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Car rental in Poland: conditions, features, requirements

Car rental in Poland is a popular service that tourists, locals, business people, and many others will need. You can rent a car inexpensively, getting a high level of comfort when driving in urban areas or around the country as a whole. BLS is ready to recommend to its customers an excellent Discover Cars service with the ability to order a car for several days or months at once, taking into account personal preferences. And a large selection of cars in the fleet allows you to get a car that is convenient according to personal criteria.

Car rental in Poland

Conditions for renting a car in Poland

Renting a car in Poland is as simple, fast, and convenient as in Kyiv, Dnipro, Lviv, Odesa, or other cities of Ukraine. The client is required to follow a simple step-by-step instruction:

  • selection of a suitable date, time, month, and year for rental;
  • indication of the place for receiving and returning the car;
  • selection of an affordable car from an impressive available fleet of vehicles with a detailed description of each option;
  • We are entering the payment amount.

Be sure to look at the conditions. Please note that there are a number of additional services. These include the ability to choose full coverage or a reduced deposit, getting a child car seat or renting with a driver, and so on. If you have questions, they will be answered by representatives of the company by phone or online.

List of documents for booking

Booking a rental car in Poland is very easy. The following package of documents is required from customers:

  • the passport;
  • International driving license.

Driving experience must be from 2, 3, or 5 years, depending on the chosen vehicle. To rent a sedan for driving in urban areas, a two-year period is sufficient. You can not do without a credit or debit card with the required amount of money in the account to pay for rental services. At the same time, booking is available for almost any period without restrictions. The minimum order is one day.

What are the subtleties of traffic rules in Poland you need to know

It is essential to find out not only how much it costs to rent a car per day or per month but also the subtleties of Polish traffic rules. They have significant distinctive points when compared with Ukrainian legislation. Basic moments:

  • The Dipped beam must be switched on all the time, both in Poland and on the territory of all EU countries;
  • Driving in a car and the driver and passengers can only be fastened, violation of this rule threatens a severe fine;
  • A child under the age of 12 must be in a child car seat;
  • The driver is not allowed to talk on the phone while driving.

In addition, you must strictly observe the speed limit. It depends on the road. For example, in urban areas, it is 50 km per hour or 60 km per hour from 00:00 to 06:00. On the highway, you can accelerate to 90 km per hour, on roads only for cars - up to 110 km per hour, on highways - up to 140 km per hour.

Car rental in Polish airports

If you believe the reviews on the forums, then most often, people rent a car as a transfer to or from the airport. You can compare the offers of different rental companies to find a car according to your preferences.

A trip to or from the airport will suit all criteria if you choose the right car. It can be a family minivan, a jeep for driving outside the city, a comfortable business class sedan for business meetings at work, or a racing car for vivid impressions. The selected model will wait at the airport after placing the order to give increased comfort.

Car rental in Polish airports

Car rental in Polish cities

Car rental in Polish cities is in demand among both locals and guests. This is a great way to see Poland with higher comfort for tourists. For business people, this is an opportunity to emphasize their status and take care of prestige. For local residents, this is a personal convenience, a chance to test a particular car in action before buying. It is always more comfortable to rent a car than to wait for a taxi or crowded buses.

Rent a car in Warsaw

Warsaw is the capital of Poland. It is called a controversial city. Here, the historical beauty of the 17th-century borders on ultra-modern buildings, and ancient buildings echo new sights. People come here not only to get acquainted with the ancient beauty but also for an exciting vacation. It will be interesting for lovers of shopping and nightlife, and there are many business centers in the city.

To increase personal comfort, you can not do without renting a car. This will allow you to admire the capital, as well as its suburbs, and not take care of a high level of convenience. You don't have to depend on public transport schedules or wait for a taxi. Moreover, you can choose a long-term car rental in Europe or give preference to a daily one.

Car rental in Krakow

Krakow is a beautiful city in Poland, which is especially loved by tourists. Interestingly, many residents consider it the natural capital. In Krakow, tourists are waiting for the indescribable atmosphere of the streets. It stands here:

  • see the Wawel castle and the market;
  • try local sausages;
  • visit pubs;
  • visit the Tvardosky rock;
  • look into the proletarian region;
  • visit the salt mines;
  • feel the atmosphere of Auschwitz;
  • admire the mountains and much more.

As a rule, the price of a taxi is very high, and traveling by public transport is not very convenient. An alternative for any time of the year is a car rental. It is essential to find out what kind of car you need - family, sports, business class, and so on, as well as decide on a convenient payment method and choose your preferred car. Krakow from the window of a comfortable car is even more attractive.

Car rental in Poznań

Poznan is a city located in the western part of Poland. It is not very famous, and tourists are unlikely to show it on the map, but it is he who is the first Polish capital. There is a vast number of enterprises, especially those organized by German citizens. The city is also called a student city, and the locals speak their own dialect.

Since there are a lot of enterprises here, car rental in Poland will be relevant for business people. You can rent a car with bail or with a full coverage service, choosing a cheap or more luxurious rental option. Available, both long-term rental and a car for a day. In general, the city has something to see for a tourist, where to go to learn more about the country, and all conditions have been created for business people.

Car rental in Poznań

Car rental in Katowice

Katowice is one of the young Polish cities, which has prepared many different attractions for guests. The latter border on industrialism and modernity. Getting to Katowice, you want to stay here for a long time to enjoy the wonderful atmosphere and delicious cuisine.

A large number of different companies are also concentrated here. Therefore, renting a car will be relevant for business people, both within the country and abroad. People often fly here from the USA and other countries for negotiations, therefore, you can't do without a car for rent as a transfer from the airport, including with a driver.

Rent a car in Przemysl

The Polish city of Przemysl attracts people from all over the world. It meets with picturesque ancient architecture and an abundance of sights. There are also business districts with numerous offices, businesses, and companies. In all endeavors, a car is valuable.

It can be booked at competitive prices. As a result, on acceptable terms, you can get a comfortable car for the desired period. You can rent for a day, or for a whole month, which, of course, will be much more profitable. Payment is available in different ways, which is also a significant advantage for any person.

Get a car for rent in Gdansk

Gdansk is a Polish city that captivates from the first walk. Beautiful objects of architecture and historical sights are offered here for inspection by tourists. You can lay out a route and walk along it on foot, or better, rent a car and go on a trip with maximum comfort. Then there will be an opportunity to admire not only Gdansk but also its outskirts, including visiting the coast of the Baltic Sea.

Renting a car in this city is easy and convenient. The cost will please with availability and the car park with a wide range of options. If you need to ask a question, you can always contact the consultants of the site at the indicated numbers, as well as get help in the selection.

When choosing a company to rent a car in Poland, customers can expect a high level of service, the ability to rent a car cheaply, full insurance, and a variety of payment methods.

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