an epidemic.

If you don’t have your car, you can always take it with the BLS company, we provide car rental services. Customers can choose from various brands, capacities, and power cars. All vehicles for rent are in excellent technical condition, you can safely go on an independent tour of the country.

How to make a route

The car provides excellent opportunities for interesting trips and relaxation. But you should immediately decide where to go around the country, where you can make stops for rest.

  • You need to make your route, taking into account the duration of the vacation.
  • You should also consider the number of people who will make the company on the trip. It can be family members, friends.
  • If you are planning a vacation with children, you need to find comfortable and convenient housing for your stay, think about food.
  • A trip to the sea can be combined with visits to interesting cities that will meet along the road, or natural parks. The presence of a car allows you to make comprehensive plans.

Sea vacation

It is not necessary to go abroad for a beach holiday; Ukrainian resorts can also offer clean beaches, comfortable living conditions, and an interesting cultural program. Among the most popular resorts are Odesa, Ochakiv, Berdyansk.

Holidays in Odesa will be remembered not only for swimming in the sea, because it is an ancient city with many attractions. On a good, safe car, rented, you can get to Odesa from any corner of Ukraine. A few weeks filled with the sun, swimming in sea water, fresh air and pleasant emotions will give a charge of health for the whole year. It will be pleasant to spend evening time in walks along the old Odesa streets, in colorful cafes.

Such popular resorts as Kyrylivka, Berdyansk are located on the Sea of Azov. They are pleased to offer a wide variety of leisure options. There are water parks, a dolphinarium, and many cafes. If a vacationer came to the resort alone, he can place it in a tent camp, but for a vacation with his family, children should rent a house. Living in a house at a beach resort allows you to observe the rule of self-isolation, reduce contact with people.

Holidays in the Carpathians

Mountain air is useful no less than sea, so you can choose the Carpathians for your vacation. Vacationers are rented houses not only in popular mountain resorts, but also in the Carpathian villages. Beautiful mountain landscapes will delight every day, as well as silence, tranquility, solitude.

Landscape parks

In this "coronavirus" year, interest in those attractions that can be seen in your country has grown. And to get to know them you do not have to wait for a vacation. To go to Mezhigorye or the Pirogovo open-air museum, a couple of days off is enough. A correctly organized trip with coronavirus to the ancient parks Sofiyivka or Alexandria will bring so much emotion and experience. By their beauty, these landscape-park complexes are not inferior to the more famous western ones. Walks in the park are performed outdoors, which fully complies with the safety rules for coronavirus. You can explore the park on your own or take the help of a guide (not forgetting the mask). Both Sofiyivka and Alexandria demonstrate the talent of those who designed the park complex and who created it with their own hands. On the territory of the parks, you can see beautiful plantings, interesting architectural structures.

How to make a car trip in Ukraine safe

When traveling during the period of the coronavirus epidemic, it is important to observe safety rules and hygiene requirements.

  1. Even if the trip is made alone, you need to have a car mask, antiseptic, gloves. On the way, you will need to make purchases, communicate with other people, visit food establishments - therefore, protective equipment is required.
  2. It is recommended to choose a place with a small crowd for recreation. For outdoor recreation (at sea, by the lake, in the mountains), you can use a tent. If you still plan to stay in a boarding house or a city, you need to rent a separate apartment or house.
  3. It is also necessary to make soap and antibacterial wipes with you on a trip.

In the context of the coronavirus epidemic, it is important to think about where to travel and how to make the rest safe. Solving issues allows cars with which you can choose any direction for travel with minimal contact with people. Favorable conditions for car rental in our car rental BLS. You can rent a transport of a different class, by the day or for a long period of time. Low rental rates will make your vacation more enjoyable.