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Interesting weekend events on February 1 and 2, 2020 in Kyiv, Kharkiv, Dnieper, and Lviv

Our traditional Friday heading "Weekend poster" - again to your attention, friends! Especially for you, we have chosen perhaps the most interesting and most diverse events of the first weekend of February - for Saturday, 1st and Sunday, 2nd. We selected events in Kyiv, Kharkiv, Dnieper, and Lviv. Here you can have a great time at various events - cool concerts, theater performances, modern art exhibitions, performances, excursions and other events for any demanding taste!

Even if the event that interests you does not happen in your hometown - it does not matter, the best solution is to rent a car from BLS because the choice is huge and you will not be tied to public transport! Moreover, we have a very sensible offer: at the Weekend tariff, you pay for 2 days off, and get a car for your use - in fact - for 3 days! How does it work? When ordering a car for the weekend, tell our manager that you want to use the Weekend tariff. In this case, you can pick up the car on Friday after 17:00, and return it on Monday at 11:00.

Events in Kyiv

Timofey Maksimenko: audio performance No. 1 - Friedensreich.

February 1, 14:30, courtyard, Obolonsky Prospekt, 11 (Geodata -50.507218,30.496661).
On Saturday, February 1, at 14:30, the PinchukArtCentre invites Timofey Maksimenko, the nominee for the PinchukArtCentre 2020 Prize, to the first event. The event will take place in urban space, where the musician Friedensreich will perform. Timofey Maksimenko’s work is a real-time audio performance that will take place in different places of Kyiv during the exhibition. Check the entry price at the event.

The city of witches. Excursion mystical Kyiv.

February 2, 14:30, Kontraktova Square metro station, near the Church of the Virgin Mary Pirogoshchi.
The organizers invite you to the most popular excursion about magic and witchcraft. You will find out where in Kyiv the Bald Mountains and what is the peculiarity of Ukrainian magic, about ancient witches and modern pagans, as well as a lot of interesting things about places that seemed familiar. Cost - 250 UAH.

Ukrainian Fashion Week FW 20-21 Day 2.

February 2, 15:30 Artistic Arsenal, ul. Lavra, 12
On the 1st day, all tickets are already sold out, however, tickets remained on the 2nd day of Ukrainian Fashion Week. Designers participating in Ukrainian Fashion Week offer their support to the All-Ukrainian contest of young designers of clothes “Look into the Future” by offering online tickets for their shows for sale. Join the patrons of Ukrainian fashion! Get the opportunity to be the first to appreciate new images and amazing discoveries! The cost of tickets for shows is from 2000 UAH.

Events in Lviv

The play "Pause".

February 1, 18:00, First Theater, ul. Gnatyuk, 11.
Through the prism of personal stories, thoughts, and reflections of the participating actors, the performance will tell about our everyday life. However, life is like an iceberg - we see only the tip, and its main matter is hidden behind the surface of a familiar routine. What is there, in the depths of everyday life? That implicit, hidden, non-obvious - but very important. Ticket price - from 90 UAH.

Recital of Pavel Nechitailo

February 1, 20:00, Yula, ul. Armenian, 35.
Recital of Pavel Nechitailo ("Zapaska", "Missing Letter"). Known, forgotten, unknown in the author's performance. Cave jazz, crooked rock, reed Bosanova through the pleasant buzz of a guitar combo. Original structures, unusual melodies, texts that are worth listening to. Ticket price - 100 UAH

Lux FM Party в Malevich Night Club.

February 2, 18:00, Malevich Night Club, pr. V. Chernovola, 2
February 2, 2020, will be the hottest party this winter from the main radio station in Lviv - LUX FM PARTY TOUR! This evening they will light up with you - sensual Sonya Kay, crazy PATSYKI Z FRANEKA and unreal Antytila / Antibodies! A nice bonus from Malevich Night Club: after the concert, you can stay at the party for free! The cost of tickets for the concert - from 450 UAH.

Events in Dnіpro

Oyster Likbez

February 1, 18:00, Marine Reptiles, ul. M. Grushevsky, 48/3.
The opportunity to enjoy premium French, Spanish and Dutch oysters, an unlimited supply of sparkling wines and a thorough lecture on oysters. How to eat them, what to drink, how to store, how to serve, what sauces to cook - and much more about oysters experts will tell you. The participation fee is 850 UAH.

Concert: music by Mozart and Rossini.

February 2, 18:00, Dnipropetrovsk Academic Opera and Ballet Theater, st. D. Yavornitsky, 72A.
Two geniuses of opera and symphonic music V.-A. Mozart and J. Rossini in one evening on the stage of the theater on February 2. They are the undisputed favorites in the list of the most popular composers, their operas top the ratings of opera performances, doctors prescribe to listen to their music to raise the mood and improve the work of the heart. In the concert program, you will find arias, duets and musical fragments from the operas "The Wedding of Figaro", "The Magic Flute", "Don Juan" and "The Barber of Seville". Ticket price - from 80 UAH.

Oleg Kadanov - Acoustics Che Orchestra.

February 2, 19:00, MakhnoPAB, ul. Paragraphs 4a.
Oleg Kadanov is the leader of the Kharkiv groups “Che Orchestra”, “Keruak Mantra”, a member of the Mannerheim Line group for many years sharing his links through albums that combine different views and moods, reality and metaphysics. At live performances, the sound range is quite wide - from early acoustic songs to later experiments created with the help of a looper, sampler and various guitar effects. Ticket price - 120 UAH.

Events in Kharkiv

Andrei Pichahchi "Painting. In search of jewelry."

February 1, 11:00, Municipal Gallery, ul. Chernyshevsky, 15.
The long-awaited exhibition of Andrei Pichahchi, one of the founders of the creative association - LITERA ... painting itself is the highest value. And, like music and poetry created by people, it is the meaning and justification of the history of homo sapiens sapiens.

Jazz standarts. Happy time.

February 1, 20:00, Fabrika.bar, ul. Blagoveshchenskaya, 1
Jazz is incredible, atmospheric music, which is famous for its amazing and dynamic character. On Saturday evening, relax and enjoy the magnificent concert of Happy time! Popular jazz music in the author's arrangements will sound from the stage. Free admission.

Opera "Love for Three Oranges".

February 2, 18:30, KhNTOB, st. Sumy, 25.
On the stage of the Kharkiv National Academic Opera and Ballet Theater. N.V. Lysenko / East OPERA will host the long-awaited premiere of one of the most cheerful operas of the twentieth century - “Love for Three Oranges” by Sergei Prokofiev. Written back in 1919, this work became the first comic opera of a young composer and contains the best features of his unique style.