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Car rental in Spain

Spain is a sunny and picturesque country, where many decide to go for a holiday. It is important to take care of your own comfort while sightseeing. An excellent solution is car rental in Spain. You need to understand some of the nuances and understand which organization is better to trust. BLS recommends cooperation with Discover Cars. It is a trusted car rental partner in Spain.

Renting a car in Poland is as simple, fast, and convenient as in Kyiv, Dnipro, Lviv, Odesa, or other cities of Ukraine. Renting a car in Poland is as simple, fast and convenient as in Kyiv, Dnipro, Lvov, Odessa or other cities of Ukraine. To book a car, you need to fill out a simple form. It indicates the desired city or airport where you plan to pick up the car. Next, you need to decide on the time of delivery and return of the vehicle. After that, a selection of cars will open. Rather, fill out the form to go on an exciting journey to Spain.

Car rental in Spain

Key parameters of car rental in Spain

When renting a car in Spain, you need to consider some criteria. The main parameters include:

  • rental date;
  • car - taking into account the class, dimensions, other personal conditions, type of fuel - for example, gasoline or diesel, and so on;
  • price of the service per day;
  • personal requirements, such as the need for additional services, a personal driver, crossing international borders, and so on.

Depending on the purpose of the trip - work, leisure, sightseeing, season, and so on - a car is selected. It can be a good SUV, a roomy family car, a convertible, and so on. The choice is impressive, so you can find both a cheap offer and a luxury one, taking into account personal priorities.

Features and subtleties

To rent a car in Spain, a minimum set of documents is required. The client must provide the following:

  • the passport;
  • driver's license of the corresponding category.

And also the driver must have a driving experience of at least 1-3 years, depending on the chosen class of car. Sometimes companies require a credit card as they do not accept cash or debit. But this does not apply to Discover Cars. This organization does everything necessary for a comfortable car reservation.

Important! Spanish car rental companies have separate fees for drivers under the age of 25. They differ depending on the organization. Usually the fees are 10-20 euros in addition to the basic rental price.

Tips for driving comfortably on Spanish roads

Spanish drivers are usually quite calm on the roads. They treat all road users with respect. Without a good reason, there will not even be a signal. But there are some tips that all drivers should take into account, including when renting a car in Spain. Main:

  • you need to be more attentive to cyclists - they are full-fledged road users, and some of them even for some reason are sure that they have priority;
  • when driving on country roads, you should always drive on the right side, since the rest are needed for overtaking;
  • in the event of a traffic jam on a suburban highway, you need to turn on the emergency alarm, which can be turned off after the next driver stops behind the car;
  • it is better to always drive with the low beam on at any time of the day;
  • at roundabouts, the one who is already on the circle always has the advantage;
  • overtaking and leading are one and the same in Europe;
  • you cannot use a mobile phone while driving;
  • radar detectors and radar detectors are prohibited;
  • fog lights can only be turned on during fog or poor visibility;
  • the sound signal is used solely to prevent an accident;
  • blinking headlights so that the car misses is not accepted;
  • for this, the left turn signal is turned on.

We must not forget that pedestrians are road users. The driver must leave the car before the person steps on the zebra. Enough for him to approach her. It is strictly controlled by the local police.

What you need to know about traffic rules in Spain

Traffic rules in Spain are in many ways similar to ours. There is no particular difference, but there are nuances. In general, logic is the priority in Europe. The roads are mostly of good quality, markings and road signs are provided, there is almost always a separate lane for turning left. But the narrow streets can feel uncomfortable. It is important to know that in Spain there are very high fines for traffic violations, so you should try not to violate them.

Permissible speeds

The maximum allowed speeds are usually unchanged. In cities, this is no more than 50 km per hour. In some cases, a different speed may be indicated at the entrance, and then you need to pay attention to it.

When driving on country roads, the permissible speed cannot exceed 90-120 km per hour. You need to focus on the signs that are located in the direction of travel.

Parking Features

One of the main problems when renting a car in Spain is parking. There are free ones, but they are few. They are marked in white. Yellow markings allow a short stop with the emergency flasher on. Green parking lots are for local residents only.

