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SUV rating in Ukraine 2019

Ukraine does not lag behind world trends in the transition to SUVs, and people are increasingly choosing SUV (sport utility vehicle) class cars. Cars are adapted for driving around the city, rural streets, and highways. They are ideal for traveling through pits while maintaining the suspension intact.

The positive aspects include a large capacity - up to 6 adults of average build, comfortable for both the driver and his passengers. Not the last role in choosing jeeps was played not by the best Ukrainian roads.

SUV rating in Ukraine 2019

Auto SUV (that is, cross-country ability) occupy 62% of the market in our country. And the trend will strengthen its position. Below is a ranking of urban SUVs in the price / quality category in increasing order.

№ 10. Mercedes-Benz Gle

In last place was not the cheapest model of a reliable GLE SUV from Mercedes-Benz (formerly ML). Despite the prices from UAH 1, 847 mln., Ukrainians prefer this vehicle. In 2018, 1,100 of them were sold. And this is honorable, as it was the last year of sales of the GLE generation model. In 2019, the world saw an updated version, which is even more expensive.

№ 9. Suzuki Vitara

Behind the expensive jeep is the popular Suzuki Vitara. It can be attributed to the average price category - from 528 thousand UAH. Over the past year, 1,300 of them were sold. In 2019, the company updated the SUV. Now, to the old characteristics and equipment (in a 1.4-liter gasoline engine), a 1-liter vehicle was added. And the price of this “baby” is from 450 thousand UAH. It will be front-wheel drive, 5-speed manual. Fuel consumption will be 5.2 liters per 100km.

№ 8. Toyota Prado

Prado took the next place of honor in Ukraine. It has been appreciated by our residents for practicality, reliability, and quality for more than 8 years. Price starts at 1.1 million. And in 2018, over 1.3 thousand units were sold off-road vehicles. For the Prado, it doesn’t matter which road to take, and the driver and passengers will never understand what is under their wheels.

In our country, Toyota Prado is a cult, beloved transport. The car is somewhat imposing, it sets the driver in a philosophical fashion, they say, where to rush if life is already successful. The steering wheel is naturally heavy - no need to rush and scamper.

Sales of SUVs models limit our supply quotas only. To feel the full power of Prado, it is advisable to test the car in practice. Renting a Toyota Prado car through bls.ua will allow you to test your SUV before you buy it.

№ 7. Mazda Cx-5

A relatively new jeep in Ukraine, which they managed to acquire in 2019 (1 half of the reporting period) - about 700 people. Auto received from the manufacturers a modern exterior, roomy interior, excellent characteristics. You have to pay for such advantages. The cost of the Cx-5 model starts from 800 thousand UAH. for the most primitive configuration.

Compared to 2018 SUV sales fell slightly by 8%. But perhaps our TOP will soon change, as the automaker offers to choose an updated version, where engineers carefully worked to eliminate old problems.

№ 6. Nissan X-Trail

The updated vehicle of the Nissan plant was in demand in Ukraine. The mid-size crossover received an extensive configuration, several motors to choose from, which allows you to choose a car specifically for you and your budget. Starting price from 570 thousand UAH.

№ 5. Nissan Qashqai

At the equator, Qashqai is located, which was preferred by over 800 people in 2019. It’s not a pity for people to give from 530 thousand UAH. for a compact, beautiful SUV with a good cross. In 2019, it ranks 5th in Ukraine, but in the world, it takes 4th place in sales.

№ 4. Hyundai Tucson

After receiving a major change in design, the demand among Ukrainian consumers has increased significantly. Starting price from 620 thousand UAH., They were sold for 2019. - more than 1000 models.

№ 3. Toyota Rav4

Opened new orders for the updated Rav4 crossover of the 5th generation from Toyota. The official price has not yet been announced, but it will cost anywhere from $ 25,500 (judging by the prices in Ukraine for a “basic” 2-liter petrol model with front-wheel drive of 173 horsepower). Hybrid 2.5l with 218hp and the CVT e-CVT will be $ 2000 more expensive. The appearance of the new car will become more expressive and rude.

№ 2. Kia Sportage

In second place was another Korean-made car. Kia sold in 2019 over 1,500 models. This is a technologically advanced, affordable option from 500 thousand UAH. The dynamics of car sales in 2019 is creeping up, an increase of 18% compared to 2018. In the winter of 2018, the car received a slight restyling, now the Ukrainians were able to purchase vehicles in a fresh performance.

№ 1. Renault Duster

It is the best SUV in our SUV auto rating. The Frenchman sold an average of 1800 models in 2019. The price starts from 400 thousand UAH, which makes it very affordable in Ukraine. For 2 years, Renault Duster has been the undisputed leader in our country. He justifies every hryvnia invested in it.

On a flat track, on the sand, a snowy road or rough terrain - Renault is doing well. In 2018, the jeep generally became the “Crossover of the Year in Ukraine” according to the ratings of serious expert publications, buyers, automotive journalists, and experts. A rarity when everyone agrees.

Of course, this is not a complete list of good and reliable crossovers in our country. Next up are Seat Ateca, Volkswagen T-Roc, Mazda Cx3, Peugeot 3008, Opel Crossland X, Kia Stonic, Skoda Karoq, Renault Kadjar, Citroen C3 Aircross, and others. Remember that you need to choose a car not only guided by logic and wallet but also the soul.

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