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Car rental - test drive before buying

The final decision on the purchase of a car always allows you to take a test drive. It shows the car in practice, helps to feel its level of comfort and ride. But standard 20-40 minutes is not always enough to fully get acquainted with the car. It is necessary to spend at least 3-4 hours behind a rudder to feel it as much as possible. And rent a car without a driver for a couple of days will be able to provide such an opportunity.

Rental instead of test drive: peculiarities of the service

Test car rental is getting a car of the same make, power, year that you plan to buy, for rent. The main difference between this service and a test drive is the duration. If the test drive lasts about 40 minutes (usually not more than 15 minutes), then you choose the term of the lease yourself. The optimal time for a "test drive" is 2-3 days.

Interesting: the test drive works on emotions. The primary task of the test drive is to show all the advantages of the car and sell it quickly. And the rental car works on the mind. It helps to soberly assess the pros and cons of the vehicle.

Renting allows to test the car in all conditions:

  • On the highway;
  • In city traffic jams;
  • Busy intersections;
  • Freeways, etc.

Also such a service will help to check how convenient the car is for family and friendly trips. A maximum of 2 people can be present during the test drive. In a rented car, you can take the whole family, friends for a ride.

5 advantages of renting a car before a test drive

Pre-testing the car will help you to decide exactly whether to take the selected model or it is better to continue looking. And between renting a car or taking it for a test drive, it is better to opt for the first option, as it is a good opportunity:

  1. To test the vehicle in real driving conditions;
  2. Evaluate all the pros and cons of the vehicle;
  3. To check whether the car keeps well on the road;
  4. To define whether the vehicle is suitable for specific purposes (trips with family, frequent trips out of town, etc.);
  5. To explore the car by yourself, to carry out necessary checks without constant advice and cautions of salon managers.

Also renting is a real chance to find out how the vehicle will behave in a couple of years (if you rent a used car).

But the main reason to take the car for rent is to make the final decision whether to buy a concrete model or not. And you will make this decision independently, being based on your own experience and feelings. Not being under the first impression from transport and admiring exclamations of the manager.

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