Blue markings - an indicator of paid parking. Payment is made at the machines that are nearby. After that, a coupon is printed, which should be placed behind the windshield. The average parking price is 3 euros per hour. The fine for breaking the rules is 100-200 euros.

Important! From 20:00 to 08:00 you can park in any parking lot for free. The same rule applies during the siesta from 14:00 to 16:00.

Car rental without franchise in Spain

Mostly offered to rent a car in Spain with a deposit. The cost of car rental already includes compulsory insurance or CDW. This does not cover minor damage, such as scratches from scooters, which is not uncommon in the country. More often in rental companies they take a franchise or a deposit, but the reviews are different and not always people can return the money left.

It is possible to rent a car in Spain without a franchise. It is necessary to take out full insurance for the car, and then you can not pay a deposit. Registration is possible on the website of the insurance company or at the rental company. The cost is 80-200 euros depending on the chosen conditions.

Locations for picking up a rental car in Spain

Locations for picking up a rental car in Spain

Most often, a trip to Spain begins at the airport. It is rational to book a car here. It is convenient to transfer to your own transport immediately upon arrival, albeit a rented one. As a result, the rest will be more comfortable, it will be possible to avoid

You can also see it on the map. There are also other places where you can get a rented vehicle. Usually these are some major attractions, a company office or a car park. It is convenient to use the search or directly consult with a representative of a car rental organization for tourists.

What to visit with a rental car in Spain

A rental car allows you to see almost any sight of Spain. There are especially many of them in the following cities - Madrid, Malaga, Barcelona, Valencia, Girona, Alicante, Salou. Read more about the brightest places below.


Malaga is a city that will be of interest to everyone. Here, medieval beauty borders on ultramodernity. A traveler by car will have easy access to the La Managueta arena, Constitution Square, Marques de Larios Street.

You can visit the halls of the local fortress, to which it is better to go by car. The fortress of Gibralfaro, the Picasso Museum, the Pompidou Center and so on are interesting for inspection.


Madrid is the Spanish capital that captivates at first sight. On a rented car, you can look into the El Madrid de los Austrias area. There you can see the San Miguel market, Almudena Cathedral, and the Royal Palace.

And you can also drive to the gardens in the Buen Retiro Park, admire the chic masterpieces in the Prado National Museum, the Reina Sofia Art Center, the Thyssen-Bornemisza Museum. And in the evening it is worth driving to the Debod Temple, from where you can admire the picturesque sunset.


Barcelona is a modernist city that attracts tourists from all over the world. On a rented car, you can easily get to such objects as:

  • Cathedral of the Holy Cross of Saint Eulalia;
  • Boqueria market;
  • Church of Santa Maria del Mar;
  • city ghetto.

And you can also admire the architectural masterpieces of Antonio Gaudi, which are included in the UNESCO heritage list.


In Salou, you need a rented transport like in no other city. There are a lot of historical, cultural and natural attractions. Especially interesting is the sea, clear waters, golden beaches.

Among the attractions you can drive to Cape Porroch, the Pilons monument, the port of Salou. It is interesting to look at the house of Bonet, the dancing fountain, Peña Tagliado.


Valencia car rent

The city attracts tourists with its mild climate, gorgeous sandy beaches with clear water. Renting a car will allow you to admire the views of Loha, visit the rice fields of Albufera.

People can take a ride to the city of science and art. Also noteworthy are the gates of Serranos, Quart, City Hall Square, the Queen, Valencia Cathedral and much more.


It is better to get acquainted with this city on a rented car. The Spanish resort is a real pearl of the Mediterranean. There are wonderful beaches, ancient architecture, Spanish streets.

You can see the esplanade, the port of Alicante, the fortress of Santa Barbara, San Fernando, the Santa Cruz area. These are just some of the sights, and there are many more.


A beautiful city that is best explored in a rented car. It is a warm and bright city with fortified walls from the time of the Roman Empire.

On a rented car, you can drive to the Jewish quarter, Independence Square, Rambla de la Libertad. You can also see the church of St. Philip, the monastery of St. Peter Galligans and so on.

Renting a car in Spain is a chance to comfortably travel around the country, admire its beauty, and get to know the sights. Personal convenience and the ability not to depend on public transport schedules are good desires that motivate you to use the car rental service.

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