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Rest on the Cherepashinsky career

It is called the "lost paradise", "Vinnytsia Maldives" and "blue lagoon of Ukraine". We agree - these are somewhat pompous names, but in reality, they convey the spirit of this place: it is very beautiful, cozy and picturesque here. We are talking about the Cherepashinsky quarry - an artificial reservoir with incredibly clean water near Vinnytsia.

You can get here from Kyiv relatively quickly and easily: on the E40 highway to Zhytomyr, and from there - on the M21 highway through Berdichev to the village of Zagrebelnya, then return to Cherepashintsy and look for a quarry in the local forest. Traditionally, for such a trip it is worth using an SUV so that there are no surprises. No own - we advise you to rent a car in Kyiv in our company BLS.

The first thing that strikes here is the color of the reservoir itself. The water in the Cherepashinsky quarry is incredibly clear and has a blue color - hence the comparison with the lagoon. At the same time, it is quite deep - up to 100 meters - it seems that this fact directly affects the special color of the reservoir.

And rocky shores and coniferous vegetation create landscapes unusual for Ukraine. So it may seem that you are swimming somewhere in distant warm countries - a sensation that many of us lack in quarantine conditions.

The flooded quarry is granite in origin, although some claim to be kaolin. The banks of the reservoir are mainly clay and sandy cliffs up to 7-8 meters high. However, there is also a gently sloping beach, and somewhere in the water, you can see the remains of an old flooded road, adding a mysterious atmosphere to this place. And some bushes and trees that simply grow out of the water here complement it. By the way, the bike is told about the Cherepashinsky quarry, as if the water in it was radioactive through the granite that was mined here. However, such rumors seemed to be just another myth, at least he did not find any confirmation.

Visibility in the water column here ranges from 2 to 5 meters - that is, you can easily see even quite large fish near the shore. And unlike many other Ukrainian reservoirs, the Cherepashinsky quarry does not become shallow from year to year, but becomes deeper: water only arrives here.

Along with the quarry, there is a picturesque oak forest, where vacationers often set up campgrounds. However, this is not the only way to spend the night here. Those who wish can use the hotel in Vinnytsia, where you can get home for some half an hour in your car. We add that Pasta e Vino, Tiflis, as well as Pan Zavarkin and Sin have high ratings among Vinnytsia restaurants on Tripadvisor, and France, Fenix , and Versailles have high ratings among places for night vacations.