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Sights of the ancient city of Chernihiv: pagan mountains and Orthodox churches

Chernihiv is one of the oldest and largest cities in Ukraine , and the results of archaeological research indicate that the first settlements in its place existed in the 7th century. Centuries have passed, but today Chernihiv attracts many tourists and just lovers of everything interesting and mysterious.

Anthony Gate

Many guests of the city choose the Anthony Gate as the first point of their tourist route in Chernihiv. This is the name of the monastery and cave temple. This complex dates back to the 11th century thanks to the work and zeal of St. Anthony of the Caves. Having founded the Anthony Gate, he moved to Kyiv, where he founded the famous Lavra. Currently, the complex is rightfully considered the oldest Chernihiv shrine. You can get into the underground halls through the Ilyinsky church. On the surface of the earth above them, ancient Slavic mounds are poured, which are already another attraction.

Boldins mountains

Lovers of antiquity and paganism visit the Boldin Mountains. This place is a chain of hills where oaks used to grow, called Rusich bolds. In the first centuries after the Christianization of the region, a large complex of mounds appeared here. After the baptism of the Russian lands, the clergy erected in this place the Trinity-Sergius Monastery, the Eternal Flame and a monument to the Unknown Soldier.

Borisoglebsky Cathedral

Princes Boris and Gleb have a special place in the life of Russia, and in Chernihiv, they could not help but capture them in memory. In the city, there has long been a cathedral named after these rulers. Borisoglebsky Cathedral was built in the XII century on a platform of an older building. It was rebuilt many times. For example, several decades ago, the masters carried out a significant reconstruction, after which it became what the inhabitants of ancient Chernihiv saw it in the first years after construction. Visitors to the church are fascinated by frescoes and unusual floor coverings created by ancient artists. Within the temple is an architectural museum, which is part of a state reserve, necessary for the protection of local attractions.

Chernihiv Detinets

Like any other ancient city of Russia, Chernihiv had its own Detinets - the oldest part of the city, built to protect the population from foreign oppressors. During excavations of Detinets, scientists previously discovered details of the dwellings of local boyars and large farmers. Here you can see the preserved ancient cathedrals and government institutions. The stronghold located on this site in the 19th century was liquidated, and the defensive embankment near the local river turned into a park zone for people to relax. The bastion guns cast from cast iron decorate the big picture.

Catherine's Church

Catherine’s Church adorns the city in its own way: the construction, visible from the side of Kyiv, is one of the most basic symbols of the city. The temple was built during the reign of Tsar Peter I at the personal expense of the brothers Lizogubov, who wanted to perpetuate the memory of their ancestors and the Chernihiv Cossacks, who took the Turkish fortress of Azov. Under the existence of the USSR, the cathedral did not function, but now it is a functioning church.

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