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Can you tell Chinese cars from the original?

Distinguishing the original car from its cheap Chinese fake is actually not so easy. First, the Chinese often copy the original so completely that the substitution can only be guessed by some signs that are not noticeable at first glance. And secondly - not every reader of such a dock in cars to notice the differences.

But nevertheless - they are. The nobility of forms, the infallibility of design - that is peculiar to the original cars. But their Chinese colleagues are no longer so “clean” and immaculate. Hopefully, your experienced will be able to distinguish between "princes" and "beggars", and neither intuition, nor ingenuity, nor knowledge of the material will let you down.

By the way, in the fleet of the company BLS - only the best and original cars that have undergone a thorough preliminary selection and inspection. In the park VLS you can easily find your favorite car in any class - from economy to VIP. And if you get to the action - you can rent a car at a very reasonable price. For example - for the whole summer of 2019, the company has chartered a 15% discount on any Toyota cars.