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Ski resort "Vorokhta"

Friends, today we will tell you about the picturesque ski resort of Vorokhta - one of the pearls of the Ukrainian Carpathians. If you want to know more about other cool Ukrainian ski places - scroll through our feed and read Monday messages!

Vorokhta is a small village located on the banks of the Prut River at an altitude of 850 m above sea level. It attracts those who wish to relax surrounded by beautiful Carpathian nature throughout the year, however, the most popular time to relax here is winter. In winter, lovers of outdoor activities come from all over the country and from abroad. And the ski slopes are far from the only “magnet” for tourists. As the ski resort of Vorokhta began to be famous from the end of the 19th century when a railway was made to the village. The first guests of the resort were Austrian soldiers who studied skiing here. In 1957, the first ski school was opened in the village, and since the middle of the last century, it has become one of the centers for training Soviet athletes in ski jumping, biathlon, skiing, and other winter sports.

We recommend driving to Vorokhta with an SUV - so as not to get into unnecessary adventures. Renting an SUV is now simple - the cost will be from $35 per day if you take a car for a long period. Keep track of stocks. Going from Kyiv is in the direction of Ivano-Frankivsk, and from here - through Nadvirna, Delyatin, and Yaremche - to the village of Vorokhta.

Through the small length and average complexity of the ski slopes directly in Vorchta beginners and amateurs prefer to ride. However, for the pros, there is an absolute profit here - fans of more difficult routes stop in this village because of cheap housing, and ride to Bukovel, which is located some 18 km from here.

In addition to outdoor activities, you can enjoy fascinating excursions to picturesque places and see interesting natural sights of the Carpathians: Mount Goverla and the high-mountain Lake Neistovoye. Here you can also ride horses and sleighs, go to the sauna and even relax and healing procedures. The best ratings for hotels in Vorokhta are Gemini and Ruslana's Houses, among restaurants are Staraya Vorokhta, Vepr, and Wild Honey, although the latter is located in the village of Tatariv.

Therefore, we advise beginners and alpine skiing enthusiasts to choose Vorokhta, because there is also a ski school, where prices are cheaper than in neighboring Bukovel. Well, we invite pros, first of all, because of the more favorable cost of housing than in neighboring well-known complexes.