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The oldest houses in Kiev

According to legend, Kyiv was founded by three brothers Kyi, Schek, and Khoriv and their sister Lybed. Archaeologists confirm that the first Slavic settlements on the pagorbas of the Dnieper appeared in the VI century. From this time begins the story of the most beautiful city on the planet. The city was repeatedly destroyed as a result of wars and fires but rose literally from the ruins. In our small historical and architectural tour we will tell you about the oldest buildings in Kyiv.

Sophia Cathedral

The oldest building in Kyiv, which survived the Tatar-Mongol invasion, numerous wars, and social upheavals. Presumably, the Cathedral in honor of Hagia Sophia in Kyiv was founded in 1036 at the site of the victorious battle over the Pechenegs.

There is an opinion of historians that Prince Vladimir founded the cathedral in 1011, and his son Yaroslav simply continued construction. The most beautiful religious building in Kyiv acquired its modern look in the 17th century when it was rebuilt in the style of Ukrainian Baroque.

House of Peter I

Now this beautiful house with a colonnade on the balcony stands on Konstantinovskaya Street, on Podol. On the map of Kyiv, he appeared at the end of the XVII - the very beginning of the XVIII century. The Russian Emperor Peter stayed in this house for a short while when he visited Kyiv in 1706. Although the sovereign’s magazine says that he was staying at the Pechersky Monastery. Over time, the legend strengthened, and historically, Peter's house was erected on the territory of the Bykovsky estate. At that time, they owned several more estates throughout the city.

House of Ivan Mazepa

The same age as Peter's House, and built-in a similar architectural style, the house stands at 16b Spasskaya Street. considered a model of Ukrainian baroque Kyiv. There is no accurate documentary evidence that the house belonged to Hetman Mazepa. But, most likely, he received such a nickname because of the time of construction. During the reconstruction of Podil, a second floor was erected above the architectural monument. In the middle of the 19th century, a beautiful pediment and colonnade appeared.

Residential building on Podil

An inconspicuous house at Kontraktova Square, 7, is one of the oldest residential buildings in Kyiv. It was built in 1798. It was built for the famous family of nobles Vishnevsky. According to the documents, it was a summer residence. In the middle of the XIX century, the second floor was erected, and in 1891 the building passed into the possession of the Nechaev family. Now it is difficult to find among the high-rise buildings of Podil, but it is rightfully a monument of architecture.

Kontraktovyy Dom

At the address Mezhigorskaya, 1 there is a beautiful trading house, built-in 1815-1817. The building is decorated with a beautiful colonnade, and the house itself is considered a vivid example of classicism. The first building on Kontraktova Square appeared on this site long before the 19th century, but the fire of 1811 almost destroyed the old building. In its place, a new building was constructed according to the project of the Englishman William Guest. The restoration and restoration was led by the famous Ukrainian architect Andrey Malinovsky.

Many architectural monuments have been lost. But the beautiful ancient city is growing, and new quarters harmoniously fit into the ancient landscape. But we must remember that in the pursuit of new-fashioned architectural changes, we must not lose the original appearance of the ancient city.

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