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Rent a car for a trip to Europe

Traveling in Europe is a great opportunity to learn more about other countries, gaining new sensations and unforgettable experiences. Of course, if you want to see as many countries as possible with maximum comfort, then the best solution, in this case, is to rent a car. After all, taking a rental car, you can get great pleasure from the trip while saving your money.

If you want to rent a cheap car for traveling in Europe, you can do this by contacting our company "BLS". We offer favorable and transparent rental conditions for customers from different parts of Ukraine, including in cities such as Kyiv, Odesa, Lviv, Zaporizhzhia, and Kharkiv.

Car rental for a trip to the EU: what are the benefits?

The receipt by Ukraine of a visa-free regime with member countries of the European Union has opened up greater opportunities for active people who love to travel and would like to see the world. After all, now for crossing the borders between Ukraine and different EU states, it is not necessary to obtain additional permits and visas.

Car rides are especially popular. Firstly, this way of traveling is more economically advantageous. With your car, you do not need to buy tickets for bus flights and flights, as well as pay local taxi drivers, the cost of services of which can sometimes be very high.

Secondly, the experience of many travelers shows that a car trip is more convenient since you do not need to go through long and tedious controls at the airport, wait for transfers or adjust to the schedule of various types of public transport.

прокат авто для поездки по Европе

Key advantages of renting a car for a trip to Europe are:

  • More features and experiences. Traveling by car, you can see more different cities, attractions and places of interest. Also, you will have the opportunity to make the route on which you will move.
  • Comfort and independence. When renting a car, you don’t need to get attached to train schedules or flight schedules.
  • Affordable price. You can choose a vehicle based on your financial capabilities, as well as the requirements in terms of comfort that you put forward to the car.

What documents will be required to rent a car?

If you decide to use the services of our company "BLS" and rent a car, then, in this case, you will need to take care of the availability of the necessary documentation for this. First of all, you will need to provide a passport and identification code. Also, you must have a valid driver’s license and at least two years of driving experience.

Please note that the services of our company are available for persons who have already reached the age of 21 years. To travel across the EU, you will also need a biometric passport. When concluding a lease agreement, the employees of the company will issue you an appropriate permit, which confirms that you can travel abroad on a rented car.

You can read more about the terms of service of the company "BLS" here.

How to choose a car?

When choosing a car, some nuances should be taken into account, namely:

  • Vehicle class. Our company offers a wide selection of options for renting cars and motorbikes. Here you can find how cars of almost any class - from the "economy level" to the "VIP". The more solid the brand and model of the machine, the higher the cost of the service.
  • Specifications. In addition to the car class, factors such as the type of engine and gearbox, the level of fuel consumption, the presence of air conditioning in the cabin and so on should be taken into account.
  • Body type. We have presented cars with a wide variety of body types, including crossovers, sedans, hatchbacks, and convertibles.
  • The number of passengers. If you are traveling in a large company, then you should pay attention to models with a large number of passenger seats, for example, Kia Sportage cars or Chevrolet Spark models, which are very popular. But if you are traveling alone or together, then you can choose the appropriate solution (for example, a cheap and popular option in the "economy" class is a Seat Ibiza car).

выбор авто для поездки в Европу

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